Friday, August 26, 2011

Melancholy Day . . .

The melancholy started with this small pitcher.

I was driving down the highway the other day
and saw a sign for
HOPE Outlet. 
I turned around and pulled into
this used furniture, clothing, misc item outlet,
 parked the car and
 walked inside. 

I often look for small pitchers,
usually in white
  to use as vases for flowers. 
White seems to enhance the look
I enjoy
to showcase flowers.

I immediately saw two small pitchers and
the one above was marked 49 cents. 

This pitcher was marked 99 cents.

I began to realize it wouldn't be long and
 I would have a new collection on my hands.
The white pitcher above was one I purchased
 at an estate sale earlier this summer.

 (more cents, like dollars, still a steal)


Back to the melancholy . . .  

I realized I was in "a full bloom" of heart filled memories.

My parents in their later years loved auctions. 
They enjoyed collecting pieces of
Haviland, lead crystal, fine silver and their favorite,

Although my interests were not the same as my parents
 my love of collecting, no doubt, came from them. 

In the past few years I have been attempting
 to clean things up and 
not have so much stuff here and there. 
(not so many collectibles out and about)

 I like my new look although
I have realized in the process
I have lost part of who I am
by putting so many things away.

This summer I have found 
I have been bringing back, bit by bit,
  some of the
"old me." 

 It feels right and good.

Someone once told me
. . ."never ever give all of your self away. . ." 

Back once again to the melancholy.

It set in big time
when I turned the 49 cent pitcher
over and saw
Meakin Ironstone, England

And into the hutch I went to find
mom and dad's collection of
Tea Leaf Meakin

The memories were overwhelming.
I pulled out this and that
and started clicking pictures.


A 1977 Norman Rockwell Plate
First Edition
The Toy Maker

My mom's handwriting where she was
listing the value of this plate.
Not current value for sure.
Plate collectibles which were popular in the
70's and 80's are sometimes "giveaways" today.
I have most all of my parents
collections of plates
and mine as well. 
Oh my !! 

Some milk glass pieces
from my mom's collection.


Silver bread and butter knives in various patterns.

I was swept away with memories of my
loving family who once was.
The memories are the gifts that remain.
Dad died in 1968 and mom died in 1996.
My brother lives in Iowa.
We see each other as often as we can
but less than in the old days
when we 
traveled more
 to the cabin
all those other things
which made up our life as

the hutch has new touches
of the old
and my heart
is dancing with



Rain said...

Lovely post Lynne-thanks for sharing. Such beautiful memories we have because we have kept the heartstrings to our past.

TexWisGirl said...

this was truly beautiful. i felt your pangs right along with you. loved the description of 'being in full bloom'. so aptly describes how it can come upon you unexpectedly and overtake you.

i am glad you have such warm and wonderful memories. and i do love your little white pitchers too...

Aunt Barb said...

Oh Lynne...such a lovely post! I am so thankful the touches of Lynne are returning.....letting the real Lynne surface again. Continue the to dance!

Great finds too......I'm sure there are more to discover...we shall treasure hunt soon promise!

Gail said...

Beautiful words, spoken from the heart.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Oh, just wonderful! And guess what?
I collect Roseville! And Fiesta, McCoy, different vintage china patterns, silver, and a host of other beauties!
I constantly scour flea mkts, thrift shops, and yard sales. Such fun! And 49 cents? Goodness, you got the deal of the century!
Thanks for sharing all this, Lynne! Doesn't it make you smile when you view a piece in your home!
Have a wonderful weekend!
xo, misha

Rural Revival said...

I have treasures that belonged to my paternal grandmother and this year a few of my maternal grandmother's things came my way when she passed away in February. I'd much rather have them back for a moment than any of sort of 'stuff' but to treasure something that they once did, well, it's a treat and I'm thankful for the memories they provide. Even if they make me cry, it's better than no memories at all.


Serge said...

One of the things which our parents subliminally hand down to us would be their fascination for collections. I hope that you'll get to share more of your collections in the future!