Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lighting Up . . .


across the front of our house we have

red twig dogwood, holly, rhododendron

I string a bunch of orange, purple, red lights

randomly through the bushes

makes for a happy night time

Halloweenish Sight

''tis the season for things like this"



Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mix Mash Theme . . .

pictures from

the past few weeks

no rhyme or reason

not one theme

life on lynne lane

sharing my smiles

critter watching through the window and screen

funny little nut catchers

great grand two year old

who is growing up so fast

delightful little treasure

smooth stones

it's the little things


great grand eight month old

happy little one

can we ask for anything more

he'll be here for "soup fest" in a few days

can't wait to see the little cousins together



fall decorating

grandson and friend

having fun


friends visiting friends in spain

went camel riding in morocco

every time i see this pic i truly

laugh right out loud

living life is grand

the motley camel crew

oh the stories they will tell


less smiles on these days


fall inside
fall outside

linking with
enjoy the mix mash in each of your days
love ~ lynne


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good Fence Find . . .

we came upon this barn

this past weekend

bet history and stories live here

look closely for the many fences

all the way around



linking with

Good Fences

thanks for hosting 135 good fence posts theresa