Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tulips, Lemons, Books, Basketball . . .

they all go together today

tulips are cheering me up considerably
no chocolate treats for this gal for awhile
but plenty of colorful tulips

bring on the lemons
doc says, more water
lots of fresh lemon juice

some of my go to books for gardening ideas
plus some martha ideas for the house too

don't these colors cheer you up

martha has the luxury of people to help with her gardens
but believe me, she gets her hands dirty too
1991 favorite

new this year
great ideas to blend flowers
with ferns, ground cover, vines and more
we have lots of shade, this book will be helpful

a gal has to have some dreams
always new ideas to tempt me

excellent book
use this one often
heard about it on wgn radio
riding in the car
on the way to work
several years ago
everything you need to know about every flower

the best thing about this book
the pictures
stirs up the brain and imagination

this gardening encyclopedia
will answer your questions about
blooms, trees, ferns, pines and more
isn't that flower beautiful

spruce and pine
iris and hellebore
fern and sassafras
look for new growth all around you
 had to quick do this post
because tonight is one of my favorite
tv nights of the year
basketball final four
i will tell you my favorite team on tuesday
 don't want to jinx it
did you know
u of michigan
is one of the four teams
cbs . . . soon


TexWisGirl said...

laughing at you. :) good luck to your team.

beautiful tulips. and i try to squeeze a couple of fresh lemons and drink it in tea or just water each evening.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful tulips, Lynne, and I'm with you on drinking more water.

Razmataz said...

I must try drinking more water...lemon is a good suggestion. Enjoy your game. When did you switch the blog header? I love it. Very fresh and pretty.

Barbara Lilian said...

Water with lemon juice is supposed to be drunk for a reason but I can't remember why ! Hope it works for what ever reason your Dr. has prescribed it as a remedy. Sounds a better idea than medication. Enjoy reading your gardening books they are always good therapy along with your jug of lovely tulips. I hope your team wins who ever it is.

Pondside said...

I try to start every day with warm water and lemon juice - at my doc's suggestion.
The multi-colour bouquet is absolutely beautiful, Lynne!

Bonnie said...

I couple of the same books. I've always thought water with lemon heals everything,but a broken heart... The tulips are so pretty and happy. Bonnie

babs said...

Nice white pitcher....good find! The tulips are perfect for it.

Cheering for U of M...just because!

Jill said...

I love my water. Lemony or plain. Your tulips are lovely, as is that darling little pitcher. Your books look so entertaining.

Enjoy your night of March Madness!

Missy George said...

Good luck in the final 4...It's been a tough tournament for the favorites..The tulips are beautiful..Ours are just beginning to break through the ground..

Pamela Gordon said...

Those tulips are really pretty Lynne. Love the colours. Even though those books are old they will have lots of great ideas and photos. Fun. I hope your team wins! Hugs, Pam

Heather said...

Oh my, what gorgeous tulips! Just beautiful! Hmmm... several interesting books too... I used to have a Martha cookbook, made one recipe from it, but for the most part, not my style of cooking and too hard to get some of the ingredients here.... Cheers~

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Martha looks so young in that book, I do adore her, lol.

And lemon in my water, and in my tea.

Hope you keep improving.


Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous tulips. Love all the colors together. We've got the game on this evening. UofM has a special place in our graduate school alma mater and it's where Josie had her open-heart surgery. Go BLUE!

Gail said...

Beautiful...I thought the first tulips were a painting.

Sounds like you have a plan and I know you will improve every day.

koralee said...

Your tulips are lovely and I can't believe how young Martha Stewart looks...I have that Herb book somewhere in my I must go find it..have not looked at it for years. xoxo Happy weekend.

Lynn said...

As an armchair gardener your books are all the eye candy one would need. Good Sunday, Lynne.

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Now where am I going to find me some tulips?? What a beautiful, fresh, inspiring post! Good Luck to your team and glug glug!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Gorgeous tulips! I'm waiting for mine to bloom! xo

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynne, Looks like good reading! I didn't know you were a basketball fan...Son Jon just asked if I was gonna watch with him and the guys tonite. I will have my crocheting and my IPad. close by...just like to be with them. Enjoy and go team, whoever that may be! Love, Penny

Anonymous said...

Yep... tulips put an instant smile across my face. Gorgeous!