Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Touch Hands . . .






the cards are in the mail ~ wreath and sleds are at the front door ~ the tree is lit near the garden house ~ pinecones and pine boughs can be found from room to room ~ tree is decorated ~ mother's, friends, children's handmade ornaments are on the tree ~ favorite cards collected and placed here and there ~ singing messages for friends and family ~ give peace a chance ~ open your heart ~ open it wide ~ someone is standing outside ~ you'll be with me at Christmas in tender joyous ways ~ treasured pieces like my mother's hand snipped scherenschnitte hang from paned windows ~ grandmother's pearls can be found on ornaments ~ fragrant mulberry candles ~ friends stopping by ~ fondue night on Christmas eve ~ family dinners ~ advent messages ~ children's church program ~ music ~ lights ~ silent night ~ thoughts of those not with us ~ baby great grand ~ peaceful ~ quiet ~ hope ~ flowers ~ white poinsettia ~ painting class ~ baking and decorating ~ good foods ~ wrapping presents ~ enjoy these next weeks ~ keep kindness, loving thoughts, hope in your heart ~
Merry Christmas 2014 everyone ~ I'll see you again before the New Year ~ Love, Lynne

author unknown
(received on a card in 1961, I have used it in my cards, in some way, each year since).

Thursday, December 11, 2014

One Fence . . .

this past weekend
chicago rush street fence
(sorry about the photo repeat)
Good Fences
'til next time,
love, lynne

Monday, December 8, 2014

Magnificent Mile . . .



My daughter Suzie and I spent the past weekend in Chicago.
We enjoyed being together and the sights, sounds and lights.

Some shopping was accomplished but I think
we enjoyed the Eataly more than anything.

We also made a stop at Trader Joe's.
I love their Oatmeal Honey Bar Soap.

The longs lines at Garrett's Popcorn were impossible.
I kept an eye on the line and when
it dropped to just a few people
 I hopped right in place.

The not so good news
I couldn't order my favorite popcorn.

The very good news,
they GAVE me a bag of cheesy popcorn.
Soooo good!.

The weather was warm, sunny and like usual, very windy.
We enjoyed the walking and walking and
more walking!
There is no doubt about it
We will be doing this again,
very soon.
oh my
I love my girl