Thursday, February 4, 2016

Afternoon Love . . .

each week or so, for an afternoon, I get to watch

sweet little great grand

we have some lunch

today it was broccoli, carrots, some chicken and an orange

we sing songs, like twinkle twinkle and where is thumbkin

new words are appearing all of a sudden

orange, bear, moo moo, bye bye, car, boots

I love you

fun to watch her try to say almost anything right now

long nap today

and when I heard her stir I went in with my iPad and clicked a few pics

oh my, such snuggles, rosy cheeks, thumb, hair flying all over the place

and then we cuddled up in the chair

I just kept clicking

look at those eyes, cheeks, eye lashes, smiles

all about some love

don't you think



Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Critters . . .

Sheep Bar

Chicks In A Row

Todd and Friends

Thank You

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my favorite
January Critter photos.
Some of you may have seen these photos/sites,
while some of you may have not.
Click on the link below the pictures to visit their sites. 

Sheep Bar
I can guarantee you will enjoy visiting this site.
Exceptional knitter, sheep lover, woman of many interests/talents,
adventuresome, mother of four, grandmother too,
wife to her handsome partner,
living out their dream at
Lindenberry Farm

Chicks In a Row
If you haven't visited
Bee haven Acres
you are missing out.
There is no one else like her.
You will learn, view, receive, enjoy!

Todd and Friends
Inspiring to say the least.
Living out their dream in the countryside
of Northern Virginia
where they share their life with
Senior Golden Retrievers.
Always a story, sometimes some mischief, sometimes some sad,
and often a pick me up story from 
Sassy Delightful Todd.

Thank You
We have gone from some doom and gloom
to feeling relieved, happy and hopeful.
Snickers is doing well with
renewed spunk and vigor!
We are thankful and
thank each of you
for your kindness and wishes.

Saturday's Critters
Have you ever visited Eileen to see her
nature photos, critter pics,
adventures and travels?
I have been following along with her for
"many moons," 
and by the way, you'll see many moon pics too.
I think you will enjoy if you stop by and visit her. 
so that's it folks
I am saying goodbye to
January - Twenty Sixteen
and getting ready to talk about the word I use more than any