Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Distracted . . .

I can get so distracted . . .
Does that happen to any of you?
(the following was written a few days ago)

 My goal for today is to get out doors while it is a bit cooler
and clean out the garden house. It is now 2:30 in the after noon.
I have gone from cleaning up twigs from the lawn after the wind/rain storm last night. 
(I found a nest that fell from a tree, with two little eggs. It makes me sad when things like that happen.  As soon as I carefully picked up the eggs, they broke apart.  
I felt horrible!  I quietly apologized . . . "sorry birdies!" )

See how off track I can get, even in writing a post.

This is a very loooong drawn out message, believe me!

So after the nest/egg incident,
Snickers and I walked a bit and then back inside,
to rinse her off, dry her, make the bed, tidy up the house,
send off a post which wouldn't post last night, no doubt due to the stormy weather. 
Then I finished some laundry, hung my sheets and blouses,
and reminded myself about my goal for the day.
So I gathered some old towels, cleaners, paper towel and such
to get out doors to start my garden house clean up.

First though, I needed to boil some eggs for "egg salad sandwiches" for later. 
Phone calls interrupted me, (adding to distraction). 
Made myself a smoothie, eggs were finished
and resting in their 12 minute pause before the ice water dump.
(recipe below)

And then I became really distracted. 
Eggs peeled as smooth as a breeze. 
I decided to look up Egg Salad Sandwiches
in my tried, true, tattered,
1961 wedding shower
Better Homes & Gardens, red checkered cook book. 

Reading, egg salad, it sounded more like a salad and I didn't want a salad. 
And having been disappointed in the past
with making ES sandwiches with a bit of onion and celery
and having the mixture turn overly moist,
I scratched the "Egg Salad Sandwich" idea
to be "Chopped Hard Boiled Eggs for Sandwiches" plan.
BUT . . .
Digressing a bit here,
when I was looking for a magic recipe
for the sandwiches and eggs I came across
and in a "flash" I was back in the forties!
(I wasn't called "Flash Gordon" for nothing!)

I couldn't believe there was actually a recipe.
My mom made them often!
and just like the recipe above said.

Bet she got the recipe from her own
Better Homes & Gardens Cook Book.

There I was, back in the forties, seeing my mom in the kitchen,
with her "house dress", waist apron, dark hair,
shoes with a bit of a heel, white socks. 
I could see the refrigerator with the big round freezer thingy on top,
kitchen sink with a gingham fabric skirt in front,
small table, four chairs for mom, dad, Terry and me. 

There I was . . . back in my Wisconsin home kitchen
ready to eat
Goldenrod Eggs on Toast.

Oh My Yum!!!
I think the next time I cook up some hard boiled eggs
they are going to be served
Goldenrod Style!
Three o'clock now, and off I go
to do what I had planned to do when my day began!

Like I said,

Lynne's recipe for Hard boiled eggs,
eggs room temp, cover with cool water, all eggs covered,
bring water to rapid boil, remove pan from heat, set eggs aside while in the hot water,
cover, set timer for 12 minutes. 
Prepare ice bath. 
Pour off hot water, place eggs in ice water. 
Peel eggs.
I have found that eggs which are a bit less than fresh, peel much better.


A photograph is like the recipe — a memory the finished dish.
Terri Guillemets


eileeninmd said...

Good morning, Lynne! I am easily distracted. Today is my do nothing day. I have never had Goldenrod Eggs, sounds like a yummy recipe. Thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

When I was decluttering I got rid of almost all my cookbooks, except for my red and white checked Betty Crocker one. It has the best recipe for chicken soup :-)

Deb said...

Loved this. So typical of a summer day. :)

Kim said...

This sounds like a lot of my days!! Don't you love it when you find something that brings you back in that way? What a nice memory! :)

Missy George said...

That's a really old cook book..I know it well...not from using it , of course

Musings from Kim K. said...

Thank you for sharing that recipe! I love it when something triggers a special memory. I'm constantly distracted. It might be all the multitasking. I wonder if technology is really a good thing somedays. Thank you for my birthday card, dear friend!

TexWisGirl said...

your mind jumps around a bit. :)

Gail said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me!

Michelle said...

I boil my eggs the same way! And, I am always distracted. So many wonderful things to do!

Pamela Gordon said...

I love this post Lynne, and your reminiscing of days gone by. Distraction sure can make for a long day of getting nothing done sometimes. lol I don't have a Betty Crocker cookbook - old or new. I've never heard of Goldenrod eggs before but I love egg salad sandwiches. I hope you get the garden shed cleaned out.

Margaret Adamson said...

Join the 'distracted' club. Loved this post.

Linda said...

Linda :o)

Sarah Huizenga said...

Awesome old cookbook, mine is a slightly newer version.

Pepper Medley said...

My mom was always well dressed when she cooked. Usually a straight pencil style skirt and some kind of flat tennis shoes and a crisp blouse. Oh how times have changed... and now I am hungry for egg salad sandwiches!
P.S. I live in a state of total distraction!!

bj said...

You took ME right back to the '40' my own mama's kitchen..she was dressed just like your mom...only we had an ICEBOX..a pretty, wooden thing that set on our screened in back porch...we finally got a fridge several yrs later.
I have never liked Egg Salad sandwiches as I'm not a big fan of eggs..however, last week at one of my Bunco parties, she served Egg Salad Sandwiches, crust removed, and I think I had 3 so good.
and talk about distractions...I have a mind the size of a nat so I get distracted very very easily.....

Jeanie said...

You're living my life, Lynne! I love egg salad -- one of my favorites. Oh, sometimes I get so distracted that things never get done right. But sometimes, they do. I've sort of given up worrying about it. Mostly!