Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Quote From Eleanor . . .

Franklin's Illness Gave Him A
Strength And Courage
He Had Not Had Before
He Had To Think Out The Fundamentals Of Living
And Learn The Greatest
Of All Lessons
Infinite Patience
And Never Ending

Eleanor Roosevelt

I found this quote, at the beginning of our visit to the memorial.  
It was scrolled on a long wall behind
a bronze statue of FDR in his wheelchair.

 winding roads
weekend drives
colors have peaked
hard frost last night
leaves are falling
more trip photos on their way
'til then
Love, Lynne 

Friday, October 17, 2014

FDR Memorial . . .

I could have spent more time wandering through the
FDR Memorial
reading the quotes and looking at all the sites,
winding paths, sculpted grounds, quotes, sculpture
beautiful weather sure played into
making it memorable 


one of my favorites
wonder why we struggle with this 
reach out and  touch hands with tenderness
and raise our young to respect and regard 

let us listen

may there be peace

we enjoyed visiting
Washington DC
we had each been there before
we enjoyed being there together this past week
kind of a pre anniversary celebration
October 18 is our day
Happy Anniversary Jack
with my love

I would have missed this view if Jack had
not stopped me to take a look.
I promise you more pictures,
tomorrow and after.
Until then,
Love, Lynne 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meeeting Joan . . .

As many of you know I took a bit of a blog break for a few weeks.  
Also as many of you know, fall brings busy days just like spring time does. 
Closing down the garden areas is as important in the fall
as is the cleaning and getting them ready in the spring. 
So not only have we been doing some playing,
we also have been doing some
fall time jobs and garden clean up. 
In between that, we attended Art Prize,
celebrated some birthdays,
went on a trip to Washington, DC,
raked leaves
and more leaves,
plus many, many more
of those pesky oak leaves. 

This particular post is going to give you a few highlights of the past few weeks. 
As the days continue I will add more detail to the highlights.
The National Cathedral is above. 
Stunning stained glass, design, structure,
inspirational, a place of peace.
I was in awe.
This was our first day in DC.
We Motor Coached into the city with forty other people.
This is our second trip by motor coach in the past two years
and we are sold on traveling this way into large metropolitan areas.
Completely surprised that we enjoy it so much.
Stress free I am telling you! 
And here we are on the steps of the cathedral
on a warm, breezy, blue sky autumn day.
Our wedding anniversary is this weekend
and our trip a few days ago was such a fun way to celebrate. 

Meeting up with one of my
favorite blogger buddies was the best treat ever!
Meet Joan, on the left, of
Knit One, Raised 4
Authentic, sweet, kind, warm genuine, wonderful
what can I say,
she was exactly as I thought she would be and
that smile is just how I  pictured her.
We met when I started Irish Garden House three years ago.  
Our meet up was certainly not enough time for us but we have
been thinking about "what/where" for a next time!

So what is it with the stripes you say . . .
If we had planned this, it never would have been this much fun!

I was dressed in a striped black and white skirt,
ready for dinner and walked down into the lobby
of the hotel we were staying in and there was Joan,
in a black and white striped skirt.

My friend
Barb, Babs, Barbie,
was also on this trip and
she came walking downstairs to meet Joan
and guess what . . .
she was wearing a long striped black and white skirt..

What a hoot . . . broke the ice completely. 

Here we are the next day when Joan surprised me with another visit
while we were visiting the Korean, Vietnam, Washington, Roosevelt Memorials.
Again, not enough time but thrilled she persevered, found us
and we had more time together. 
Thank you Joan . . . it was more than wonderful to meet you!

I give Barbie credit for this outing.
With her at the lead we ventured out to find some lunch
and there we were right on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Barbie and Richard, Anne and Richard, Jack and me

About does it for today,
more tomorrow.
Love, Lynne