Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lovely Day . . .

Talk about a perfect day, June 3 was it.
I had gardening tasks on my schedule
and the cool morning temperatures suited me just fine. 
Perfect weather for gardening.
blue sky day
wind was gusty
oh my, love the sound
no humidity
did I say
 In one of the front gardens
Iris and Hibiscus are blooming
Poppies are almost ready to pop
the only negative for the day
oak pollen
huge, billowing, piles of it
you can see one of the pollen pieces under the orange flower
and the yellow pollen on the purple leaves
my focus was the garden in the back 
 this is the third year for this garden
mostly perennials
today I cleaned, fertilized and
covered it with cocoa bean mulch
wonderful fragrance
I created this perennial garden here in the back yard
so I could view it from the screened in porch  
the hummingbirds and other birds enjoy this space too
 this will be my next garden to work on
transferring more ostrich ferns into this space
and covering the ground with the cocoa bean mulch

and then I will work toward the front of the house
cleaning up the oak pollen
weeding, thinning, planting
plus adding more of the cocoa bean mulch

after that, I can sit back and relax
because Mr. Irish Garden House
has scheduled someone to come in to
clean, prune and move some shrubs
lay some mulch
plus cut up the trees that fell in the storm
just in time for a special happening this weekend.
I will tell you more about that a bit later.
Until next time,
Love, Lynne


Barbara Lilian said...

Hello Lynne
How lovely your garden looks.. Where ever there are open spaces planted with shrubs & perennials. In France it would be called a park. So you have a beautiful park, such a lovely place foe any occasion.

Jenny said...

I would love to trace your footsteps and linger awhile in your beautiful garden. Thanks for the show. xo Jenny

eileeninmd said...

Lynne, your gardens are just beautiful. Gorgeous plants and flowers.. I love the cute bird baths too. I am sure the birdies love your place.. Lovely photos, have a happy day!

At Home in English Valley said...

The gardens are lovely Lynne, but how can they compete with that amazing baby Oakland. She is just a tiny whisper...she looks so sturdy in the photos and then you see her in the car seat! Oh my, I can almost smell that sweet baby smell...How can you get anything done? The pleasure and privilege of seeing your Granddaughter a Mother herself. Makes me think our our sweet p. Oh my!
I hear the rain this morning, the gardening will have to wait. A perfect day to rock the baby... Love to you! Penny

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your gardens are truly spectacular. I need to show this post to Chris. Once school is out, the mulch needs to happen around our yard.

babs said...

Estate worthy!

TexWisGirl said...

just beautiful. i love your ferns!

Kerin said...

I love your gardens! They are beautiful!!

I have a plant here, that I have no idea what it is. I need to send you a picture, and maybe you can identify it for me.

Love the cocoa bean hull mulch! I would love to use that!

Hope today is a good one.


Ela said...

Lynne, your gardens are gorgeous !
What beautiful flowers and green plants. I love your garden decorations !

Rose said...

Oh, my, you have beautiful gardens!

Missy George said...

Your gardens are beautiful..Love woodsy areas..Glad you're getting some help..I can't do much this year..My hands are still bad..

Beth said...

The photos are beautiful!

MarmePurl said...

A cliffhanger. You tease you.
Love the water feature, the surprise rabbit, the though of the aroma of cocoa bean mulch, the beauty of your gardens...
All of it. And you.

Sarah Huizenga said...

It was the perfect day yesterday. Couldn't ask for better. It is lovely to see your garden in nice weather and in full bloom. What is up with all the pollen this year?

PlantPostings said...

It all looks wonderful, Lynne! I know a lot of folks around here use cocoa bean mulch,too. I agree--it smells great! You've been very busy and it your hard work has paid off with an amazing garden!

Ida said...

Your garden is so lovely. I need to do some weeding in mine. Here we have Cottonwood trees that have little bits of white fluffy stuff that blow off of them and mess with people's allergies.

Melanie said...

Your yard and plants are so beautiful!

Olive said...

Just beautiful. Lush and green.

Nancy said...

It's good to see your lovely gardens again after all the winter snow. You must be so happy. ~ Nancy