Friday, August 13, 2021

The Gift Of Time . . .

rambling here, stay with me 
I went flower picking 
which means, time for flower play

flowers, paints, books
 seem to be my daily happenings of late
my art room is in the kitchen
two island drawers full
easy to pull things out 
and go at it

watercolor paint, acrylic
depends on the day
brushes, paper, canvas, pens
shattered wood pieces, flat stones

if it is not
playing with flowers 
it is 
watercolor or reading 

two reading speeds for this gal 
not reading much or constantly reading
right now

I have painted this several times
repeating a painting 
stimulates learning
for me anyway

Jeanie from 
The Marmelade Gypsy
Vista Print 
taught me how to make cards 
from my photographs and watercolor 
what fun that is 

just thought you would like to know
what I do
when I am not outdoors
mowing, plant tending, 
or picking up sticks from windy storms
after steamy, buggy weather

or when I am with “Mister Irish”
out and about
enjoying sunset rides
dinner out

he is driving, he has his own new/old car 
Life Is Good 

and of course laundry, cooking baking
visiting and coffee with friends
leg/arm exercises on flat surfaces each morning
walking as much as I can
they are a major part of my days as well

enjoy your weekend 
‘til next time

Saturday, August 7, 2021

I’m Back . . .


One Picture
One Word 

One Picture
One Word

One Picture
One Word

I started this a few days ago, 
I was making a turn around in a parking lot and as I 
came to the stop sign and looked ahead 
there was this HUGE tree.  
I loved the huge trunk, 
heavy limbs,
sturdy and proud.  
I posted it on Facebook.
Wondered if anyone would recognize the tree.  
So far . . . no one has. 

And that got me on a roll of looking
I like it, so trying some more here.  

The next picture was taken 
on our screened in porch. 
Cut some of my ANNABELLE Hydrangeas
and made a bouquet.  
One person said it reminded her of 
popcorn balls. 

The final picture was taken by a friend 
who caught a glimpse of an Eagle in her camera,
thought it flew away 
and then suddenly it was back in view.
It is one of her favorite, treasured photos.  
And she sent it on for me!  
No doubt about it.

~ ~ ~

two posts in one week 

see you again soon

Monday, August 2, 2021

Snipping Zinnias . . .

I know … it has been way too long, 
but here I am, I haven’t given up quite yet! 

My favorite thing to do ever is to go out
snipping flowers and making arrangements.  

Thought you might enjoy seeing the 
zinnias and other flowers I snipped today.  
Not much color around our yard because of the shade, 
we have plenty of green, different ground covers, 
green plantings though. 

My dear friend Barb invited me to come to her home today
and snip some of her zinnias and flowers.
So off I went and snip I did. 
I gathered my flowers, brought them home,
gathered containers, vases, jars 
and some of my Annabelle’s,
ferns, leaves, white pine, spruce from our yard.

And I did some “flower play!”
I promise to not be gone so long 
between postings in the future.  

‘til next time,