Friday, May 6, 2016

Random 5 Friday . . .

It is the day for five random thoughts.
Nancy of A Rural Journal hosts this Friday meme
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5 Random thoughts and the rules and regs for joining in.
Next up you will find my five.

1. Western Michigan saw a few snowflakes in the air on the afternoon of May 4th . . .

2. Going from morning 30's to 70's later makes the "what to wear, how to dress" quite the challenge. 
Black socks and flip flops are not the best for "style!"

3. Sweet Little Two Year Old Baby Girl Great Grand says "broccoli" perfectly. 
She finds it yummy to eat too!

4. "John Deere" and I renewed our affair with growing green grass this week. 
(I love you John.)

5. I think I am getting the "itch" to book tickets for Ireland trip #4 . . .
May the luck of the Irish be always on hand,
and good friends always near you.
May each and every coming day
bring some special joy to cheer you.

Philadelphia . London

The two photos were taken in southwest Ireland.
The orange flower is Crocosmia, not sure about the purple.   

Thank you for following along and leaving me such wonderful comments.
My celebration of five years of blogging Irish Garden House
with this photo recap is winding down.
I have enjoyed sharing some of our photos with you.
Happy Mother's Day Weekend
Love ~ Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

yay for john deere! or craftsman (in my case). i love my mowers, too. :)

bj said...

I don't know the name of son's mower but it looks like fun to, getting out there, in the hot sun and wind, and actually MOW doesn't look too fun. ha

Adam said...

Most mowers are made by a company called MTD. I hear that even the residential John Deere mowers are, but that may be just rumor.

I do like Husqvarna, especially as they are made in South Carolina.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I think it is awesome you like to cut grass. We could use a John Deere here. Gorgeous views of Ireland. Your Great-Grand is a sweetie, I am glad she loves her broccoli. Happy Mother's Day weekend!

Jeanie said...

You're right -- the weather does wreak wardrobe havoc. I guess it's layers unless you're close to the closet!

Laura Beth said...

Love the collages! I'm a big scrap booking fan. Making art out of photos is so fulfilling!