Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Volunteer . . .

I volunteer each Monday at the front entrance of the hospital near where I live. I used to work at this hospital. I enjoy volunteering, especially here where I used to work. I run into people who I used to see daily many years ago.

My role now is nothing like my role before. Yet just as meaningful and valuable. Volunteering has many benefits. I feel helpfuul, people can count on me, I meet the nicest people, I feel needed.

Being pleasant, as being one of the first persons people see as they enter the hospital, I find very important. I help people find where they need to go for a proceedure, testing, to visit a patient, family member, seek medical records, surgery, emergency and various other reasons why they are at the hospital.

Well really, Roxanne is the first person people see. She works security at the main entrance and I am one of her volunteers on Mondays. Most people recognize/know Roxanne. She is perfect in her role. She is pleasant, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, warm, engaging. She is fun too . . . and she loves introducing me and sending me off to take people where they need to go.

I digress . . . Roxanne reminded me about Teacher Appreciation Week this past week because she was honoring her English teacher daughter in law with some flowers for the week. Her act of kindness took me back to my teaching days . . . and good memories.

People like Roxanne need to be recognized, teachers and employees need to be recognized.
Very simple . . . we all benefit from pleasantness, recognition, kindness.

As a volunteer I see many people. May I recognize just a few . . .

Like the couple who come to the hospital every day for lunch. They purchase one lunch, divide it among themselves. He holds her hand . . . so she won't forget where to go, what to do. They always smile, always stop for a brief hello visit.

A valet persons lights up my day with his wide smile, boistrous laugh, very helpful way.

The lunch room check out person is very patient with me as I fumble with my coins.

An elderly couple appreciated someone "showing" them where they needed to be instead of "telling" them.

It is good for me to volunteer four hours each week . . .

The best exercise of the human heart is reaching down and picking someone else up.
Tim Russert
(I liked that Tim Russert guy . . . and miss him.)
~ ~ ~
Happy May 9, 2017
I started Irish Garden House six years ago today.
Love ~


Kerin said...

Happy blog anniversary!
That is awesome that you volunteer at the hospital.
Volunteering is such a blessing in our lives. Not only do we get to serve other, the way that our Savior taught us to do, but it is impossible to worry about our own problems and concerns, when we are thinking only of other.
It fosters goodwill in our communities and helps us all to have genuine concern for each other:)

I LOVE volunteering! I volunteer in the Bishop's Storehouse {similar to a food pantry} each week. I also volunteer at the Manti temple each week.
Each time I finish my volunteer work, I feel so happy and uplifted!
I get so much more from serving, than I think I give.. *smile**.
I love it!


p.s. I love that note about the elderly couple sharing a lunch each day... truly sweet!!

Jeanie said...

Well, first of all, happy blog anniversary! I'm so delighted you began blogging and I look forward to the day we connect in person! A kindred spirit who loves watercolor, postcards and the garden!

I love your volunteering story. I know exactly what you do because of course last week, the Lansing version of Lynne greeted me at the door of the hospital and escorted us to the surgical area. She was very kind, told Rick where the cafeteria was, friendly. It makes a difference. I started my volunteer career at the same hospital (well, hardly the same as it has been rebuilt and renamed in the intervening 50 years!) as a junior high student in their version of Candy Striper. My mother was an active volunteer all her life and instilled that in me. After college it was Junior League, theatre, Ele's Place for grieving children, the museum and now I'm back doing my thing for the theatre. It feels good and to be honest, I never know who benefits from it most -- me or those on the other end. Three cheers for you!

Tanna said...

Happy 9th Anniversary, Lynne! So glad you embarked on this journey! I can tell you based on recent experience with SEVERAL different folks and hospital visits... kindness and warmth go a LONG way. No one visits the hospital without concern and worry. A kind soul lifts the spirits. Thank you for all those whose paths you cross and make better. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

I have always counted so much on Volunteers when I was working for a festival and appreciate them so much. I'm hoping to do some volunteering in Florida because it could be a great way to meet people :-)

Sarah Huizenga said...

You rock as a volunteer, you are so sweet and kind. They are fortunate to have you and your smile.

babs said...

You're a good person Lynne! Your Lenten roses are gorgeous. See you Friday!

Linda said...

How pleasant it must be for people to have you there!
I can only imagine the kindness and empathy you portray.
Hospital visiting is not usually a happy experience..except for a new child...and I am sure you make it a much more relaxed one.
Kudos to you for looks good on you Lynne 💙
Happy blogaversary...glad we found each other...
Linda :o)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary Lynne! Blogging is a wonderful journey and I wish you many more years of it. I love that you volunteer...I am sure it brings you great joy and brings joy to those you greet and assist. I think that some people are born "helpers"...teachers, doctors, nurses, ministers, etc., and it's hard to leave it behind. I am glad you have found a way to continue to share your gifts with others. :)

Michelle said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!! So glad to read your blog. I teach 2nd grade and was honored in the best way last week. I have great co-workers/staff to work with.

Missy George said...

Happy blogaversary! I'm so glad you did. I enjoy reading your blog and your wise words. I'm sure that you're volunteering is much appreciated as would be your smiling face... I think I'm just too lazy. .. I just don't like the commitment. I volunteer when it's a one time thing. Happy Mother's Day to you.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Hospitals are often a scary place for people, so having a warm, caring, engaging person greet and help them is a big deal. I'm sure you fit the bill perfectly, Lynne. Happy blog anniversary. And Happy Mother's Day, too. xo Nancy

Cranberry Morning said...

Boy do I miss Tim Russert too! He was so much more an unbiased moderator. I think that's a thing of the past, unfortunately. So nice that you volunteer, and yes, being pleasant is so important, and something to be aware of every day as we encounter people, sick or not.

Ida said...

It's so neat you volunteer there. - Happy Blog Anniv. - I so enjoy stopping by.

Margaret Adamson said...

Happy 9th Blog anniversary Lynne and this is a gorgeous post thanks. I am sorry these days I do not have the same time to comment on all your posts due to recent events but I appreaciae you posts and your comments on mine.

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