Sunday, October 30, 2016

October, Halloween, Family, Soup . . .

see the nose missing
and the top
grandson tyler thought this pumpkin
was one to eat
he was two at the time
now he is twenty two
how can I ever throw this away
it's the little things
Italian Sausage Soup
White Chicken Chilie
Granny's Hearty Red Chilie
the soups are made
ready we are for family soup/halloween eve twenty sixteen
candy treats for the kiddies
pumpkins at the front door
lights are lit
family arrives late afternoon
Happy Halloween



eileeninmd said...

Hello Lynne! Happy Halloween. Your soup looks delicious! I love White Chicken Chilie, YUM!

Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

TexWisGirl said...

awww. i know you'll love it. i remember your pumpkin painting. so pretty. :)

babs said...

You have the best little touches! Love all your littles! Bet it was great fun! Traditions.

MarmePurl said...

Enjoy all the fun!

barb said...

Really like your pumpkins. And what a fun tradition.

Missy George said...

Looks like you are all set..Love the first picture..Have fun..Happy Halloween xxoo

diane said...

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!!
The decorations are lovely and the soups look so delicious and belly warming!!!
diane @ @ thoughts&shots

Sarah Huizenga said...

Happy Autumn!

Linda said...

Lynne! Love your vintage pieces...even with the missing bits!
Wonderful you all had a ball...
Enjoy your evening..
Linda :o)

Linda said...

Wonderful FOOD...geesh....

Margaret Adamson said...

That's soup looks as if It would warm the cockles of your heart

Ida said...

Mmmmm those soups look yummy.
Fun post. I have one of those foam pumpkins. Mine is also missing a few parts because the cats chewed on it.