Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sailing In . . .


another channel walk this past week

it is usually cooler at the lake

still managing to stay close to ninety though

this was a quick walk

snickers wasn't interested in this sailboat which was

sailing back in through the channel into muskegon lake

enough wind

to sail quietly through the channel

quiet peaceful

it's the little things



Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Weekend . . .

friday night walleye was just one part
of our great summery weekend
the weather has been cool to warm
beautiful summery days and eve's
sunday eve we walked the
North Muskegon channel out to Lake Michigan
snickers joined us
and she insisted walking on that narrow curb
just her right size i suppose
silly little doggie she can be

as we walked the channel,
we saw a family of ducks
male, female and their ducklings
the three little ones
were tucked up under the large boulders

as we walked the channel
snickers pulled us off on one of the sand trails
up into the dunes
we climbed
up to the top
where we could see the vastness of
Lake Michigan

tucked into the dune
there was someone else enjoying
the warmth and view

snickers pulled mister irish
back to the car

it was a full moon evening as we drove home

I see the moon
the moon sees me
up there over the apple tree
(i used to sing that to my children)

see that little white round moon

i haven't a camera to catch great shots of the moon
one day when i grow up maybe
i'll get a big girl camera
until then
iphone or pad for my pics

standing in the road in front of our house
i was able to get this midnight shot of the moon

this week i am
linking up on thursday with
Good Fences
on saturday with
Saturday's Critters
happy week my friends

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summer Evening . . .

Lake Michigan

Bortell's Yum Walleye

mister irish and me

picnic at the nearby park

two old barn finds

lace cap virburnum

rainbow, clouds, windmills

perfect summer evening together

relaxation . . . quiet

until next time
love ~ lynne
above photos mine
photo below from web site

5528 S Lakeshore Dr

Ludington, MI 49431