Friday, May 16, 2014

Springtime Burst . . .

Maybe it was the weather change.
The temperature dropped to twenty nine this morning. 
Thank goodness I remembered to cover
as many of my perennials as I could
The covers stayed on all day
and are covered still, more frost tonight.
I think the sudden cool weather today has had
something to do with the birds swarming at the feeders
 in an almost crazed fashion.
This morning the Cardinal count was higher than ever.
And there were many Goldfinch and even some Purple Finch
flitting from feeder to feeder.
And lo and behold, there in the morning light there were Indigo Buntings.



And in the evening light they were back again.
Not one or two . . . many . . .

And in the front yard
flying from tree to tree
there were
Baltimore Orioles,
more Indigo Buntings 
and those tiny little
Hummingbirds too.
What a glorious time of the year!
next time it will be all about flowers
Until then,
Love, Lynne



Willow said...

I wish we got the Indigo Buntings such gorgeous guys they are !!

TexWisGirl said...

how awesome! hope it warms back up, soon!

Ela said...

How lovely ! Your photos of birds are beautiful !
Have a great weekend :)

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH how I wish we had birds of such gorgeous colors. This IS a wonderful time of year but we are cooking out here in California and the mosquito's are terrible.
What great photo's!!!

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm sorry you are in the cold snap Lynne. I suppose we'll get it soon too. Wonderful bird photos! I love the indigo buntings. Such a beautiful brilliant blue. :)

Beth said...

Gorgeous birds! You got some really great shots!

Margie said...

They are probably as confused as we are!!! Lovely birdie captures Lynne!

Rose said...

We went on little drive today and I saw so many indigo buntings! But no shots...

Gail said...

Thanks for feeding.

Animals are pretty good at weather forecasting.

Missy George said...

WOW..I never saw in Indigo Bunting..
Great pictures Lynne..Cold here as well but we're above freezing so far..

My name is Riet said...

Oh wow I don't think I ever saw that beautiful blue bird. What a treat to have them in your garden.
Hope your weather gets better soon now Lynne. It is warming up a bit here but no summer yet.

PlantPostings said...

Great photos! We've had indigo buntings at our feeders for the first time this year. They've visited the garden in years past, but never at the feeders. I think we might have a nesting pair! Don't you just love the flash of activity with migration?!

Ida said...

Oh my 29...that is just to cold for this time of year. Loved the pretty blue bird at your feeder.

Musings from Kim K. said...

The birding has been fabulous at our house too. Chris has been having a quite a bit of oriole traffic on our back deck with his grape jelly. The cats have been in heaven at the glass slider. This looks like a decent week of MI weather ahead. Fingers crossed. I'm ready for more 70 degree days!

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

Oh my... such gorgeous birds you have there, Lynne! Ours seem bland in comparison to yours..... We do have blue birds in the area, but they can be rather elusive. I see them on fence posts when we go for our morning walk, but no so much in our yard. Seeing them all come out is sooooo what spring is about. xox

Rain said...

Omgoodness!! Those indigos are incredible! And more then one!! Nice!! Bummers are back here and fighting worse then ever! Love spring! Although your flowers are quite a bit ahead of ours! Enjoy Lynne

Kerin said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.
I always enjoy seeing your pictures, and reading your posts!!