Saturday, January 4, 2020

Packing Up Christmas . . .

Christmas Is Packed Up Once Again
Tucked Back Into The Walk In Attic

I spent most of my time “putting Christmas together” 
and “packing up Christmas” 
getting lost in the memories.  
This year was no different.  

I was gifted the 
Let Them Be Little 
piece a few years ago
the picture is of “my littles”
1970, Baraboo Wisconsin
Important message 
Let Your Children Enjoy Being Little

Do any of you find it to be quite the task to sort, toss, keep!
I had great intentions of sorting through, getting rid of some things.  
I did, but only one box the size of a “bread box.” 

Parting with the Yodeling Pickle was no effort.
Who Saves Something Like That and Where Did It Come From!
(Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Happy New Year

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Cardinal Rush . . .

New Year
Blue Skies
Fresh White Snow Fall
Cardinal Rush

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Ah Friends . . .

ah friends, dear friends
as years go by and heads get gray
how fast the guests do go
touch hands 
touch hands with those who stay
strong hands to weak
old hands to young
around the Christmas Board
touch hands
the false forget
the foe forgive
for every guest will go
and fire burn low and cabin empty stand
for who may say that Christmas Day
may ever come to host or guest again
Touch Hands
this writing was on a card given to me in nineteen sixty one
from a teacher friend in my first year of teaching
the writing was from one of her family members 
William Henry Harrison Murray
Merry Christmas