Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finding The Gold . . .

this is a collection of

photographs, thoughts, messages

that I have found in the last days and weeks

one photo is a repeat from a recent post of mine

worth repeating

the others I liked and wanted you to see

credit for each will be linked/named under each entry

visit sarah

Paisley Rain Boots

sarah writes and photographs in her

paisley rain boots

she found the gold

she is exceptional to say the least

In The Fruit Bowl

is from

John Grey's blog

Going Gently

and this pic is of his dog mary

who is watching john fix dinner

look for the "in the fruit bowl" post

he posts daily

I find him

delightful colorful



love, love, love this photo

one of my favorite blogland visits

is with Kim

who rescues senior golden retrievers

Life At Golden Pines

she recently shared photos and thoughts in a post

Memories of Sheba




a must read and see

if this isn't a priceless photo

what is

Knit One, Raised 4

Pillow Talk

my friend Joan

creates the best blog posts ever

she is golden

some of my life work was in the field of

grief and loss

I found this written piece

on facebook the other day

it was a post from one of my high school classmates

this really spoke to me

a golden keeper

thanks Norma

one more

our snickers wanted to say hello

and remind you that some days can be a challenge

she says

snip some flowers to set beside your kitchen sink

get outdoors and play a bit

and enjoy the gold in each day


kiss a prince frog

keeps me feeling gold most days

This n That

thanks missy






TexWisGirl said...

sweet snickers. :)

i love kim's posts and her huge, giving heart. marme purl's photo and title is priceless!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I love that people are out there rescuing senior goldens! Having my own, as well as, a youngster. They are the most precious dogs. Thanks for the shout out :)

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I always enjoy Kim's post. I love all her beautiful dogs, that is a great photo. Snicker is a sweetie too. I miss having a dog, it is best we do not have one right now. Along with yours, you have listed a few of my favorite blogs. Happy weekend!

Michelle said...

You have linked some great blogs here today!

Margaret Adamson said...

Where do you find a prince frog? Loved reading this post and Snickers is just lovely

MarmePurl said...

We all found gold in our dear Lynne!

Jeanie said...

Nice links. I'll have to revisit some of these after vacation. I spent 10 years as a children's grief counselor and the person who posted that photo/phrase had it nailed spot on.

Hi, Snickers! Lookin'good!

Missy George said...

Love the Goldens...wonderful dogs..Glad Snickers is feeling're welcome..I don't remember that ;)

susan said...

What terrific photos, Lynne! The puppy in the pan from going gently (love that blogtoo) and the goldens on the porch stole my heart and of course, Snickers.

Pondside said...

Thank you Lynne, especially for the writing on Grief.

La Petite Gallery said...

I really enjoyed these great shots of Man's best friend, sooo cute.
Thanks yvonne

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

They were all lovely, Lynne..but the one on grief..did it for me. Something I have never heard anyone say before. I erased the rest of my comment. A private letter to you will be sent soon. Hugs!!

Valerie CottageMakingMommy said...

We live on a farm and love animals.These photos made my day.

Linda said...

Loved this!
A bit of peace at the end of a VERY busy day...
Thanks Lynne...
Linda :o)