Sunday, July 5, 2020

SUZIE . . .

Tell Your Stories 
How Else Would You Ever Know

July 4th, a few years back . . .
We were living near Milwaukee, in the suburb of West Allis, Wisconsin.
In the early morning, Gary, Scott, (fully pregnant, ready to deliver me,)
hurried down the road, to watch the Ringling Brothers Circus Train, 
as they traveled into Milwaukee for the big July 4th Parade.  
(Surely, hot sun, standing, walking would spur me on to deliver you!)  
(Not quite yet!)

To top it off we ended our day at a Drive-In theater in Milwaukee, 
for Scott to watch Born Free.  
Scott fell asleep on the bed we made for him in the back 
while we watched  Doctor Zhivago.

Next day arrived, I kinda knew something was churning 
and sure enough, off we went to the hospital, late afternoon of July 5.
And you, Susan Guinon (Gordon at the time) were born at 1:06 am, 7.6.1967.   
Fast delivery, healthy, happy baby, the beginning of 
 “My Little July Firecracker, Susan Kay Gordon story.”

So many stories from then until now.  
You have been quietly independent and determined from the “get go” 
and you continue to amaze me with your way of keeping things “in check!  
You do and are, everything for Mike, Tyler, Jordon, Oakland and family.  

I am wishing you the best, happiest, birthday ever.  
I like nothing more than spending a few hours of your Birth Day with us being together.  
I love our plan, shop, not find a thing, go for lunch and have some Slainte’ time.  
Suzie, Suzie, SUZIE, I love, Love, LOVE you! 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


I posted this picture on Facebook the other day
several comments 
someone made a comment
“I can’t say they were all great presidents
so what does it matter.”

for me it mattered because I saw and felt respect
it mattered because I saw them regarding each other
it mattered because I felt civility
it mattered because I liked what I saw
and I used it as my cover photo

why are we so quick to jump on something
to tear down
and not try to build up

not all of those in the picture were my favorites
I didn’t dislike them though 
some were my favorites
a simple like

to my knowledge, it wasn’t a photo op picture
it was presidents and wives being in the same place, same time
and someone took a picture
they were together In
having a something in common moment

can’t that just be nice 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Dad . . .

I miss him
liked that we could talk to one another
we each listened as well 
loved his quick wit
his honesty

loved the old shoes 
he would wear to work in the gardens
loved dancing with him
smooth, graceful 

I loved his love for my mom
he appreciated
they laughed
were silly together
I remember their glow

loved listening to his stories
about being a kid
about poor
being an athlete
walking to college
his packer hat

nice it is to remember
but oh how I wish I had spent more days
walking the yard together
sitting with him while he enjoyed his beer
listening to him swear a bit while 
listening to baseball
watching football
playing more cribbage

happy he knew how much I loved him
hugging wasn’t the norm in the forties, fifties
loved that he hugged me 
told me I was his princess
I could be whatever I wanted to be

my dad
Claude A Peacock