Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One More Thing . . .

crossed off the list . . .
Grandson Jordon and I cleaned up an unsightly bunch of
dead Bitter Sweet vines hanging in the huge Oak tree behind our house. 
Jordon did most of the work,
 I just shouted the directions.
The trimming and pruning took a few hours.
The yard was a mess but we had it cleaned up in no time.
The Bitter Sweet vine is at least twenty five years old
and through the years it has woven
itself up and around the bark of a huge oak tree.
The vines had climbed so high that we were unable to see the berries.
Jordon's trimming left a few branches down low,
fortunately they are laden with berries.
The squirrels and birds will enjoy the berries wherever they are
and we will enjoy seeing the unsightly vines removed!

The vine seems to be losing its end of life.
The twists and turns of the wooden vine almost
take on the appearance of an art piece.
I was happy we could maintain most of the "art piece" look.
(Maybe some of you'll remember seeing the tree/vine from past posts.)
If you look at the photo of Jordon climbing inside the tree
you'll see some of the vine winding up the tree, some of the berries too. 
Soon they will be a vivid red orange.

Jordon has been such a help with different outdoor projects.
Not only for me, but for his other granny too.
We appreciate him
 and his cheerful, considerate, self motivated
fun way of being.
Once again, thanks Jordon!
In addition to cleaning up the unsightly vines
we were able to have out first fire in our new fire pit.
Believe me . . . I will be showing some photos very soon! 
that's all I have this time
see you again soon
thanks again for your friendship
Love ~ Lynne


Gail said...

Great progress and wonderful help. Can't beat that.

Pepper Medley said...

What a sweetheart he was to do this for you. It's always nice to cross a 'must do' item off the list when it comes to yard work.

Missy George said...

I'm sure the Oak tree was very happy to get rid of those choking vines as well..Nice to have a helper..I'll bet you are glad that it's done.

Linda said...

Hooray for Jordan!
Linda :o)

Jen @ The Light Laughed said...

While it's sad to have to remove the vine, I'm sure the tree is happier for it. What a great kid to give you a hand with that. I've seen bittersweet berries and vines in arrangements, it must be nice to have one in the yard.


Beate said...

It's so wonderful that Jordon was able to help you so much!
Can't wait to see the fire pit pictures :D
Have a wonderful week!

Barbara Lilian said...

It's always good when you've got an agile young man to help out on jobs like this. I'm sure you'll be happy now that vine has gone and the tree will breath a sigh of relief, and feel like it's had corsets removed.
Well done to Jordan for helping you.

eileeninmd said...

Kudos to Jordan! He reminds me of my handy dandy son. I am glad the vine is gone and clean up is done. I almost missed this post, my Blogger does not always show the updated post. Have a happy day and week ahead!

susan said...

Thank heavens for helpful grandsons! That looks like it was quite a project.

Cranberry Morning said...

How nice that you had help with that vine. I would have preferred the supervisory role too. And now you can see the birds enjoying it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Lynne.

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Evening Lynne, I am so pleased to hear that Snickers is doing well, I think she secretly loves all the 'fussing' that mummy is giving her.
What a wonderful grandson you have, Jordon sounds like a lovely young man to help both you and his other grandma with jobs around the house. You must be so pleased that after all the hard work most of the vine has been removed. It will be so lovely for you to see the different varieties of birds who come and feed when the berries turn red.
After all that supervision, it is time to put your feet up and give Snickers a cuddle.
Have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes as always.

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

I have four of those wonderful grandsons- only a couple old enough to work, but our oldest one has really been trimming and weed eating around the shop and house for us. He is a blessing, indeed! Have a wonderful SUnday!