Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pathway . . .

some sort of epiphany happened to me a few weeks ago.
a recent trip and being out of my usual routine
had something to do with it


came to me as I observed my friend babs
putting herself in the drivers seat
doing some portion control with food
and now she is thirty five pounds less

turned me around with
"your blood pressure is out of control"
and you have to do something

we made a plan
her most significant words
. . .
No Processed Foods
No Salt
No Sugar

keep a food diary
monitor BP at home
stop in each week for a weight check
come see me in one month
Like I said

move ahead to today
a visit to the
Cheese Lady
if you are ever in Muskegon Michigan
stop in to her shop
(if you do that you better have connected with me too)

you will find cheese of course
vinegars and olive oil
aprons and dish towels
spices and sauces
much more

you will not leave her shop empty handed
and if you have a chance to visit with her
you will gain some wisdom too

 so where am I going with this
something turned around
I am in the groove
direction driven
returning energy
better blood pressure
on the path
only one week
eleven pounds less
salad for dinner
romaine, spring lettuce and spinach
grilled chicken and asparagus
balsamic vinegar and garlic infused olive oil

no processed foods
think that is easy, it is not
everything seems processed some how, some way
but let me tell you
try it
you'll feel the difference
 like I said
I listened and I am on a new path
until next time,
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

good for you! VERY good for you! :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I need to try...and you inspire. So..folks, encourage her. We want her around for many more years. I am in a boat like hers and have dropped an oar! She has both hers and is helping me find mine.
Thank you Lynne for sharing. I want to live a bit longer.
Love and hugs,

PlantPostings said...

So inspirational, Lynne! Congratulations! I'm cutting back, too--too much weight put on during the winter. Gardening and cutting back on portions and processed foods helps. Plus no soda--only water as a beverage with meals. I will have to visit the Cheese Lady if I'm ever over that way. Is she from Wisconsin? ;-)

Margaret Adamson said...

Hi Lynne Well at least you found out before something serious happened to you and you are doing something about it. Now years ago I discovered a book called Raw Energy by Leslie Kenton,
Research has shown that eating a diet of mainly cooked and processed food can lead to tiredness, stress, depression, obesity, high blood pressure and premature ageing. "The Raw Energy" solution will help the reader loose weight, feel fitter and look younger. It will also give the reader a sense of super vitality, a greater resistance to colds and flu and it can help in the battle against cancer, diabetes, ulcers and arthritis. This book includes over 100 recipes for salads, dips, dressings, soups, main courses, breads, patties, drinks and desserts. I have just looked up Amazon for the US and this is a link you might like to look up and pay very little money for a used one copy, read it and your health will improve immencely.

eileeninmd said...

Sorry about the doctor's news! But I am happy you are listening.. MY hubby has to do the same..especially watching the salt. It is in everything. Keep up the good work, you can do it.. Have a happy day!

From the Kitchen said...

A good path! I wish you well every step of the way.


Lois said...

A very good path to be on.

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

It feels good to take control and the summer is the perfect time to eat healthier. Love your photos :-)

Kerin said...

Way to go!
It's hard to change course, and do something different.
Good for you for sticking with it, and making such wonderful progress.

Keep up the great work !! :)

Pamela Gordon said...

That is wonderful Lynne, says Pam while she eats her Peppermint Patty!! I sure could use some will power but it's not until the doctor tells me I have to lose weight that I do. It doesn't really take much. I like your photos of the pathway through your garden. It looks so lovely.

Nonnie said...

good for you!
reading your post today was made pleasurable by your lovely brick path

Terri @ Backward B Ranch said...

Good for you! My dh is on a new path after learning he was diabetic. I need to follow before I gain all of my weight loss back. It's easy to slide. But congrats..keep up the good work!

LANA said...

I totally agree - wholesome food is the best. I have been eating organic grass-fed beef and chicken, lots more vegetables and fruits, got rid of most of the sugar. I have lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks and starting to feel better. Don't get the "cravings" so much anymore. Keep us posted on your progress, and recipes too if you have any.

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Good for you! It is hard, and I was on that path at one time and felt so much better... time to do it again, and summertime is the best time to start with so many fresh goodies in the garden!

Missy George said...

Good luck Lynne..I admire your fortitude..Dislike Drs that expect patients to have enough control to manage things with diet..Doesn't work for long...You're not that heavy and high BP probably runs in your family?? Not fair..

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Wow - good for you! It is so difficult cutting out processed foods. I struggle with it - although I really do love to eat well. Sometimes, I just want that cupcake or m&m and I have to tell myself NO!
Way to go - keep up the good work!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Kudos to you!! I've heard of others doing this same thing with great success, and I agree with Diane's comment above, this is the time of the year to start it with the growing season here.

Michelle said...

Glad to hear you are on a new path!!!

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Lynne, You've always looked like the picture of health to me. I won't know you girls the next time I see you. Good health to you and Barb, love to you both. Penny

Jen Vandervoort said...

Lynne, that's wonderful news, and good for you for doing this for yourself!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Congratulations! That's absolutely wonderful. You've really got something to be proud of. Perhaps, you can continue to share your healthy recipes with all of us!!

Rose said...

Oh, I need to do this....I really do.

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