Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Few Weeks Ago . . .

I think I enjoyed the markets the most while in Florida. 
A Fresh Air Market 
we visited was amazing.
plants of all sorts
and the quality and price
really amazing
they would be much more costly here


what fun it was to go back to Mike and Marlene's
play in the dirt
dig in some of the flowers
it put me in the mood for
doing more of the same here at home

going to
Whole Foods
Fresh Market
oh my
what a difference than my usual
such a treat to see such variety
deli choices
sweets, salads, entrees, sides
coffee wine flowers
fresh herbs
corner after corner
isle after isle 
and purchasing the
take out bags to bring back home
what fun it was
the first time I carried them into my local store

one evening it was a treat to go to Jersey Boys
I had not seen it before and neither had Barbie
really great, loved the music
and sang along too
one would think we must be quite the drinkers
not really
but we did manage to
tip a few
on our trip
here we are before the Jersey Boys
glass of wine for me
champagne for Barbie
a trip to the beach for me to meet
Barbie's friend June Bug
believe it or not
they met a few years ago
and their iPads
brought the connection

 Season's 52
you might be able to find a
Seasons 52 near you
excellent food
 calorie controlled each entrée
as well as the dessert tray

something about the water
I needed the
until next time
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

great food, fresh plants and flowers, good friends, and the beach. ahhhh...

Rose said...

I love, love love that hibiscus flower...and looks like you girls were having a great time!

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, the flowers are lovely. We have the Whole Foods and Wegmans stores here, they are both very popular..The Jersey Boys show must have been fun.. Love the photos of you, Barb abd her friend.. The beach looks awesome.. Have a great day!

Nancy's Notes said...

Lynn, what a fun post! Your flowers are just gorgeous and so are you! Great pictures of you two sipping on your drinks and at the Jersey Boys concert! I could see that a million times, loved it so much! Ahhh, nothing like the serene feelings I have while at the beach!
Hugs sweet lady~

babs said...

Great recap! We had such fun! We'll have to do again sometime!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne...
Mike and I really enjoyed having you and Barbie visit and it was so nice to finally meet you in person. Most of all we so appreciate you taking such good care of Toby for us...he definitely was in good hands and may be just a bit spoiled! ;)
Thanks again for planting the flowers...they are beautiful and have lots of new blooms.
Hope to see you again soon!

Margie said...

Man, we all need serenity in our lives...
Fun times. Saw Jersey Boys in NY. Fab!!

Sarah Huizenga said...

The water and the beach are always great. I love new stores, half the fun in traveling.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Love this post. Didn't you have lots of well-earned fun! Looks like amazing food and beverages! Yippee for the beach! I wonder if our beautiful lake Michigan will ever be warm enough to swim this summer? I should stop looking at Bill Steffen's blog.

MarmePurl said...

So happy you had such a nice time!

PlantPostings said...

Yum! Those desserts look delish! And the open air markets are wonderful, aren't they? I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

Cindy said...

There is something about the water that is calling me as well Lynne. Although only 15 minutes from any one beach I enjoy to get into the camper and drive a little further. So love the market tour and your friendship outing, I think I would enjoy this place to eat and might even enjoy a few of the tip one backs as well. Have a great weekend,

Missy George said...

Loved the Jersey Boys...Beautiful flowers...Happy planting..

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh you and Barb sure had a fun time in Florida. It's fun to discover new things and foods. I love the flower planter you did up.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous flowers, wonderful food and drink, and precious friends. The perfect ingredients for a memorable getaway. So glad you were able to refresh your body and spirit, Lynne. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. ~ Hugs, Nancy