Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Emerald Island . . .

Irish Garden House
was created because of the garden house above.

We have friends who own a home in Bantry Ireland,
 County Cork, overlooking the Bantry Bay.
The bay flows into the Pacific Ocean to the left.
Glorious setting, we truly have been blessed to visit here.

We slept in the garden house on our first trip to Ireland.
There is a large window on the backside of the garden house facing the bay.
This very small house holds the garden supplies
right inside that blue door.
A climb up the stairs leads to a loft bedroom.
Private, comfy, charming and dreamy!

Our trips to Ireland have us flying into either Dublin or Shannon 
We tour unexpected places and adventure off on our own.
Seeing the country side and meeting the people is such fun.  
We have also visited Dublin and south along the east coast
and around Shannon and down the southwest coastline to Bantry.

We have been dreaming about another 
trip to Ireland for the past few years.  
We have been saying of late,
It is time . . . It is time!

The main house sits up on a knoll
behind and above the garden house.
We rest and relax here now, instead of the garden house.
The house also overlooks the bay and the Irish hills beyond.

On our drives out and about we have found
many abandoned houses.
My Irish garden house guy would love to find a house
 and restore it to its original state.
He has done a ton of research on that possibility.

I love the color green
and I am in total bliss while I am there.
A clear sky, getting ready to land, 
especially when flying into Shannon,
 it is awe inspiring to see the 
vast, brilliant green landscape.  

There is plenty of rock and stone  to build a house.
But how has it been possible to move the stone,
shape the boulders
lift them in place
. . .  
not sure.
One has to visit Newgrange near Dublin
 to marvel at the expertise of the Irish.

JFK's great grandfather's birth place. 
My guy is a Kennedy so searching out the 
Irish Kennedy compound was a "must do."
~ ~ ~
I decided a few weeks ago to make some changes to the
Irish Garden House look.
Trust the process,
a change is about to happen
very soon.

Welcome Home
We were so happy to see and hold our little Snickers.
She was over the moon happy to see us.
Not sure who suffers most from the separation 
me   mr   pup

it is time   it is time


Kim K. said...

What a beautiful country. In the mid 80s I attended Aquinas College and all of my college roommates had a semester abroad studying in Ireland. I stayed behind and missed out on all their fun adventures. Their pictures (and stories) were so very romantic.

TexWisGirl said...

it is obvious how much you love ireland. i do hope you get to return soon. a very lovely place your friends have!!!

Pondside said...

I would love to visit Ireland. If I ever get so lucky, I'll be in touch with your for tips.

Anonymous said...

Sou beautiful photos. Monika B.

eileeninmd said...

I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I keep telling hubby we must go. I enjoyed this post and the pretty photos. Thanks for sharing your trip. Have a great day, Lynne!

AnneMarie said...

Makes me want to go back, Lynne! My husband and I dream of retiring to Ireland, perhaps Donegal! Heaven on earth, isnt it? Lovely post, always enjoy reading your blog! Lots of love from a very cold England! xxxx

MarmePurl said...

It's time. It's Time!
And we, I trust, would get to blog travel with you I trust? Yes...It's time.

Jill said...

I so enjoyed this post! So much beauty!

Razmataz said...

I'm always dying to see the pets when I return.

Although I lived in England, I never got to Ireland or Scotland and it is something I really want to do.

babs said...

It's time indeed. How you must follow your heart. Lovely post.

Elaine said...

Ireland is a truly beautiful country - once visited it does tend to lodge in the heart. I hope you make that return visit soon.

Kerin said...

Beautiful pictures, and a wonderful post!
Thanks for sharing your pictures, and details about your wonderful and beloved Ireland, for those of us that have not been there.....yet :)


Cindy of PEI said...

The Emerald Island and a coffee this am, just perfect. Yes, when we are separated from our fur children it does hurt us all, ;-)

Lynn said...

Just lovely, Lynne.

Bonnie said...

Lynne, We fell in love with Ireland while visiting this past autumn. The countryside, the people....everything was just a delight. We are now wanting to go back. Love all your wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. Bonnie

Missy George said...

So what's keeping you?? We were there many years ago..Toured from Dublin to Shannon..We were there over St. Pattys day..Fun trip..

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow, what a beautiful place to stay Lynne. Gorgeous old stone homes and green everywhere. I would love that.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

i LOVE older stone houses...and that first shot of the stone garden house is awesome!!
thanks for sharing the beauty!!
there are so many places around the world i'd LOVE to visit...but, since i don't want to get in a plane...thanks to the internet...we can all go visit virtually.
but, it's not REALLY the same!! BUT, it'll do!! =)

Łucja-Maria said...

I welcome very warmly.
A wonderful article. Great pictures.