Friday, July 3, 2015

Saturday's Crittters . . .

Piping Plover
We took a drive to Lake Michigan the other day
and as we were driving through one of the large
areas of sand and beach we noticed a large roped area
with signage stating that the area was protected for the nesting
of the
Piping Plover. 
I looked the bird up when we arrived home and found out that the
Piping Plover in the Great Lakes area is an endangered species
and in danger of becoming extinct.  
Identifying, protecting and restoring endangered and threatened species
 is the primary objective of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's
endangered species program. 
These small stocky shorebirds have a sand-colored upper body,
a white underside and orange legs. 
During the breeding season,
adults have a black forehead,
a black breast band and an orange bill. 
Piping Plovers use wide, flat, open, sandy beaches for their habitat,
with very little grass or other vegetation. 
The Piping Plover is very sensitive to the presence of humans.  
Too much disturbance causes the parent birds to abandon their nest. 
(precisely why the area we saw, was roped off)
I found the above info on the
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service website, Endangered Species. 
Joining Up With Eileen
Thanks for hosting Eileen 

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Good Fences . . .


appointment today
parked the car
saw this fence
I thought
Good Fences
thanks for hosting
Does anyone know what the berry is?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Well Then . . .

I thought this was pretty funny.
Today I was going through some photographs
I have in our bedroom. 
I probably walk by them daily
but I guess I haven't really been looking.
Today this photo stopped me in my tracks.
 taken 1997-1998
 and then at this one
taken during the holidays
 and said, yikes
we have changed a bit
when did that happen  
Well then . . . I enjoyed the giggle!
and thought I would give you a giggle too.
We are thinking of some of this for the week.
Porch Sitting
Flying the Flag
My daughter's birthday
 What do you have planned for the
Holiday Week?