Sunday, August 31, 2014

Just In Time . . .

some easy peasy foods to fix
for a Labor Day picnic
take a round watermelon
cut it in half
take one of the half sides, make slices across the melon
then make slices going the other direction

and presto, you'll have small slices, easy to handle, less mess too
handy slices for those little hands

vegetable dinner
 any vegetables you have on hand will work
this meal had cauliflower, summer squash, red, yellow, orange pepper, onions,
seasoning, olive oil,
45 degrees, 10-15 minutes
keep an eye on them, less time may be needed
toss mid way

flat bread pizza's
sauté some onions until carmelized
also sauté zucchini,
red pepper and some yellow squash
brush some olive oil on the flat bread,
I used Naan bread 
add shredded cheese like
mozzarella, pepper jack, parmesan
add the veggies
add more cheese
bake at 400 degrees for approx. 8 minutes

my friend Barbie gets the credit
for the flat bread idea
she perfected
we tried
we like
You Tube
has a great watermelon how to video
Happy Labor Day
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

i'm hungry... :)

Gail said...

I must find food...

Beautiful and delicious.

Ela said...

It looks so delicious !
I love roasted vegetables !
Have a nice day :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hi Lynne and happy Labor Day to you and your family and friends. Delicious recipes ….. I often cook roasted vegetables and, I LOVE watermelon.
Have a fun day. XXXX

barb said...

Everything looks fantastic. Yum!

Kerin said...

Yay! Perfect delish dishes for Labor Day!

Love the flatbread pizza idea too.
I just happen to have some Naan in the freezer....we'll have to give the pizza idea a try.

Hope you enjoy this day.


Farm Girl said...

I am visiting from Kerin. What lovely, and yummy food. It is so nice to meet you today. You have a very nice blog.

My name is Riet said...

Great recipies Lynne and slycing that watermelon is such a good idea.Must remember that.

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Lynne. I'm visiting from Kerin's. I like the tip about watermelon. Not quite so messy to eat but still one of the best foods out there in my opinion. Everything looks delicious and Happy Labor Day to you.. I hope you will stop by for a visit to the Cottage..Judy

Missy George said...

Yum to both of those..Thanks for the watermelon tip...Much easier than mine!!

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good morning~

YUMM! It's a good thing I stopped by, I was hungry!! :D

Just hopping over from Kerin's blog to say hello!

Have a great day!

Laura said...

That is awesome.

I will be over. That is how hubby and I do our veggies. We just had the w.M last week now we are on the corn kick. My friend has a garden in N.B. and her watermelons are 6 pounds.

She also make chutney. Do you know what that is? Using green tomatoes and the other veggies you have but she cans them up. For I think sauce for spaghetti.

We are having a quiet one today.

My adults are camping with the kids and some to friends. School starts next Tuesday. So they are making time with them.

It is humid but no sun and rain inbetween.

PlantPostings said...

OH, yum, yum! Glad to hear you had a great Labor Day weekend. We did, too--busy, but full of food, family, and fun!

Sarah Huizenga said...

Yummy, yummy food!

Ida said...

I'll take the veggies and the flatbread pizza but I'm going to have to pass on the Watermelon (it makes me sick).

Rose said...

I seen the watermelon video a while back...that is a great ideal....all the other food looks delicious.