Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Worth Mentioning Again . . .

you may remember the group
of books I posted
about a few weeks ago
I was happy I purchased some books ahead of time
checked some books out from the library
and listened to suggestions from friends

having books at my fingertips
allowed me to grab a book
head for the porch
curl up and
enjoy a good read
I found
Harold Fry

we each enjoy different reads
sometimes a book is suggested
we try it and wonder why
someone liked it

once in awhile though
a book comes along and
it is spot on
and for me
this was one of them

I don't cry and weep often
this book moved me to an unexpected place
emotional   tender   

his journey
touched me to my core

it is several days later
 harold fry
is still by my side



Bonnie said...

Lynne, I haven't read Harold Fry, but have heard really good things. I am hoping it will be one of our book group reads this fall. I have been working in my classroom and am between books. I am thinking I want one more really, really good book before turning my full attention to the classroom. Thanks for the suggestion.

Razmataz said...

I read it and I loved it...I think their relationship had bits that everyone can relate to.

Erin~Just*Grand said...

I loved Harold Fry too.... My book club read it and we all enjoyed it. Ah.... Summer reading. The best.

PlantPostings said...

Wow, good to know. We were just talking at my book club about books that have moved us. This sounds like one I would want to read.

Margaret Adamson said...

HI I haven't heard of Harold Fry but thanks for information.

eileeninmd said...

I have not heard of this book, and I do like to read almost anything. Thanks for the suggestion and review!
Enjoy your day!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love it when books stir emotions like that. The best kind of reads.

barb said...

Heading over to Amazon right now...

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Those are my favorite kind of books, the unfound treasures, the joyous reads, the ones that stay in your heart for a long time.


From the Kitchen said...

I just saw your comment on Bonnie's blog and decided to check out your book reading. In scrolling your blog, I enjoyed your beautiful photos! Having lived in Charleston before moving to the midwest, I have always loved Mary Alice Monroe's books. Thanks for the recommendations.


missy said...

Still can't make myself read..I spend too much time on this computer..

Jill said...

It's always so amazing to me when a book can move one so. I'm glad you found yours this summer!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Now, I must definitely add this to my growing book list. You have me so curious with your passionate review.

From the Kitchen said...

I have just written down Harold's book to suggest to my Muse book group. Thanks for stopping by!


Ceil said...

HI Lynne! I am visiting from Nina's blog.

I love hearing about books, I am so easily lost in the library. Too many choices. And it moved you to tears? That is extraordinary!

So nice to visit your blog today! Hope you'll come and visit me sometime too :)

pembrokeshire lass said...

I think it sounds as if it's a book that I have to read. Thanks for recommending it. Enjoy your reading! Joan

24 Corners said...

I've not heard of this book Lynne, and I'm in desperate need of a good read for when my camps are looking forward to taking a break and curling up with a good book, I'll be hunting this one down, thanks for the tip!
xo J~