Monday, February 3, 2014

Digging Out . . .

A huge thank you for stopping by the Irish Garden House in the past few days. 
 My Random 5 Friday post seems to have met with agreement from each of you.
You knocked my socks off with your comments and kindness
and my heart swells with love and caring for each of you.
It was a first for me to have so many responding to what I had to say.  
Again . . . thank you . . . 

The past few weeks have met less of me being out and about for errands
and such but I must admit, today I thought, just maybe
we were coming to the end of the winter deluge of snow. 
Everywhere I looked there were banks and banks of white 
I witnessed large cranes lifting snow off of roof tops
and loading it on huge semi trucks to carry it away to new locations. 
Parking lots of the super markets had mega piles of snow
 around the edges with space for car parking shrinking. 

As I waited in line for the ATM
I noticed snow halos still hanging on the signs.
The main roads are opened with many of the side roads still snow covered. 
Roads leading into our sub division are packed solid. 
Last evening the temperatures dropped very low
and remained well below freezing throughout the day today.    
 Not my usual venturing out to stop at resale shops
but today I did just that.  Make that one shop.
I noticed this shelf of green but nothing grabbed at me.

I did find this small plate, just one.
I thought it might hold a candle or a plate of sweets.
I loved the edging of flowers.
Very art deco-ish.
39 cents

The marking was not something I had seen before.
Curious, do any of you recognize this marking?
I found my Skinny Pop popcorn
at Walgreen's today.
Popcorn is my favorite snack.
Happy this was a small bag.

I arrived home
and my Sno of Sweden bracelet
was in the mailbox.
My friend
has a wonderful market.
I think you would enjoy visiting her site.
This is my second bracelet I have purchased from her.
Excellent quality, lovely choices.
I'll be visiting you.
until the next time,
With my love,


eileeninmd said...

Lynne, the banks of snow is amazing. It is good that they are cleaning the roofs off, I would hate to see a roof collapse from the heavy snow. Your bracelet is really pretty. I will have to try and find your skinny Popcorn at the Walgreen's here. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Nancy Claeys said...

We're expecting a little more snow today, but nothing like what you have right now! That's okay. :)

Lovely bracelet -- wear it in good health Lynne. xo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Popcorn is a regular meal at our house. Love your gorgeous bracelet. Looks like this next storm will be more south of us. Whew.

La Petite Gallery said...

Hello Lynne, I just found your blog. I live in Maine and Know too well about snow. I have seen the grass and all my drive way. Now we are getting another snow storm. I only drive to town 2 times a week, if lucky. It's 15 minutes ride of Ice, have to say my friends call me to let me know how the roads are each day. Nice bracelet.
Good to get out, Cabin fever will set in. yvonne

Retired Knitter said...

I LOVE popcorn but I always forget about having some. Thanks for the reminder. It is breakfast time for me now. hmmm.... maybe .....

Razmataz said...

Lynne, so glad the bracelet arrived already. Thank you for posting the link and photo.

I am so sick of winter. My poor old dog can;t walk well on the icy sidewalks.

Cindy said...

Oh Lynne that is a lot of snow,daldrums. I so love your imagination with the halos hanging over the signs. If the temp went down that meant everything froze up.

I looked through your thift shelf you noticed the greens and I didn't see anything that jumped out at me either. Take care,

TexWisGirl said...

really like your bracelet. beautiful.

i did a quick search on 'rego dinnerware' and came up with oneida crown rego. wonder if that is what that is. i have no clue. :)

Michelle said...

That is a lot of snow!

Kerin said...

I must admit, you received a lot more snow than we did... so I guess I can stop my grumbling.
At least, so loudly :)

Have a wonderful day!

Missy George said...

Nice that you finally got out..We had 6 inches yesterday..The first of 3 storms..Cute plate..I'll check your friends shop..Can't have too much jewelry..Darling bracelet..

Sarah Huizenga said...

Good for you to get out between snow storms :) That is an adorable bracelet. I have two pandora bracelets that I never wear from my days of working at Model Drug Store. I guess I am a simple jewelry girl.

LBP said...

All that snow! We have only gotten less than 1/2 an inch here is SW Virginia and I am fine with that! Just happened upon your blog and it is lovely!



Cheryl @ TFD said...

We are getting lots of snow today. I'm so ready for spring weather! That is a beautiful bracelet...enjoy!

michaelswoodcraft said...

Oh my, that's lots of snow!! Never seen Skinny Popcorn! :-)

Pamela Gordon said...

I can't believe the snow you've had this winter Lynne. Amazing. Our snowbanks are shrinking too and they also haul it away and dump it somewhere. I love your new bracelet. It is very pretty. We have a bit of snow coming tomorrow but not much. We've been lucky lately. Take care. Pam

PlantPostings said...

Your friend's site is nifty! I'll have to stop back and do a little shopping. The bracelet you picked out is sweet. We have a lot of snow, too, but I think you might have more than us. Thing is, it will take a while for all that snow to melt, so I'm hoping for continued warming weather through the next eight weeks (with fewer snowstorms). Dream on, right?!

Ida said...

Man those are some large mounds of snow. We had a winter like that in 2008 and I hope we don't have one like it again for many years to come. Glad you were able to get out and about.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Lynne …. so much snow. We have yet to get snow but, we have had SO much rain, and the wind is so strong.Britain is getting such a battering at the moment. Just the sort of weather to stay in and eat popcorn !!!! haha. XXXX

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Wow - when you need cranes to move snow, you know there has been a bit too much of the white stuff! I'm glad you were able to venture out for a bit. The bracelet is beautiful - I'm clicking over to that shop now!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

That's a lot of snow...hope it goes away for you soon.


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

PH and I read this post together..and being from Maine and his brother in Portland Maine in the thick of the weather..he was really interested in the photo's and kept saying he was thankful he didn't have to shovel snow..but I do think it made him just a wee homesick.
The plate is sweet..but the bracelet is wonderful. I will visit her site and look around.
Stay warm, sweet friend..and drive carefully!'s kind of worrisome! Just do be careful!

Hartwood Roses said...

We dodged the snow yesterday, but the ice made things really dicey until the temperature warmed a bit in the afternoon. This winter seems to be a bit more difficult than usual.

What a beautiful bracelet. I have seen Chania's things before, and it may not be time for me to place an order of my own.

At Home in English Valley said...

Oh Lynne, If you catch the thrifting bug the fun we could have! You'll find the perfect spot for your little plate, very pretty. If you describe the hallmark to google perhaps you'll find out more about the company. I really enjoy researching things I find. I haven't been out of the neighborhood to see our snow stacks, but yours will be hard to beat...yikes! Love, Penny

Nancy said...

Lovely bracelet, Lynne. I'm so glad you were able to get out and do a little shopping. Isn't it funny what spending a few cents on a pretty plate can do for ones spirits? Teresa is right. Rego is owned by Oneida. It's the foodservice end of the business. Your plate is Art Deco Tulips. Here's an Ebay link that shows 2 plates sold for $12. Good eye you have, my friend!