Friday, March 28, 2014

Pillow Tweaking Random . . .

1. Not sure what is going on with me, maybe it is the great grandbaby on the way. 
I know what it is . . . spring fever . . . I am moving furniture, hauling rabbits
and things out of the attic and changing colors and wall décor in the living room. 
 Well maybe it is just too much time inside the house
because of the weather, bet that's it!
2. I noticed I had some subtle blue going on in my living room
so I decided to change up some of my pillows. 
Quick tip, Hobby Lobby has pillow covers, very inexpensive like eight dollars a piece. 
Much cheaper than buying brand new pillows for thirty, forty dollars and up.
HL didn't reimburse me for saying so either.

3.  Rummaging around in the attic I pulled out a box of Easter things and found
these hand blown eggs I did many years ago. 
The eggs are gorgeous pale colors of peach, blue, green and tan.
I would love to know what breed of chicks hatched these eggs.
4. I have some exciting news.  I am going to Florida with my friend Barbie. 
Sunshine and warmth sounds beyond wonderful to me right now..
We will be gone during Easter and leaving right before
my oldest son celebrates his fiftieth birthday.
I know . . . I can't believe that little fact either!
5. Little Snickers isn't very happy about me leaving
but she knows her papa will spoil her rotten and
she will be just fine while I am gone.
6. One more, I still have my sons favorite book
Peter Rabbit.
I wonder if I should read it to him before I leave.


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Until next time,
Love, Lynne


Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I love that mug with the bird - is it new? Let me know where you got it if it is :-)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Good for you on a little vacation! Let's hope that you bring back some of those warm temps from FL. What a dreary gray day it this Friday. I can't wait to get out the spring/Easter decor this weekend. How sweet that you still have your son's book. Just think you'll be able to read that to our great grand someday! So sweet!

Margie said...

You're looking all spiffed up for spring missy!

babs said...

OMG....Florida can't be here soon enough. Did you see those ginormous snowflakes this morning? And the wind, yuck, yuck but we will be free of this stuff soon! Excited!

TexWisGirl said...

congrats on the florida trip! i did laugh at snicker's little disapproving face!

Pamela Gordon said...

I like your new pillows/covers. It's a cheap decor fix for each season and the covers are so practical. How exciting that you are going to Florida! You certainly deserve it after all the snow you've had there. {I guess I deserve it too but I'm not going. :(} Hope you have a nice weekend Lynne.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Oh have a fun trip, sunshine, surf, and sand...sigh.


We have snow, ice, and clouds.


Beth said...

A trip to Florida sounds fun!

Happy Birthday to your son! By all means, read the bunny story to him again. :-)

LANA said...

Sounds like you just can't wait for Spring! And who can blame you. Enjoy your vacation to Florida! It is nice and warm down here! What area are you going to?

Ida said...

I bet your son would get a kick out of your reading the book to him. Hope he has a great birthday.
Wow a trip to sunny Florida, that would be lovely. Have fun.
Snickers doesn't look to happy but I bet she'll be well loved while your gone & shower you with love when you return.

PlantPostings said...

Thanks for the tips on the Hobby Lobby pillow covers! I might have to check them out. I keep saying I'm going to sew some, but I never get around to it. You obviously have a great eye for design. Have fun in Florida!

eileeninmd said...

Cute decorations for Easter. Florida will be great, some warm weather and sunshine.. Now I wish I could go too. :}

Your Snickers is just adorable. Have a happy weekend!

Missy George said...

Had to laugh out loud at that picture of Snickers..It says it all...I guess since you can't change things outside, you're gonna change the inside...Good info about HL pillow cases..Thanks..Have fun in Fla..I know we'll be in touch before you leave..

Sarah Huizenga said...

Lucky you, Florida! Sounds delightful. I love those eggs on the plate. Yes, change is good since we have spent so much time indoors this winter.

Nancy's Notes said...

Nice Easter décor, I must get with it! Oh Lynn, a trip to Florida sounds just fabulous! Aww, your little Snickers is too cute! Love your very much loved rabbit, sweet~

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

First, I love that color blue on that pillow!

