Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Art Prize Lit Up The Skies . . .

Art Prize
It began three years ago as an experiment, a totally new event. 
The Art Prize idea exhilarated some and drew criticism from others.
paraphrase from art prize history 

As I see it, Grand Rapids, Michigan created a phenomenal winner!
More Art Prize History available here

We traveled some colorful country roads on our way to Art Prize 2012.
Autumn has truly arrived.

 Jack's eye found this little site along the road.. 

Our Art Prize walk began here.
We viewed several pieces which were located
throughout the metropolitan area.
 *** designates one of the top ten artists.

A friend of ours made this piece.
He made the top twemty five. 

This Bees Wax Lip piece continued across a long wall in one of the buildings.


Grand Rapids Art Museum 


An artistic person, dressed in ties.

*** Origami, each colored square is a face in fold.

*** My picture doesn't do justice to this fine piece.
A mobile, the birds moved in flight to music.

It was a Happy Birthday Art Prize trip for my hubby and dinner too.

 Lights In The Night
We were driving out of the city and saw, what we thought, was the best prize of 2012.

It was stunning . . . sooooo beautiful.

Jack was driving and I was clicking as fast as I could.
Sorry about the moving car causing these pics to blur. 
I had the car window open and one of the Chinese Lanterns almost came in the car.
Thousands of people on the waterfront to light a lantern and participate.

Driving away with the moon in the midst of the lanterns.


The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

How wonderful, I did look up the Walk last week, a huge number participated and you got some great photos. The finale must have been quite something to see, with those lanterns floating across the sky.

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, the art walk is fantastic. The photos, sculptures are all wonderful. I love the lanterns too. Some of my favorites were of the elephants and later the one of birds hanging. Happy Birthday to your hubby! Great post and I enjoyed all the photos. Have a great week ahead.

MarmePurl said...

I love going to art shows, museums,etc. Even if the style is not mine, I love to see the creativity. What a wonderful day you and Jack had! I saw the lantern launch on the news. WOW...must have been amazing to see it in person.

Jojo said...

Wow... The lanterns were amazing though I was also taken with the tie outfit! There was something charming about it. Thank you for stopping by.

babs said...

Nice post Lynne. Happy Birthday to Jack. Looks like a lovely day spent together!

Pamela Gordon said...

Fantastic pictures Lynne. Love the fall foliage. The art show looks really interesting and the lanterns must have been spectacular in person.

TexWisGirl said...

wow! first, the art pieces are so unique and varied! congrats to your friend on his top 25 placement! second, happy birthday to your sweetie! third, those lanterns are the coolest! thanks for sharing the day with us!

missy said...

What a fun way to spend a day..An Art walk...I kinda miss being in a bigger city..We have nothing like that here..Lot's of fairs with lots of FOOD.!!..Love the lanterns..good pics Lynne

koralee said... this is such a feast for the eyes! You are blessed to be part of this all. Thank you so much for sharing.

Happy belated birthday to your sweetie too. xo

GardenofDaisies said...

I have a school friend who sends me pics of Art Prize every year. WOW, some really amazing pieces. Grand Rapids should be very proud of this annual event. I kinda like the wall of origami faces. :-) Lynne, do you know Kim K. (Musings from...) She posted about the lanterns, too.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

wow!! awesome!!! i can't even say which is my favorite...everything is so original & creative! but i am really intrigued by the elephant drawings!!!

happy Bday to your hubby!!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful your trip was. I am in love with the elephants as well as the lanterns outdoors. Just a lovely experience you had.

Lynn said...

I love the elephants!

Rose L said...

Some very unusual art! I have seen those lantern launches on TV before and it is so lovely!

Kim K. said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! We're neighbors. How fun! I took the day off from work and chaperoned my 1st grader to ArtPrize. My ArtPrize tour wasn't quite the same with a six year old (smile).

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynne, What a amazing day, all that incredible art, your handsome hubby's birthday to boot. I can't imagine how magical it must have been to see those floating lanterns fill the sky. Barb sent me a link of the news coverage of the event, and It was like a dream. Wish I had been there! So glad you were there to share it with us. Happy Birthday to Jack! Love, Penny

Elaine said...

My heart sang with delight at the fall colours ...but then the art kicked in and oh my word how wonderful it all was. Thank you for all the photographs, so much creativity and beauty.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What beautiful colours of Autumn Lynne and some wonderful pieces of art. You must have had a wonderful day.
......and, many thanks for your lovely comment today. XXXX

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow! What a wonderful display those lanterns were! Never seen anything like that!
Fall. It was 109 here today and we are all so sick of it. They warned us, but after such a perfect week of almost Fall like weather..I guess I didn't believe them. Just hearing that someone is experiencing Fall is :)

Terrie said...

Awesome! My eyes opened wide. The gold color leaves simply told us fall is drawing and the vertical veggie planting is great idea.

Nancy Claeys said...

What a fun and educational adventure for you two -- and happy birthday to your hubby! xo

Riet said...

What a fantastic idea, an art walk and such beautiful arts. Nice gift for your husband.

Rain said...

Oh my lynne~ what a fabulous event! Thanks for sharing! HB to hubby!!
Rain :)

Rural Revival said...

What a fun day! Love those beeswax lips. : )

There is something magical and enchanting about Chinese Lanterns as they gracefully float up an up. I hope I travel in one up, up and up someday. : )