Saturday, November 16, 2019

To Each Of You . . .

To Each Of You
All Good Wishes 
In This Season
Surgery is behind me, healing in front of me.
Happy to be home with some sunshine.
Thank you for your kind messages and prayers of encouragement.
Physical therapy for a few weeks, months 
and then I will be back with some vim and vigor!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Kindlier Words . . .

It is here, well the snow is for sure.
Great bunches of leaves fell on the lawn, roof, ground covers.
Bunches of snow fell on top.
What a mess we have had.
Full blown winter arrived midst a gorgeous fall.

You know what snow does to me, if you have followed me for awhile!
I think of spruce and pine, winter berries, pine cones and cedar.
My hands begin to twitch and I begin to snip branches and create.  
I probably won’t be doing my usual this year though
with a Reversed Right Shoulder Replacement 
happening tomorrow the twelfth.
After months of physical therapy and trying to rise above the 
no surgery choice, decision was made.
Hoping all goes well and that soon I will be able to do 
the many things I enjoy. 
Until then, I am checking out my old post cards, the beautiful art
and most of all the kindlier messages.  
Happy November and December to each of you.
with my love

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Closed The Door . . .

we had 
rain snow wind cold
fewer trick treaters than ever
inside our house we had 
laughter stories memories fun
glam zombie 
ringing doorbell
candy peanuts candy
moms dads millennials mister Irish great granny
red chili white chili 
snacks more snacks
wine beer pop juice 
banana for the youngest
kitchen island shenanigans
loved it 
back together soon
grown up grands plus girlfriends
plans made for a christmas cookie decorating party
and with that
we closed the door on riverwood halloween twenty nineteen
life is grand
‘til next