Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dark Night Moon . . .

 Moon searching . . .
takes us driving here and there to catch a shot. 
Maybe too many trees around us to find a golden moon
big, bright and perfect like many of you seem to catch.
I found this moon illusion peeking through really quite charming. 
Standing right in the middle of our drive way,
 I looked up . . . there it was and I risked a shot or two. 
I will be few and far between in the next weeks
some days near, some days far away.
Think of me/us as we travel out and about
 with the cuddling fluff princess close by
and sometimes just the two of us.

Sending you golden autumn days
moon lit nights
And wishing each of you
all things bright and beautiful.
my friends
with my love,


Nancy Reinke said...

Eerie and romantic all at the same time. Nice capture of that moon, Lynne. Enjoy these beautiful fall days. ~ Nancy

Marie said...

Lovely shots! Spooky almost.