Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dark Night Moon . . .

 Moon searching . . .
takes us driving here and there to catch a shot. 
Maybe too many trees around us to find a golden moon
big, bright and perfect like many of you seem to catch.
I found this moon illusion peeking through really quite charming. 
Standing right in the middle of our drive way,
 I looked up . . . there it was and I risked a shot or two. 
I will be few and far between in the next weeks
some days near, some days far away.
Think of me/us as we travel out and about
 with the cuddling fluff princess close by
and sometimes just the two of us.

Sending you golden autumn days
moon lit nights
And wishing each of you
all things bright and beautiful.
my friends
with my love,

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fence Hunting Found A Jewel . . .


After the soccer game a few days ago we went for a drive.
Let me mention that the soccer game and the drive
are near where I lived in the late seventies and through the eighties.
And this house with the beautiful fence
didn't look like this when I lived there . . . I am sure.
Fence wasn't even there back then!
I lived in a small town, Montague, which was next to our rival,
Whitehall, and now my daughter, SIL and grandson Jordon live
in Whitehall and that is where Jordon plays soccer,
unless he has an away game, like this coming Saturday.
(Bet you needed all that information didn't you.) 
Whitehall over looks White Lake as does Montague.
White Lake leads out into Lake Michigan.
Need I tell you it is a lovely Western Michigan area.
And  . . . it was a wonderful place to raise our children.
I do not work for the Chamber of Commerce.
I digressed . . . back to the house and fence.
We happened upon it while on our drive.
I was pleasantly surprised.
The house has had a make over
and it looks like the rod iron fence
 has been included in the make over.
The house and grounds, corner lot, on a hill, overlooking the lake
has had a complete, lovely make over.
And I enjoyed taking cell phone photos
of the fence for
which happens every Thursday.
Mister IGH and I
enjoy fence hunting very much.
You might enjoy GF too . . . why not join us.
One more thing,
I finally got in the mood to
do some fall decorating.
I promise more pictures soon.
Love, Lynne

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Time . . .

all bundled up
Little' O
went to her first soccer game
bright eyed
plenty of smiles
socks on her hands and feet
hat and warm fleece
and a toasty blanket too
'till next time,