Saturday, June 15, 2019

Daddy . . . .

We “got each other”
Good person, good man, wonderful daddy.
My all time favorite picture.

I was ALWAYS, “what’s this, what’s that .”
His answer . . . ALWAYS . . .
“A hootenanny for a dinger on a kanewton valve.”

Who knows where that came from.
I love saying it every once in awhile to the grands and greats!
It makes them giggle.
I love my memories.
Happy Father’s Day 

“Tell your stories, how else will they ever know.”

Sunday, June 9, 2019

It’s The Little Things . . .

Celebrating Eighty 
has been wonderful, busy, happy, unbelievable, sunny, warm, loving.  
We have had days, weeks of topsy turvy, cold rainy weather
and this past weekend couldn’t have been better.
Well today turned rainy, but I needed a calming day with an afternoon nap.  
My One Wish was for us all to be together, with a cake to hold 80 candles and the great grand children, Oakland and Elijah there to help me blow them out.  
Birthdays have been great fun when we are together, especially with the littles. 
So Mister Irish outdid himself with a huge cake, eighty candles arranged PERFECTLY.  
Everyone was festive, singing me Happy Birthday as we blew out my eighty!  
Crockery Creek Saloon was in full cheer, believe me.
Thank you for enjoying this happy day with me/us.  Click on the pics to enlarge.  
(Excuse the mixed up flow of the pictures, sorry the video won’t publish.)  
‘til next time . . . 

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Turning The Page . . .

All of a sudden it happened . . . 
One day I was born . . . and then I turned eighty . . .
YES, 80!!!
Celebrations are happening.
Birth Day was a day of bagel, coffee, flowers, errands, dinner with friends.  
Here are some pictures.  
I will be back tomorrow with chapter two.

(Flowers were a gift from a concierge service 
for employees and volunteers at Mercy Health.  
The card, with the number 80 was designed, drawn, painted, by my friend Donna.  
She is there in the pictures with her husband Chuck.  
“Mister Irish” is with me and also, you’ll see me in the high chair, first birthday.

Almost impossible for me to get a post out anymore.  
Sorry it is not in the style I used to be accustomed to.  
If I do a post and include just one picture, things seem to turn out okay.  
Using several pictures though, I can’t enlarge.  
Hopefully if you tap on a picture, it will enlarge for you.  
A shoulder injury hasn’t helped me with posting either.
And the third thing, scamming comments 
from escort services have been alerted to proper authorities!)