Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Anniversary Morning . . .

windy day/evening

first morning hour

pick up sticks

pick up acorns

that is how the day continued

until eight at night

pick up sticks and acorns, cut back plants, mow, repeat

haul tarps of cut back plants, leaves, acorns, pine needles to woods

gorgeous day to work outdoors

I am not complaining


not yet



Snickers and I walked in more sunshine

how about some maples and sumac in color

it truly is a wonderful world

believe it to be so





Kerin said...


I'm always envious of your acorns, though I know you have too many.

Have a lovely Fall day!


Missy George said...

Love your property with its beauty..acorns or not..There are many oaks around here as well..Some idiot had his oak cut down because it was denting his car and his wife sprained her ankle on one..Replaced it with a dogwood...Grrrr
Have a happy day..

From the Kitchen said...

I love fall!! Even the clean up.


eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne, the fall colors are lovely. Pretty photos. Enjoy your day!

Pepper Medley said...

You have some wonderful fall colors. Things have changed her so darn fast this fall with the leaves.... I need to get up to the Parkway or the Shenandoah Drive and get photos before they are gone! What's the matter with me? LOL

TexWisGirl said...

yes, ma'am. it is.

Gail said...

I enjoyed my walk with you and Snickers.

Jeanie said...

It is indeed a wonderful world. I, too, have been picking up sticks. Comes with the territory of lovely!

Kim said...

It sounds lovely!! :)