Monday, July 22, 2013

Paradise Orange . . .



wild butterfly weed
growing in an open field
not far from our house
a few years ago
there was a huge area
covered with the orange weed
last year
this year
a small area tucked
back in the field
one small bunch was cut
much prettier viewing
the patch of wild in the field
 from my gardens
 a few cuts for the inside

 Crocosmia    Montbretia
Several years ago I brought a small bulb
 back from the home we stay in, in Ireland. 
The original bulb has produced heartily here
and now there is a large patch of these gorgeous flowers.
The flower grows along the hedge roads in Ireland.
In the house we stay in there are billows and bunches of the flowers.
In Ireland, I find they call the flower Crocosmia.
It is much smaller and more delicate than the
domesticated version I have found here at home. 
I have transplanted many more bulbs into my gardens.
The flower is much larger and brighter orange in color. 
The leaf is very broad and the flower is stately and gorgeous.
As I understand it, this variety is called, Montbretia. 
Although I often clip a few of the flowers for individual bouquets
I also cut some to mix in with other flowers.
I have found I like the Crocosmia and Montbretia
best as they grow with freedom
amongst the other flowers in my gardens.   
The simple growth of bud and bloom
creation and color
brings me such joy.
the simple things in life


Gail said... you always have a piece of home.

TexWisGirl said...

i'm not familiar with either of these two blooms, but they're beautiful!

Pondside said...

These don't do as well as I'd like at Pondside - lots of foliage and few blooms. They are so pretty.

pembrokeshire lass said...

What a glorious, generous colour. Yes, I've seen these in Ireland. We also have some in the hedgerows in some places in Wales! I love the other bush and don't think I've ever seen it before. Isn't nature so abundant in its gifts of colour and generosity of blooms?! We are so fortunate. Joan

MarmePurl said...

Joan above said it best: Glorious, generous color.
I have never seen either. How lucky we are to share these things in bloggerland.

Nancy said...

I believe we call that first one butterfly weed here. Lovely.

And so neat you were able to bring some of Ireland back home to enjoy. xo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such gorgeous color and blooms. Another post to show Chris.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such gorgeous color and blooms. Another post to show Chris.

barb said...

Wow very pretty. Love that color.

Bonnie said...

I planted Crocosmia many year ago. It bloomed so nicely for several years, but the last two it has only blessed me with foliage. I thinned out other plants this past spring. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Hugs! Bonnie

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynne, Call me nosey;-) but I was looking at some of the other things in the photos...the metal leaf with the smooth stones and the white square plate with the turned up edges...the blue ball jar and the narrow framed photo... Yes the flowers are lovely, and so are the things you live with everyday. love you pal, Penny

Jill said...

They are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

isn't orange just the most magnificent color in a garden! Love this.

Rural Revival said...

The male twin's favourite colour, he would smile at these. : )

missy said...

I was looking at that in a nursery today..I had it in my old garden.."Lucifers something"?? Beard..Love it ..the color was very red..scarlet..nice pictures

Pamela Gordon said...

What gorgeous blooms. I've never seen this plant in the wild or garden. I like the fronds of the one in your garden.

Lynn said...

I do so love a punch of orange in the garden, Lynne. Like you I’m hesitant to pick my flowers ~ just a few blooms with greenery is enough to bring in the house. said...

Wow they are gorgeous for sure and you played around and made a delightful painting it can be in one of them.

With the black background and in the vase.

I just love your flowers you display.

What a bright happy, orange flowers.

Weed hmmmm. Excellent!