Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Bit of This and That . . .


dahlias are in bloom around here
these are from my friend
barbie's garden

and speaking of barbie-babs
she rang me up the other day
and asked me if i would like to attend
an 'all about cooking with ribs' class with her.

of course i was game and off we went to
Herman's in Rockford, Michigan

have you ever seen the
big green egg

it looks and sounds like it is the premo item
for grilling, smoking, baking and more

the heat maintains a constant temperature
air tight and a seal
holding temperatures between 200-700 degrees

not only did we learn many tips about
grilling and cooking with the egg
we also learned some excellent tips
 on whatever grill we are using

 while we were in class
the ribs were finishing up their cooking
and we were treated to a dinner of
ribs, beans, coleslaw and garlic bread

excellent ribs
and the coleslaw was the very best ever

which brings me to
dinner tonight

at one time garden house guy and i had one of
those huge outdoor kitchen like grills
you know, a large grill top and side grill tops too
 large enough to cook and feed the neighborhood

just two of us here
and we found we were using this monster
less and less

so instead
we have been using
a coleman camp stove
(granted, a bit small, we need something a bit more)

it works just fine for us
but when the family is around
the coleman isn't large enough

tonight i fixed
everything on the camp stove
cooking it all out on the porch
so the onion fragrance wouldn't hang in the air inside

this is one of our favorite meals
yellow, red, orange peppers
vadalia onion
yukon gold potatoes
chicken pieces
garlic bread

i used my rachel ray cookware
cooked the onions first, in olive oil and seasoning
then the potatoes, peppers, chicken
then i tossed everything together and cooked a bit longer
in a separate pan i made some garlic bread slices

very easy and very little clean up
usually when i make this i roast the vegetables in the oven

on the way to the rib class
we stopped for a few pics
of the apples almost ready to pick
and the blueberry fields in the distance

and so it is
thank you for visiting me
and for your gracious comments
Happy Sunday
to you and yours
I am not representing or being compensated by the
Big Green Egg or Rachel Ray


Barbara Lilian said...

What fun to see huge racks of spare ribs being roasted. This year I've been buying mine already cooked in a sealed pack & then we just char them on the BBQ, delicious with a crispy salad & chunks of french bread.

Barbara Lilian said...

At last I'm able to post a comment on your blog again don't know why but I've not been able to for ages. I always enjoy reading what you've been doing. Your dalias( well your friend Babs) are beautiful.

Jojo said...

I'm dreaming of one of those one these days.,,,

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love following somebody that lives in West Michigan. It is great to learn about new places. Your dinner looks delicious.

babs said...

It was a great evening, wasn't it. My dahlias look pretty! Always great fun doing things together!

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, the cooking class sounds like fun. The ribs look delicious. And your dinner looks and sounds delicious. I will have try your chicken dish. Have a happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I see pretty orange handle on your cookware, and what's in the pan is making my mouth water. Grill cooking, no matter the size of the grill, always tastes better than anything cooked indoors for some reason.

Great looking flowers too!

Enjoy your Sunday!!

TexWisGirl said...

i could practically smell YOUR meal from here. :) love those blooms, too.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

That dinner you made looks delicious - I love one pan meals and cooking it on the grill is a great idea :-)

Gail said...

Wow...on everything!!!

24 Corners said...

Your dahlia's are gordeous Lynne! I spent part of the day yesterday trimming up ours and have two sweet bouquets for all my efforts. They are such sturdy and cheery flowers, love them!
How fun that you took a rib class...very adventurous, and delicous! :)
xo J~

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

You have the prettiest dahlias the intense colors.

I've seen the big green egg, here it isn't a cheap egg..,but I bet it's worth it.

Dinner sounds great, now why didn't I think of cooking outdoors all summer?


Lynn said...

The big green egg is a status symbol down here in Alabama. I much prefer your small one, Lynne. We have an old Webber that is never going to wear out. Every so often I buy a new grill grate and it just keeps on truckin’ Enjoy your week.

Nancy said...

My husband uses our Coleman when he's away working... :)

missy said...

I love Dahlias..They're just so perfect..Nothing beats outdoor cooking..Yum

Musings from Kim K. said...

The snow might be blowing but our outdoor grilling continues all year long. Your meal looks absolutely heavenly. Gorgeous blooms too.

PS. No Allegan Antiques today. Went to mass Saturday night, but my steam has run out with new semester start-up.