Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas . . .

Family Time Together
Snickers is inside watching me place the luminaries
which were lit during the daylight and on into the night.
I clicked this from the outside at her looking at me from the inside.
The luminaries are prettier at night, of course.
We had huge plans to take family photos
and as usual, not a one was taken.
Christmas Eve
Suzie's and Mike's home.
I walked in the door, still with my coat on
 and my daughter immediately asked me to sit
by the fire with Jordon for a picture.
Start clicking pictures as soon as
someone enters is the answer, I guess.
Fondue is a Christmas Eve tradition
which began in Iowa with my parents and brother
fifty plus years ago.
The location has changed through the years
and the faces of those sitting at our table
has changed as well.
Years ago Christmas Eve day was a downhill skiing day.
After arriving back home from a day of skiing
we would cross country ski
to church for evening services.
And then . . . fondue when we arrived back home.
For the past ten plus years we
have been invited to Suzie's and Mike's for fondue.
Mike's parents join us.
We had such a wonderful time last night.
It is one of my favorite family holiday traditions.     

Christmas Day
"Ah friends, dear friends
as years go by and heads get gray, how fast the guests do go!
Touch hands, touch hands, with those that stay.
Strong hands to weak, old hands to young, around the
Christmas board, touch hands.
The false forget, the foe forgive, for every guest will go
and every fire burn low and cabin empty stand.
Forget, forgive, for who may say that Christmas day
may ever come to host or guest again.
Touch Hands!"
William Henry Harrison Murray (1894-1904)
This was a Christmas card I received my first year of teaching in 1961.
It was sent to me from a "sister teacher."
I have used it in some way in my cards each Christmas since then.
This year it is for each of you. 
I love your visiting me at Irish Garden House.
Life changes so very fast . . . in less than a blink.
~ ~ ~
Touch Hands

a snowy day a year ago


TexWisGirl said...

sounds like you had a great time so far. :) fondue is a neat tradition.

thanks for the greetings, dear lynne. :)

Pamela Gordon said...

Such a beautiful post Lynne. I love your family traditions and hope this Christmas Day was as fun. We had a wonderful Christmas here. Blessings, Pamela

Bonnie said...

Lynne, Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through blogging this year. Bonnie

Elaine said...

What a wonderful post. You have some wonderful family traditions, and I love that poem, which I would love to borrow, if I may, to share with friends. Now, it is time I went looking for my old fondue set, I had forgotten how much fun they are!

Jenny Woolf said...

Thank you for telling us about your lovely Christmas. I have never heard of fondue as a tradition but it is a wonderful one. All the best for 2013.

eileeninmd said...

I just love the shot of Snickers looking at you! The fondue sounds great! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas with your family. I wish you all the best in 2013. Happy Holidays!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Lynne, What a lovely tradition. You look beautiful and happy with your sweet boy. You have such sweet memories...skiing to church sounds so romantic... I love hearing Christmas stories, and we all have them, don't we? I saved your quote, and love it's sentiment. So glad your Christmas was filled with love. Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year. Love, Penny

Rain said...

Oh I'm liking the fondue tradition!! Good time to start one for the little guy!!! I remember we used to do that when I was little!!! Thanks Lynne- lovely post- cute pups!!
Fondly, Rain. :) said...

Wow that brings back memories Fondue.

Every second weekend with our friends when we were in our 30's.

Then it seemed after that.

It was gone.

Those dip sauses were so yummier.

Good for you to keep it up the tradition.

So you have Happy New year already.

Happy New Year and best of health and happines to continue for 2013.

Missy George said...

A beautiful post Lynne.."touch hands"..Happy NY..

Kim K. said...

Fondue is such a lovely Christmas Eve tradition. I hope your day was a blessed one. Your snowy picture from last year is just gorgeous. We are still waiting for that snow!!

24 Corners said...

Merry Christmas Lynne!!! Sounds like you had such a wonderful time together with your family. I hope you're feeling better and were able to enjoy all the festivities in full health!
I love the fondue tradition...what a fun idea...actually, fondue anytime sounds like a good idea!
Blessings to you and yours for the New Year...
xo J~

Gail said...

Wonderful Christmas traditions and memories made and in the making for the next generation.

Happy New Year.

Nancy Claeys said...

A somewhat melancholy event I'm sure with those missing at the table. Lovely post, Lynne.