Sunday, January 17, 2021

Life Goes On . . .

 the holidays came to a standstill
at least for us
the shock of the accident
providing caring from a distance
was so very sad

I have profound empathy for the many, many families
who cannot be by their loved ones because of covid
and any other happening that takes them to a hospital setting
it is/was awful
and now with Jack home
I realize what a blank it has left for him.
Granted, he was severely injured and sedated
but even so, not having me at bedside,
has left us both feeling a void.

For those of you who don’t know, 
Jack hit a patch of slush, snow, ice 
from a sudden snowfall, and went whirling, twirling
and hit a steel overhead pole on the freeway.
The accident happened on December twelfth 
and he was in intensive care, life support, in the hospital 
until the twenty third and then transferred to 
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan
until January twelfth.  And now he is home.

Jack is walking with a cane, 
upstairs, around the house, 
starting driveway walks 
when there is no snow.  
As soon as we get the vaccine
we will walk together 
at a public venue opened for walkers
Ribs are healing from the surgery, he was really crushed and broken.
Five ribs were rebuilt.  
Our greatest concern is still his broken neck.
The cervical collar will remain in place from three to five months
and we will be following with an orthopedic spine specialist 
every few weeks or more often, if needed.  
I changed the cervical collar pads for the first time a day ago.  .
Scary, but I did it . . . 

We are thankful beyond thankful for everything.  
We are in awe of kindness and love, 
of cards and prayers 
and shoveling
and feeding the birds, 
for people stopping by, 
for warm meals for me
for cookies, pies and candies.  

We are thankful for nurses, doctors, therapists, 
we are thankful for his life, 
for his ability to communicate, process, visit
and we are so very thankful he is not paralyzed.  

Thankful Thankful Thankful
God's Blessings.

Leaving Mary Free Bed

Snickers and Mister Irish are together again.

‘til next time, 

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Happy Christmas My Friends . . .


happy days my friends

love joy peace

Saturday, December 19, 2020

One Week Ago . . .

My guy, my “Mister Irish” 
was in a really bad car accident, 
a week ago, 12/12.
It had just started snowing, wet and slushy.
He hit a patch of ice, went twirling around,
hit a sign and steel post and was crumpled. 

Injuries were/are break in shoulder, neck 
and crushed rib cage.
He was in Mercy Muskegon emergency 8-10 hours, 
Transferred to ICU, on a ventilator, surgery on Monday, 12/14.
They rebuilt five ribs, mended others. 
He tolerated surgery very well.
He was more comfortable indeed, after the surgery.  
COVID restrictions have made it 
soI have not seen him since emergency.
I have heard his voice.
We have talked briefly.
One Face Time
Whew, that news is over.  

He is mending.
Off ventilator, Out of ICU
still in hospital
will be transferred to
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital 
Grand Rapids, Michigan 
next week.  

OT & PT had him walk a few steps,
sit/stand at bedside yesterday morning.
We visited a bit last night around nine.
He sounds more and more like himself.  

I/we have been touched beyond measure 
of the love, caring, prayers
from so many. 

Thankful says It Mildly
~ ~ ~
I have a promise to myself
to stay more connected in
Irish Garden House

Hold Me To It
‘til next time

Merry Christmas
Happy Days My Friends 
Stay Safe