Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thinking About It . . .


I saw this on Facebook

And although I am choosing to not eat much sugar

I may try this

Looks Like a Colorful and Happy Red, White & Blue to Me!


Six Sisters/Woman's Day Recipe

If interested in the recipe, email me, it will be sent pronto.


Summertime Porch View. . .

Do you see the Robin?
Two views, one at the front of the bird bath and one at the back.
I love to watch the robins in the bird bath.
They duck their heads right in and shimmer and shake all over.
Linking with Saturday's Critters.

California Heat
"YES . . . Hot is the word
but cooler yesterday and it should be the same today.
It was 117 on the patio a week or so ago..and I thought that was horrific,
but then just three days ago it was 120 out there.

It just plain cooked my plants.
I've tried to keep them sprayed to keep them cool
and it worked on some and not on others.

My pretty plums have been sunburned
and so has my pretty little Japanese Maple tree. 
The little tree is just crispy!

My front porch was full of birds . . .
I counted five hummingbirds and all sorts of other sparrows, and little finches. 
The five (second hatching) baby birds on the back patio
decided to leave on the hottest day. 
I am not sure how many made it. 
The parents were frantic . . .some were on the patio deck
which is stone and I had kept it watered to keep it cool. 

The bird house is on the patio in the shade
but it is up near the tin roof which was like an oven.
I've also tried to keep a bit of water in the gutter
out front of the house under the pear tree and pine tree for the birds
and both of my fountains are kept full of fresh water. 

It's pathetic to see so many birds with little open mouths
sitting around on top of the fountain trying to just stay alive. 

The giant pine cones fell in record amounts. 
We got scorched and I understand more is on the way this weekend."
It is hot in Michigan this weekend but nothing
like what they have had in parts of California.

A blogger friend who some of you might know
isn't posting as much as she used to.
I sent her a message asking if she was
having the horribly hot weather that has been in the news.
Thus, her answer above.
How kind she is to help her bird friends with fresh water.
Thought you might enjoy reading this message from Mona.
She gave me permission to share. 
I am keeping these words/thoughts in my heart this week
and even the weeks beyond.

liberty   peace   honor   independence   justice   respect    

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Drive By Fence . . .

In fact
I see three fences, one house
and one pole in the way!

I had to "snap fast!"

Linking to Good Fences


So they all went away from the little log house.
The shutters were over the windows,
so the little house could not see them go.
It stayed there inside the log fence,
behind the two big oak trees
that in the summertime had made green roofs
for Mary and Laura to play under.

Laura Ingalls Wilder