Sunday, November 6, 2016

Surprised . . .

leaf time is happening here my peeps

gigantic oak leafs



by the way

which is correct

The (leaves leafs) are falling like crazy!

I have never seen so many (leafs leaves) in my life!

I keep looking at (leafs and leaves) and wonder if I have been incorrect in my usage.

set me straight please


the past few weeks I have been in this leaf mania clean up

daunting, I know, you've heard it before

people say, call in a service

no way could we afford it

we've checked

so we forge through

blow them

rake them

mow them

haul them to the woods behind us

repeat, repeat, repeat


saturday morning early we heard tractor noise outdoors, close by

surprise surprise

our neighbor friend

showed up with his mower leaf remover rig

and cleaned our entire lawn in less than thirty minutes

that was the good very thankful news

the not so good news was that ten minutes later we were covered once again

and spent the rest of the day doing that blow, rake, mow, haul thing


I am saving my pennies for a

leaf pick up rig



more good news

our weather has been spectacular

snickers loves sitting in the sun




another view of a local michigan steeple



looking towards



it's a wonderful world

do your part in making it so



coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Leaves. (The only time you use 'leafs' is if you are referring to the hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs... as in the Leafs are losing). There is a school of thought that believes that if you let the leaves stay put, you are adding valuable nutrients to the ground. Some people run the lawn mower over them to chop them into smaller pieces. Just a thought. It looks like an awfully big job. That was very nice of your neighbour to help out! -Jenn

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I do not miss all the leaves on the driveway and yard. Living next to the woods we just gave up. I enjoyed seeing your cute Snickers, adorable pup! Have a great day and new week ahead!

TexWisGirl said...

glad snickers enjoys the sun and autumn. i know you need one of those leaf-picker-upper things! that last shot of the church is gorgeous!

MarmePurl said...

My FIL used to get his family over to help with his leaves EVERY WEEKEND in fall. No surprise that one day he was gifted with a leaf vacuum.
He was giddy with it.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Thank God I live where leaving leaves on the ground doesn't matter...they become mulch. Although I do like that leaf picker upper piece of equipment!

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

Just got back from Florida to...leaves everywhere! I feel your pain :-)

Jeanie said...

Those leaves are intense this year. And there has been this extra gift of really lovely weather to get them under control -- at least one can only hope. Around here it can turn soaked, then rainy in a heartbeat! But so far, so good and I am so loving it!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

How very kind of your neighbor, to clean up your leaves, at least he made a dent, until the next batch fell :)

Missy George said...

I tried to look up leaves vs leafs..Leaves is the plural of in table leaf..It wasn't very clear but leafs seemed to refer to the Toronto maple leafs..I say that we all know what you mean and who am I to question your usage?? I'm just so glad that I don't have to rake those leafs/leaves altho when they do's so noisy and dirty..They did it 3 days last week..There are more down now than there were then..They'll be back !!

Kim said...

Well that certainly was a fabulous surprise...maybe the leaf fairy will come back again for another visit soon!! Here's hoping!!

Michelle said...

It is, "leaves", the plural of leaf. Nice of your neighbor to show up!

Blondie's Journal said...

What a sweet neighbor. We get that sort of help in the winter when neighbors are snow blowing...they will quickly do your sidewalks as well. In the city that's not much! I love this time of year, even raking. Again, not a lot of lawn here!

I struggle with grammar quite a bit and my teacher/daughter is amazing. Michelle is correct. If you were talking about something like the color of the leaf it would be singular, for example, "The leaf's color was orange."

Thanks for stopping by, your comments are always so sweet and upbeat!

Have a great week!


Anita Johnson said...

Would that neighbor come to Wisconsin.....what would we do without tarps?