Monday, November 23, 2020

Let’s Put Some Light On It . . .

 A “masked” friend and I made an in car 
visit to a flower market the other day to a place called Stems.  
We are dreaming up some “vase fulls” and looking for 
greens, flowers, berries, incense cedar, seeded eucalyptus to name a few.  
We enjoy “flower play” and creating.  
Stems was a gem of a place to visit, we will be returning. 
Here are some of the loves we bought/brought home.

and here . . . my creating
I must tell you that as soon as I chose my colors
I remembered a piece of Roseville I had tucked away.
It was my dads first Roseville antique auction purchase 
and the beginning of my parents Roseville collection.
My brother Terry had also started collecting Roseville and other pottery. 
Terry inherited my parents collection and at one time 
there were well over a hundred pieces in the combined collections.  
I asked for only one piece, The Pine Cone.
And it was with that one piece I started creating when I arrived home.  

I repeated the pictures so hopefully you can see the beautiful fall colors. 

And to top off the STEMS day I came home with a bucket full of 
cedar greens and berries

The rest of the story will be arriving soon.  
~ ~ ~
thank you for visiting 
Happy Thanksgiving My Friends

‘til soon

Thursday, November 19, 2020

My Mom . . .

 I decided to take these next three weeks of serious social distancing 
and go through the house room by room, 
drawer, cupboard, closet, shelve and “clean house!”  
So far I have one closet, a three shelf cupboard 
and three drawers of another kitchen cupboard sorted, cleaned 
and I have one basket full of of “stuff!”  

In my sorting I found this picture of my mom from the local Hampton Iowa Chronicle.  
She was being featured in a local artist piece.  
Love this picture, she looks so cute in her blouse and skirt, little tie.  
My mom loved to sew and made many of her own skirts, jackets, blouses.  

Happy I found this tucked away in my piles of SAVED!  
Also clipped on to this article was an announcement about me.  
Remember when local newspapers would sometimes have bits of info about local residents?  
I remember every time we went “back home” to Iowa from Wisconsin 
there was always a mention of our visiting my mom and dad.  
Sometimes announcing what we had for dinner too! 
Oh my the memories and stories!  


My dad, mom, brother Terry and I all graduated from 
University of Wisconsin at Platteville.  
My mom was born  in 1910, died in 1996.  
My dad was born in 1910 and died in 1978.  
My brother Terry lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

I am thankful for my family and our life together.  
This is a time when each of us reflect, remember, think back.  
My grandchildren love hearing family stories.  
Dinners together, sitting around the table, the stories happened, traditions were born.  Remember and share your stories.
Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍁 

This postcard is one of Jeanie’s from 
The Marmelade Gypsy
thanks jeanie 
thanks for visiting
a thank you to each of you for being part of my story

‘til next time

Monday, November 16, 2020

Pere Marquette Wind . . .

Western Michigan Lakeshore
reports of sixty mile an hour winds

The next four photos were found on Facebook
(Photographers Names Listed Below Their Photos)

Photos by Janet Sutherland 

Photos by Jeremy Church

While the wind was wild I made soup.
Chicken Broccoli, Rice Cheese Soup
Warm and Yummy
Recipe from my friend Barb Langlois.
(I will send you the recipe at your request.)

My JSH ribbons arrived.
Vibrant Colors In Satin
let the creating begin
it will be the two of us here for thanksgiving
we will do our part to help ebb the latest covid upsurge
be safe
social distance
wash hands
wear a mask
thank you for visiting
‘til next time