Friday, May 6, 2022

Two For One . . .

 Great Grand Oakland 
started playing soft ball.
Like most of her interests
she goes at it 
full speed ahead.
Great fun to go watch her 
and the other 7-8 year olds as well!

Treats after the game are fun too!
Browsing through photos 
and I found these pictures of my mom.  
I miss her gentle way.
She and my dad were 
wonderful parents people 
all the way around. 
I was blest.

First Great Grandson

Mom looking out on Mona Lake 

Hair wash with mom and
Pin Curls

Terry and Lynne

College Days
Florence Leone Peacock
Your Mother Days
ta ta for now


This N That said...

Love the pictures..Sweet memories Lynne

MarmePurl said...

Such wonderful photos! My 'Mrs. Peacock' iris's will be blooming soon. So wonderful to have an image in my head of her tending to those very flower's ancestors.

Jeanie said...

She's such a cutie and I love that you can go see her play. Love all the older photos -- isn't it wonderful to have those in our collections? And the irises -- how lovely!

Kerin said...

Hope that you had a lovely Mother's Day.
It amazes me how fast time zooms by!
I cannot believe that Oakland is old enough to play ball!

Lovely pictures and tender thoughts of your mom. What nice memories to have, and share with us.


Buttons alias Grace said...

Nice to see you still enjoying your life and blogging Lynne.mGreat grands that is awesome. Hugs B

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

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