Friday, January 3, 2014

Random Five Friday . . .

~ I usually save the best for the end and eat dessert last.
I take a look at something and think, I can make this better.
This time though, eat the "dessert" first.
~ "They" say, patience is a virtue.  I think I won a patience reward. 
I planted the Amaryllis the day before Thanksgiving. 
If you remember one of the stalks held four flowers and bloomed right before Christmas.  The second stalk began blooming New Years Day, with the full "pop" this morning. 
This stalk has three flowers, two in bloom and one ready to peak out. 
I cut the stalk from the bulb today and placed it in water in the pewter vase. 
~ The exciting news is that this story isn't over.
I will be sending this bulb out to
and she will be planting it in her garden with her other amaryllis bulbs.
She will take pictures when she receives the bulb.
Hop over to visit her and she will have a show and tell.
Feels like kind of a Pay it Forward to me . . . 
Visit her often, I love reading "her stories."
The vintage/antiques she and her husband find are creative and one of a kind.   
Their delightful daughter missed being home this Christmas
as she completes an internship in Korea. 

~ I don't often read book or movie reviews.
I should have . . . we should have.
Wolf of Wall Street is getting some buzz. 
The acting of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill and others, excellent.
BUT, this is not a movie for the faint of heart. 
Do not let your children see it.
I will say that one more time.
Do not let your children see it.
Or your grandchildren
Or your mother
Or your grandmother. 
Many walked out, we stuck it out. 
If this movie is a depiction of life and Wall Street, I am very naive.

~ I usually watch the weather reports.
I forgot to check them out last night.
I took off this morning for a manicure and ended up in a white out blizzard.
The good news, I made it home safe and sound.
The not so good news, more blizzard, freezing cold weather ahead.
The following photo is from week ago, believe me, nothing much has changed. 
I am finishing up packing up the Christmas things for another year
and ready for a good book.
I plan a winter walk on the beach this weekend. 
Photos to follow.
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Sarah Huizenga said...

Your bird photos are getting really good. I just finished reading Orphan Train, it was a great book.

TexWisGirl said...

love your little birdies. glad you made it back home safely! i have heard that movie broke the 'f word' record. 500+ times.

your blooms are beautiful.

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, so glad you made it home in the blizzard.. That would spook me! I love your pretty Amaryllis,it is nice it has a new home to go to. Cute birds and your Junco looks just like the male Junco I see here. Have a great walk at the beach and a wonderful weekend!

Annesphamily said...

I read a piece from Kyle Chandler who plays the FBI agent who takes down Leonardo. He was fortunate enough to meet the real life agent and learn a few things. Wall Street is a murky place like our political arena. I know now why so many jumped to end their lives during the great Depression. So much corruption!
My mother always had good luck with the Amaryllis. Such a beautiful blooming plant. I like to Pay it Forward. I enjoyed my read here today. Have a wonderful weekend.

Michelle said...

Glad you made it home safely!

Willow said...

I've been debating about seeing that movie I love Leo ,my only actor crush .lol
Glad you made it home safe, looks very pretty there.

Diane said...

Enjoyed see the photos of your amaryllis as I did not replant my bulb this Thanksgiving. We saw Wolf of Wall street and did not like it at all. Cannot understand why it is getting all those raving reviews.

Olive said...

Dear Lynne, yours is the first blog I visit in days and lo and behold here you are giving me this sweet shout out. The bloom is beautiful. Hope you had a Happy New Year, Olive

babs said...

Nice post. I went to GR today, the sun was shining there and back...well until I hit Fruitport. So cold...snuggled in.

Anonymous said...

Have heard some very strong worded reviews about the movie. Not sure whether we will watch or not.

Jill Foley said...

Great bird photos!

Thanks for the warning about the movie...I'm not a big movie watcher, but I'll probably steer clear of this one.

gowestferalwoman said...

I am here for your Amaryllis - i once grew one and they are a miracle thing if and when they bloom - YOURS IS GORGEOUS!

and tickled that you are sending it on to someone else to enjoy :)

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Lynne. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Thanks for the advise about the movie, I don' like a movie with bad language, it is not necessary. love the flower and also the red cardinal on the snow in your last post. you fog looks very cute.

MarmePurl said...

a lovely pay-it forward idea!
Stay safe and warm Lynne.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Gorgeous bloom. I think the birds are going to be hiding the next few days. I've been reading The WOODTV weather blog. It's going to be a crazy wild ride the next few days. Stay safe and cozy at home. I'm not sure it's beach walking weather with these nasty wind chills.

Pamela Gordon said...

My Amaryllis (the second one to replace the dud) is now blooming. It has four blooms and a new stalk is growing. I'll cut the bigger stalk in a couple days and put it in a vase too. I've never done that before but I want the second one to produce. That is one movie we will not be watching. I heard it's pretty graphic in many ways. I don't like to hear that language or see the violence all due to greed and money. It's still bitterly cold here today but a warming trend is coming. Rain for Monday!! Ugh. It won't be pretty with all the snow down now. Stay warm and cozy.

Missy George said...

I heard the same thing about "The Wolf"...I have it on my Netflix list..Great pics Lynne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

This looks so beautiful after messing with my blog for two hours and getting nowhere. HOW did you ever learn how to do it?? My header has's all just a mess!
You pictures are just beautiful!! *sigh*

Nancy said...

Well, you gave us quite a look at your exterior and interior life this week, Lynne. I'm so glad you are home safe and sound after traveling in the white out. I've only been driven in one of those and it was very scary. What a treasure your Amaryllis has been. So cheery. I'm hopping over to Olive's blog. Not familiar with it. We've heard the weather forecast for the Midwest. Stay warm and safe, my friend. Hugs ~ Nancy

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

A lovely amaryillis, and what a great idea to plant it forward.

Stay warm.


Cindy said...

Yes, I remember how many blooms this had, amazing. That is a great idea to mail your bulb out to be planted. You have to be patient when it comes to bulbs, these are beautiful. I'll have to follow the story of the bulb? I haven't seen the movie however did see him in a day time interview a year ago talking about the movie, so a lot were not impressed if they walked out. Stay warm my friend.

Deanna said...

Oh I bet it is colder and snowier now than when it was when you took that shot. It's terrible here. And what a nice thought to send the bulb to someone that plants it in her garden. Oh, thanks for the tip on the movie, I am definitely not a fan of the F word. I find it so unnecessary and I may have been one of the ones that walked out. Stay safe, stay warm!!

Nancy Claeys said...

None of my 3 amaryllis bloomed this year... maybe I should pack them off to warmer climates also. :)

We watched The Departed on AMC last night and really enjoyed it (another Leo movie, plus Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Walberg...). All of the curse words had been cut out. Anyway it was really good.

Stay warm my friend! xo