Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Fences . . .

driving across state this past weekend
and then driving across state back home on the same day
we ended up on a country road due to a horrendous
back up on the interstate
not sure we gained much because
we ended up on a country road
creeping along with hundreds of cars
who turned off, just like we did
anyway, as we were sitting there at a dead stop
I looked to the right
and this is what I saw
kinda sorta looks like a
good fence to me
at least, the beginning of one
so there you have it
when you least expect
luck happens
join in on the fun
makes this happen each week
'till next time,
Love, Lynne

Monday, August 18, 2014

An Irish Lass . . .

let me introduce you to Kathleen

I know Kathleen from the
Muskegon Irish American Society
Friendship Movie Night
Gardening Interests

there have been many occasions
where we have been together
sharing interests and friendship

I was invited to Kathleen's home the other day for lunch
along with several other gals.

What a treat it was for me to be in her home for the first time
 Kathleen is a collector of antique furnishings and everything Irish.
It was a delight to see her charming style and design.
Everywhere I turned there was something perfectly Irish,
there were many art pieces and prints
 I would love to have in our home,
different collections of Beleek,
a few leprechauns,

 beautiful pieces of furniture,
even in the bathroom,
 music components found a home in this gorgeous piece

 each little corner had something of interest,
Kathleen found this piece as trash, beside the road,
brought it home
refinished it
of course I would like this corner
see the Peacock feathers
and oh my, the chairs, china desk piece
everything in this room is wonderful

here and there, words and worlds, books and titles
and this tea set
waiting to serve some Irish luck and charm
we gathered in the garden for lunch and visits
to celebrate
 two weeks before
Kathleen had a total makeover
chin, face, tummy
she looks amazing
surprising, stunning, beautiful

we had much to talk about
 tons of questions
and cosmetic surgery answers
all the best
my Irish friend

Love, Lynne

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friendship . . .

meet my friend
she is a Wisconsin gal too
in fact we have traveled some of the same roads through the years
she likes the packers
I do too
she likes science fiction
not me
she loves to laugh
I love that about her
I LOVE to laugh
she is brilliant, wise, genuine, challenging, sensitive, gentle, kind,
her spirituality resonates with me
it is never about Jackie
because it is always about me
(not always)
We get together each week
I adore this gal
Love, Lynne