Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday's Critters . . .

I have been following the
Washington DC Bald Eagles,
"Mr. President" and "First Lady."
I thought it was time for a recap of the eaglets
and a post for

Washington DC Bald Eaglets
March 22-25, 2016
soon after hatching . . .

growing and changing

big changes
May 13, 2016

In 2014 a pair of mated Bald Eagles chose an idyllic site to build a nest
on the grounds of the United States National Capital, Washington DC.

They nestled high in a Tulip Poplar tree

amongst the Azalea's at the National Arboretum

which is operated by the United States Department of Agriculture.

This is the first Bald Eagle pair to nest in this location since 1947.
The two Eagles have been iconically named
"Mr. President and First Lady"

The First Lady laid her first egg of 2016 on February 10th
and laid her second egg on February 14th early in the morning.

DC2 hatched at 8:27 AM om March 18, 2016, EDT.
DC3 followed two days later, hatching March 20 at about 3:00 AM EDT.

More than 36,000 people voted in choosing names for the eaglets.

The winning patriotic names,

"Freedom and Liberty"
The information above was taken from
Photos were taken from the DC cams A and B
Permission for Photos granted by
© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG


Thank you Eileen for hosting
my next few weeks will find
me in the gardens
and posting will be spotty at best
Happy Days My Friends

Love ~ Lynne

~ ~ ~

"What we have once enjoyed
and deeply loved we can never lose,
for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
Helen Keller

Friday, May 13, 2016

Random 5 Friday . . .

1. I really enjoyed meeting Jahana Hayes, 2016 Teacher of the Year.

2. Early morning is filled with chirping birds of late.

3. Oh, by the way, SPRING finally arrived in Western Michigan.

4. Ever have to attend a gala like happening and have nothing to wear?

5. I could add many teachers to my Teacher of the Year list. 
These names come to mind . . . from my past . . .

Mr. Peacock, (my dad), Mrs. Peacock, (my mom.)
Mrs. McDonald (my favorite teacher, fifth grade)
Helen Foster, high school English teacher, I learned the most.
Mr. Kies, high school, math, geometry, algebra, patient with me
Terry, my brother, Art teacher, 35 years

These friends were excellent teachers
Elaine, Jane, Lynn, JoAnn, Doug, retired teachers

Teaching today . . .
Melissa, excellent middle school math teacher
Sue, para professional, elementary science
Michelle, It's A Small Town Life, elementary, blog friend
Bonnie, Living Life, preschool, kindergarten, blog friend

Teachers need our respect, kindness, honor and thankfulness.
I am sure you can name some favorites too!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Fence Hunt . . .

Wednesday Evening Fence Hunt
brought us three gems

Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for hosting Theresa
"Your journey isn't determined by where you begin."
Jahana Hayes
Teacher of the Year
History teacher, John F Kennedy High School,
Waterbury, Connecticut