Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gates and Fences . . .


Muskegon, Michigan

Jefferson Street

a street well known for its

beautiful, older, homes

built during the days of


booming lumber industry

many white picket, rod iron fences and gates

I happened to be in the neighborhood

and I took some pictures

(no help from hubs or neighbor this time)


linking up with

Theresa's Good Fences


Happy Fall Days My Friends
take some time to see the
changing color of the trees
the fall time fragrances of
freshly picked apples
pumpkin pie
clove and cinnamon
plus enjoy the sounds and sights of
marching bands
team cheers
referee whistles
football scrambles
fall is here


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Friendships . . .


thank you from barb from

one of the dakotas

i think south

who sent me a deer for

Saturday's Critters


sometimes when we least expect

something nice happens

thanks barb


and thank you to Eileen

for her week after week

Saturday's Critters


i think it is wonderful to have


don't you



Friday, September 16, 2016

Catching Nuts . . .


we have many oak trees

plus tons of acorns

mister hubs irish found this handy little scooper up gadget last year

I poo pooed it like I often do

I had to "eat crow"

it works

I tried it this morning, amazed

roll it across the grass, driveway, walk ways

and presto, those acorns find a new home

best little nut catcher ever

grin . . . grin


flying the irish flag for the

Michigan Irish Music Festival

September 15-18

Heritage Landing

Muskegon, Michigan

let me know if you're attending

great fun I'm a tellin' you

tweaked my front door piece with a bit of gourd color
lovin' this almost sweater weather
happy weekend days my friends