Friday, September 6, 2013

Random 5 Friday . . .


I don't think we can go wrong having something blue in our wardrobe.
I think this has been one of the most beautiful summers ever
and this early entry into fall is just as beautiful!
I enjoy going to a movie alone, I saw The Butler this week. 
I thought, it was very good.
and Forest Whitaker . . . excellent
Although . . . I think the price of a movie plus popcorn
is outrages
eighteen dollars, popcorn, bottled water, ticket.
Is it just me or am I just getting old, . . . really?

Muskegon Irish Music Festival is next weekend.
fun for everyone
Let me know
if you are planning to be there!

  I am linking up with Nancy with this very late on Friday randomness.



Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Lynne, You are absolutely right, a little blue in the wardrobe is lovely.
Like you, we have had a lovely Summer here in England, although it was late in arriving, I don't think we saw very much sunshine until July. The sun was in the south of England, but here in the North, the North wind blew and the rain fell, but once July arrived, so did the sunshine.
I loved your hydrangeas in your previous post. They are beautiful as cut flowers and the other thing I love about them, is that the flowers last for such a long time.
Enjoy your warm weather this weekend.
Best Wishes

eileeninmd said...

I love the color blue and I have many blue pieces in my wardrobe. The price of movies and popcorn is outrageous! I would love to go to the Irish music festival sounds like fun! Have a happy weekend, Lynne!

Pamela Gordon said...

We haven't been to a movie theatre in probably 4 or 5 years! We're just too cheap. lol We wait until the movie comes out on DVD and purchase it, if it's one we want to see. And The Butler is one I want to see. Yes, $18.00 is too much for one person! Do you go to a matinee during the week? It's usually cheaper then. At least here it is (used to be). I haven't any idea what it costs to go to a movie but if I did go I'd forget the popcorn and pop. I've been known to bring a bottle of water and a chocolate bar in my purse. :)

hula-la said...

A beautiful shot. I haven't been to the movies in eons...I prefer the comforts of sofa and wine with my air popped popcorn, oh and of course, pause for a pitstop. Have a wonderful weekend. Aloha.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I soooo want to see that movie! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Was Oprah good in it or no?

TexWisGirl said...

i gave up movie theaters years ago. i had lost my tolerance for rude folks. :)

koralee said...

What love that blue hydrangea of yours I have all PINK ones...would love to get a blue in the mix. Have a great weekend. xoxo

Margaret Adamson said...

If its Irish, it should be great. Thanks for sharing your facts with us.

Pondside said...

A little blue - yes!
Movies - I fall asleep, so will wait for retirement, when I can be fairly certain of being rested enough to make it worthwhile.
An Irish music festival? Point me in that direction!

Carol Z said...

"The Butler" is on my list, too, and I'm fine with going to the movies by myself. NYC prices are crazy expensive, but I try and go to the movies before noon. It's empty and a lot less expensive.

Bonnie said...

Blue is always a must in my closet. It is one of my neutral colors, ha! I don't mind going to the movie alone either, and I've been known to go out to eat alone as well. I think it bothers others more than myself. Sometimes alone time is just necessary. Bonnie

Mary said...

My husband and i haven't been to a movie in ages. And the cost is one of the reasons why. We usually wait until they're out on DVD.

I love the color blue, and have many blues in my wardrobe! :)

Have a beautiful weekend!

MarmePurl said...

I must get out and get a new something blue..

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I totally agree with you, haven't bee to a movie in years.

Ouch that costs.


PlantPostings said...

I'm not familiar with this meme--I'll have to join in one of these days. There are so many shades of blue! Some are dreamy, others are vibrant, and still others are just OK. We tend to go to matinees when we can, although we usually watch movies at home. This is a fun meme. :)

Rain said...

Flowers are beautiful as ever :) they truly make me smile!
Wow $18 ?!? Last movie in theater was on golden pond and did not like it !!!
iPad is the only way to go- theaters won't turn on the lights so I can knit or crochet!!!
Later Lynne :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Thanks for the movie review. I agree the snacks/popcorn prices are ridiculous. It has been a beautiful summer. I see 90 degrees in the forecast for Tuesday. That should make for a very hot 2nd grade classroom. Have a beautiful week ahead!

Olive said...

I refuse to pay that for a movie so we wait for them on Netflix. The last time CC and I went to the theatre for the early show I got a senior discount and she got in as a child. We did not ask for those discounts. So that time was fairly cheap. The hydrangea is gorgeous. xo, olive

Rural Revival said...

I like The Butler too, and yes movie and popcorn prices are crazzzeee!