Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Garden House . . .

Years ago, on our first trip to Ireland
we stayed in a garden house. 
You may remember this photo of the house
which appeared in my very first post.

A few years after this trip to Ireland
my husband built a frame for our garden house
which is a replicka of the Bantry Ireland garden house.

A friend and I finished building the house with a 
 cultured stone which is similar to the natural stone
found on the house in Ireland. 
My husband built doors for the front
and I found an old window which we placed
on the North side of the house. 
It is a perfect place for a window box of flowers.

The building took several weeks to complete
and the result is a charming garden shed. 

We found small stones in the hills behind the house we stay in
while in Ireland and brought them back to fit in with the cultured stone. 
My husband also designed a round crest for above the door.
We filled it with stone from our second trip. 
The lichen we found on those stones still remains. 

We have been fortunate to visit many sites around
Dublin such as Newgrange and Powerscourt. 
Plus we have driven along the coast near Wicklow. 
We have visited the Kennedy compound, gardens and grounds 
 and have driven along the far southern coast, 
through Cork and to the west to Bantry. 
Our flights into Shannon have allowed us to visit the West coast,
 the Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara. 
We spent one of our trips searching for
 stone circles and checking history in grave sites. 

Our next trip, will hopefully be in 2012.
We hope to drive North to Belfast and drive West and South along the coast. 
The Giants Causeway is a must to see.

My crocosmia, which looks like the flower above, is in bloom.  
Tomorrow I promise some pictures!


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Your replica Garden House is beautiful! I love it!! What a creation you made.
I do think Ireland would be a once-in-a-million trip! Lucky you!
2012 is not far way! Are you packed? I would be!!!!
Nice to have you back!
xo, misha

Megan said...

I would love to read a book or just simply stay at this lovely garden shed. It reminds me of children's story book settings. I can imagine how serene it is to spend time there.

-Megan Payne