Florida sounds just right about now. enjoy!

I'm thinking of blowing out some goose eggs this week -- just for fun.

JennyD said...

Lynne, thank you SO much for dropping by my long neglected blog! I adore your page and swear I'm going to scoop Snickers right up. Definitely my kind of dog :D
It's been so long since I've blogged and even tried to hit "follow" for here, but keep getting errors. Sheesh. Will continue to try. Add to that that I ck'd all my old pals and they are all gone except for 2. Everyone left for Face Book. I think it's so darn sad and I'll miss the heck out of them. We had many years on WindowsLive blogs and then later on BlogSpot and Wordpress together. I guess time doesn't stand still, but I wish it would. Time is flying! I'm turning 67 next week and it still feels impossible. Darn, I thought I was 35, hahaha.
Thanks again, Lynne, and you can be SURE I'll be back!

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

I love you Spring decorating. I hear so much about Hobby Lobby, but don't think we have any around here. Congrats on your trip - sun and relaxation so sound heavenly! I'm trying to picture you reading that book to your son - lol - it makes me smile!

Jojo said...

Lynne, A trip to a warm place sounds wonderful right about now. I'm in Atlanta and we woke up to temps in the 30s with winds making it feel like 21 degrees. Will this cold weather ever end???

Of course I'll be grumbling when temps soar into the upper 90s but honestly, it would be so nice to have some days with mild temperatures and sunshine. I'm ready for some outdoor time.

Hope you have a great trip!!

Jojo said...

Lynne, A trip to a warm place sounds wonderful right about now. I'm in Atlanta and we woke up to temps in the 30s with winds making it feel like 21 degrees. Will this cold weather ever end???

Of course I'll be grumbling when temps soar into the upper 90s but honestly, it would be so nice to have some days with mild temperatures and sunshine. I'm ready for some outdoor time.

Hope you have a great trip!!

Cindy said...

Wonderful news to be heading to the warm weather. I'm thinking it might be just that time of year as I moved around two rooms in the house and painted the front porch and did a re-model to our bathroom.

Snickers will miss you and if anything like my Braxon will stay on the bed and pout the full time you are away. Yes, read him peter rabbit, lol

Michelle said...

Do have fun on your trip!

simply bev said...

Looks like you're all ready for Spring!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Lynne, didn't read all the comments but the eggs are Araucana chickens. FL sounds lovely this time of year; enjoy and be safe!

At Home in English Valley said...

A little decorating is good for the soul Lynne...being a great grandma is priceless! Can't wait to hear of your adventures with Barb in sun. I'll be having a little fun of my own, a sweet p. home with grandma for four short but oh so fun days at Easter. Take care. Love, Penny

Gail said...

What a wonderful Random Five.

I think we are all getting spring fever. It's overdue.

I sew my pillow shams and rarely buy a new pillow.

Beautiful pictures. Very welcoming home.

Gail said...

Forgot! Enjoy your trip. I want to see lots of pictures. said...

Oh what a delightful happy post.
The mug is so nice.

Oh I did laugh at poor baby Snickers.

Nice you got away.

Lisa Sall - Sall's Country Life said...

Happy (choke, cough) spring, Lynne! That is a cute bird mug and I see you've bought into the new chevron craze! It looks lovely at your house , wish I could get into the spring mode, but not happening yet!!Wish I could escape to Fl for a week (you lucky girl)!! Snickers face says it all: "seriously, Mom? what am I supposed to do?" Hey, your son and I are the same age! Yeah, 1964...boohoo turning 50!!
Have a great evening. Love,Lisa

Ercotravels said...

Nice share!!!Snickers is very cute...

Willow said...

What an adorable post !
I ove your sweet dog to pieces.
I tried to comment on your new post but google is saying
Blog administer is not allowing comments " ??

Nancy said...

Cute post. Love the eggs, Lynne. And your new pillow covers are lovely. Have fun in Florida!

Carol said...

Enjoy the sunshine!