Wednesday, December 25, 2013

White Christmas You Say . . .

well we certainly have plenty of snow
along with our seventeen inches yesterday
another seven inches fell early this morning
jack is outdoors snow blowing
and filling the bird feeders
and it just started snowing again
I feel like I am living inside an envelope

our small spruce tied with a red ribbon yesterday
 the small spruce tree this morning
snickers out for her morning walk and
saying, isn't this a bit ridiculous
a few more snowy views from the inside looking out
we were thankful we celebrated with our families last weekend
so we didn't have to be out and about today
I will be happy to hear from the kiddos
telling me they are back to their homes safely
from their outings today

Displaying photo.JPG
we attended mass at
St. Francis in Muskegon
although we aren't catholic
we were looking forward to the
quiet sacredness and beauty of this church on
Christmas Eve
and the singing priest
was the crowning jewel
as he sang the homily
as the priest exited the sanctuary
into the narthex to greet the people
he donned a santa hat
we were filled
with joy
and a
Peaceful Christmas Blessing

 my friend Barbie took the picture of the
santa hat priest
she sent it to me this morning
you can visit her here


Willow said...

I was just dreaming of a white Christmas ~ thanks so much for sharing yours.
Looks gorgeous !
Hope you are had a glorious day.
Holiday Hugs,

Bonnie said...

We had a white Christmas last year, but this year the has been out tho' cold. We have had crazy weather this month. Snickers looks so very cold, bless him. Hugs, Bonnie

Pamela Gordon said...

Wow, it looks so pretty there Lynne. You certainly are having quite the winter snow this year. And so are we I guess. We had a nice break today but more coming tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day. Hugs.

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, I think you have all the snow there. We had a little bit of flurries and that was it.. Snickers is so cute, she could get lost in all that snow. Pretty photos! I am happy you had a wonderful Christmas!! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Pix Under the Oaks said...

Happy Holidays!!!
Lovely photos!

Missy George said...

So pretty to look at..Heavy for the trees though..Stay safe..Poor Snickers..We had a surprise 2 inches this AM..Mollie was full of snowballs when we finished our walk this AM..Enjoy..

Rain said...

Hey Lynne- beautiful- we haven't had power here since Sunday- quite the Christmas adventure!! Small generator is keeping us warm and with coffee!! Take care- stay warm! Rain :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

It has felt every bit like an old fashioned Christmas with all this amazing snow. We are so fortunate to not have lost trees or power. Your photos are gorgeous.

GardenOfDaisies said...

You have such beautiful snow! We had a white Christmas here, too, but only a few inches from a few days ago, not freshly fallen and picture perfect like yours.