Wednesday, October 29, 2014

More Good Fences . . .


Fence views found on the grounds of
Mt. Vernon, Washington DC
a few weeks ago
Thanks to Theresa
for hosting the thursday
Thank You
to each of you for following me.
I read each of your comments and
try to answer those comments that enter into my email box.
I sincerely appreciate your kindness and encouragement. 
'til next time,
Love, Lynne

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This I Know . . .

no doubt about it
relaxing, a bit challenging
learning, enjoyable
makes me feel happy
painting number two

my friend Donna and I set off on our own
we each had pictures to follow
we did it

and had so much fun
with some learning in the doing
'til next time
Love, Lynne

Friday, October 24, 2014

Totally . . .

enjoyed an art class I attended the other night.
The class was in using acrylics in the painting of a poinsettia.
The teacher, a self employed artist, was Sharon Smithem.
If you are on Facebook you can find her at
Art Uncork'd/sharonsmithem
and/or by her name 
Sharon Smithem
On the left easel above you can see a final Poinsettia Art Piece.
Sharon used the canvas on the right to demonstrate her step by step process.
Design, color, shading, blending were introduced to us during the class.
The class was held in her artist studio. 

Eight of us participated in the 2-3 hour class. 
Step by step we followed along,
experimenting and finding our way.
Our individuality became evident as the evening progressed.
The photos tell the final story.
 Huge smiles above for our final
Show and Tell
 Finding a place in our home for my new piece is a work in progress.
I have had fun trying it out in different places
 As I said, I totally enjoyed the class.
So much so that I went out today and
purchased a table easel, canvas, brushes and paints.
What fun it was to do something different.
To take the risk, try something new
and at the end of the evening
feel happy with a sense of accomplishment. 
The leaves may fall and cover the ground
but they will have to wait for me now
to find the time to pick them up,
because sometime tomorrow,
I am painting a white pumpkin.
I'll be back soon,
Love, Lynne