Sunday, May 2, 2021

good morning to you . . .

 good morning
it has been days, weeks
I wish I could get back in the swing of things
life just keeps getting in the way
but here I am
such a pretty time of the year 
in the midst of gusty wind storms
and almost zero rain

reading kristin hannah’s, 
The Four Winds
reminding me to not complain
about wind and no rain

mister irish is healing
collar remains in place for more weeks
we take walks and car rides 
and work on patience
he fixed some sprinkler heads
laid a bit of mulch for me

springtime perennial pop ups
plus colorful annual possibilities 
bring me zest and good cheer
here are some for you

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Keeping In Touch . . .

many have asked
how is 
mister irish 
really doing great
he has moved from a 
cervical collar to a soft collar
see doc again at month end
feeling chipper
ready to take on
some outdoor projects soon
we hope 
 not sure about driving yet

it has been a time of 

the loss of our dear snickers pup 
has us very sad 
we miss her playfulness 
her cuddle snuggles 
her sounds and touch

the puppy in the picture below
is one of two new grand dogs

yes we wear masks
yes we keep social distance
yes we wash hands, use sanitizer
we did go out with friends for a birthday dinner
and we attended some irish events 
we go for car rides
short walks
ice cream
‘til next time

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Just Around The Corner . . .

 happening my friends
isn’t it grand
pictures past
remind me of what 
will be happening soon
I plan on enjoying
every minute
how about you