Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bringing Home The Cheese . . .


Grassfields Farms
"Grassfield was certified as an organic farm in 2007.
Their meat products are not certified as organic
but are free of antibiotics, steroids,
growth and production hormones, stimulants and "-cides" . . .
The Meerman family has been farming the land since 1882.
. . . stewardship of the land on the Grassfields farm includes
everything from soil bacteria, to the cows,
with worms pigs, poultry and grasses between. 
Organic farmstead-made
Aged Cheese,
hand crafted from raw milk
is a featured product in the family store."
There are farm tours and classes for the older and younger.
Cheese, meats and poultry are items available to purchase in the store.
This is a great place to visit and one more way to learn about
green and sustainability. 
My dear friend Jackie and I visited
Grassfields the other day.
Jackie takes me
"out of my box"
and helps me to think and learn new things
to enhance health and wellness.
Plus she is crazy fun too.
Neither of us are rigid or purists.
Yet we each strive to provide good things for our lives.
Jackie says it best in saying she is a
I felt like I was back in Wisconsin
with my dad visiting a cheese factory.
Jackie and I both being Wisconsin born
found this a "cheesy" fun day.
And the big plus
we brought home
fresh eggs
More information on Grassfields can be found
 old silos near the farm store
refrigerated cheese area

a visit to see the young chicks

celebrating 10 years
of cheese making
next weekend
pig roast too and more
hubby and i might decide to pay a visit
~ ~ ~
Walking Update
I am on a roll
walking each morning 30-40 minutes
bike ride in the afternoon
I scaled it back a bit this morning
because of sore legs.
But I am still smiling!


Here I am with another 
This is my first year with this plant.
It is amazing, just when I think it is finished flowering
another bud appears with a whamo.
This flower is as large as a dinner plate
such simple things bring me such great pleasure
Be Well My Friends


Jill said...

This looks like a wonderful place to visit! A place I know I would enjoy.

You are on a roll, for sure. Keep it up kid but do rest those muscles when needed.

LOVE that hibiscus!

TexWisGirl said...

love those big tropical hibiscus. and you were tugging at my homesick heart - i loved stopping by the cheese factory to buy fresh cheesecurds from their storefront (they don't have that anymore in my little hometown).

MarmePurl said...

Grassfields is my kind of place. And thank you for the term 'Flexitarian'!!! Perfect.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect outing with a flexitarian friend!

Barb said...

Hey,,,sounds like a nice day with Miss Jackie. Nice pics too. Good job with the walking. I too took a dayoff today. From bike riding. Twas a good week. We're leaving Monday to glamp a bit...home Thursday. Can we do coffee on Friday maybe?

eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing, I wish all our foods came free of all the additives. I often wondered about all the milk my son use to drink. I am glad you are doing a good job with your walking and biking. Congrats! Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i have never been to a cheese factory...nothing like that near any place i've ever lived, but it sure sounds like a place worthy of a trip!!

sounds like the perfect day...and time with your friend. then back home with the amazing hibiscus!

congrats on your walking...and biking!!

missy said...

"Flexitarian" it (my spellcheck didn't) :)..I love places like that of which we have many..always fun to visit and pick up things you can't get anywhere else..Keep on walking!!!

Carol said...

Great pictures! I had a hibiscus in my garden a few years ago. You reminded me that I need to add that next year!

Jenny Woolf said...

I love farm shops and places they sell their own or local produce. They can be pricey but I feel I am partly buying the experience of it too. Well done on the hiking... and the hibiscus.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

good for you on the walking but, please, photos of the cheese! LOL.

Terrie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Such beautiful shots, the wall of the farm house is so organic. Love the woods. So nature and cozy. Walking and cycling are execises I love most. Keep going.

Rural Revival said...

Indeed an awesome place!! I wish it was contagious...this way to co-exist.

I do hope you go back. And I think it's wonderful your friend takes you 'out of the box'. : )

Retired Knitter said...

You are now on the "walking trail" ... first steps are made. Great job! Keep on going.

Retired Knitter said...

You are now on the "walking trail" ... first steps are made. Great job! Keep on going.

Nancy said...

I love places like the cheese factory. It's such a breath of fresh air in this big box store culture we live in. Thanks for sharing. And I LOVE your hibiscus. Wow!