Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fabic and Ribbon memo Board . . .

Grant you,
I didn't dream this project up myself.
The best tutorial on how to make this
Memo Board
can be found by going here
The idea belongs to Diane
and if you are looking for
DIY ideas,
she is the "go to gal."
I have replicated a few of her ideas in the past few months.
I was such a good girl, I had all my "ducks in a row,"
foam board, fabric, ribbon, duct tape, scissors,
measuring tape, work surface
and most important, the camera.


I used fabric remnants and ribbons I had on hand.
Hubby came up with the foam board and the duct tape
so no purchases were made to do this project.
The beginning step is to place a ribbon, or piece of fabric 
at the top and wrap it around like you are wrappping a package. 
Secure it on the back with the duct tape and also begin the process of securing
the bottom edge of the ribbon, with duct tape, to the foam board on the front. 
Then you place your next ribbon or fabric just under
the top ribbon and just a bit above the secured duct tape.
 Then keep on moving on down the board utilizing
your remaining ribbon/fabric and secure them as you go along.
Once you get the top ribbon in place
 the rest of the pieces go on quite fast. 
I arranged the fabric and ribbon size and color layout
before hand and then I started duct taping the pieces in place.

Once again, check Diane's link for a much better tutorial.    

I took pictures of the entire process as I went along.
 I was ready to upload my photos to show you how to do the memory board
when I realized I had taken all the pictures on the internal drive of my camera.
I am sure there would have been a way to get those photos from the internal drive
to here but instead of taking the time to find out how to do that I deleted
the photos off the internal drive, double checked to make sure the camera was set
for the memory card and took pictures of the memo board
at the final stage of the project.   
(Bet you have enjoyed all this information.)
Once, twice again, check how Diane made this and you will find the step by step!

 This is the less than attractive part of the process. 
The back of the foam board contains the ends of the fabric and ribbon
so the duct tape is used here to cover the loose ends. 
Duct Tape now has patterns and colors so I am sure when you make
your memo board you will come up with a prettier back side version


This gives you an idea of my finished memo board. 

Blurry photo and . . .
an important step . . . duh . . .
First measure the area on the door back
where you want to mount your memo board. 
Many kitchen cupboard doors have an
indentation on the back of the door
where the memo board will fit perfectly. 
I had tons of sticky notes, business cards and
"stuff" tucked around the edges.
(You totally would have enjoyed those photos.)

 Here is the finished product. 
Hubby took some of his double stick tape
and placed it on the back of the foam board
and presto a memo board
for my sticky notes and his business cards
(which he has laying around and which drive me crazy)
and other household reminders etc. 

I made the bottom pocket deep to hold pape/pen for notes.

I made labels to stick on the front for the initial organization 
 Family Beer Preferences  
(Important to have a laugh, chuckle smile each day!)
Those that enjoy a beer have preferences and I usually forget. thus . . .

And there you have it . . .
along with the snow refelctions in the window.

You can also go on my friend BABS
and on her side bar
and look for Saturday Project
which shows her memo board
She urged me on with suggestions and the idea as well.

It was fun to create something and spend enjoyable time and no coins.
If you decide to make a memo board I hope you will
send me your way for show and tell. 



♥ Helen said...

What a great idea and it looks nice.

Carol said...

Fantastic project!

Jill said...

Great project! You did a lovely job.

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynne, what a great idea. I love pockets, and you don't have to go looking for a tack or pin to keep things in place. You are the crafty one! Love, penny

Pamela Gordon said...

I love this memo board! I never thought of something like that for the inside of a cupboard. Very pretty colours you chose too. Pamela

Amy said...

Hi Lynne, very neat idea! I use my fridge front and a chalkboard...hubby thinks we need a tack board so we can post things but this could be an idea, I´ll have to show him when he gets back from Brazil!
Have a great evening! Amy@ Eventyrhus

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! What a fabulous idea and a great way to stay organized.

God bless ya and have a beautiful week!!!

koralee said...

So clever! I love the pockets...thanks for sharing may just make myself one. xoxo