Friday, March 27, 2015

Random 5 Friday . . .


 Our snow is melting and the cold is remaining.
I am not complaining one tiny bit,
it feels wonderful to be home
and back with some of my normal. 
Looking out from the kitchen window, I saw this site the other day.
What do you see . . .

I like Random 5 Friday.
Thanks Nancy for hosting.
Here are my random five.
I came up with this quote the other day,
"I would rather be an old person looking naturally old,
than an old person looking unnaturally young."
There you have it . . .
I like to say "my children" instead of "my kids".
(Sometimes I slip though and use that kid word, I am not perfect)
I would rather hear a divorced person
refer to their former spouse as their former
instead of their "x."
(I hear more caring in the word former than I do in "x.")
I will be watching the Sweet Sixteen games this weekend
and cheering for the Michigan State Spartans.
(MSU plays tonight in case you are interested.)
I saw this quote a few days ago on The Brick Street Bungalow
(You might want to visit tanna . . . she is a treat!)
"The fact I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower,
share a bit of knowledge and it becomes another's,
 smile at someone and receive a smile in return,
are to me, continued spiritual exercises."
LB had been a favorite of mine for many years.
I enjoyed seeing his name and reading this quote..
Have any of you read his book,The Fall of Freddy the Leaf?
Thank you for following me,
for leaving me such kind and loving comments
and for being in my life.
Until next time,
Love, Lynne

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Good Fences . . .

I had to dig back in some files to find a fence for today
I have had no time to get out and about
to do one of my most favorite things,
snap some pictures of fences.
This one is perfect though.
It was taken a few years back, not far from where we live.
A fence row of lilacs almost in bloom.
I will try for a repeat photo when they bloom this year.

(Interesting LEAN to those spruce trees!)

Thanks Theresa for 
Good Fences
It makes for a happy day for me!
Until next time,
Love, Lynne

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday's Critters . . .

 We have seen many Goldfinch at our thistle feeders this winter . . .

The Redpoles and Purple Finches must have found a new place for food.
We have not seen them at our feeders for the past two years.

 When they are around for a visit they flock in in droves
and feed heartily for days.
Linking up today with Eileen and
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Saturday is Critter Day
Love, Lynne