Saturday, March 28, 2020

SOCKS . . .

My granddaughter Amanda sent me this picture this morning.  
I was flooded with memories.
My mom used to roll up my hair in socks 
after it was washed and before completely dry.

My hair was nothing like Amanda’s but I
remember vividly the sock regime.  

This is what Amanda said this morning 
in a text to me.
“I’m using my Grandma Gordon’s 
sock method to curl my hair today.”  

A few hours later, I received this .
Looks great to me!

Made for a happy day to see my granddaughter in her waves.

‘til next time
thanks for visiting, following, commenting.
you are the best

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Diddle Diddle Dumpling . . .

little miss o

diddle diddle dumpling
 "one shoe off, one shoe on”
 busy little almost one year old great grand

and a year later

Christmas at her grandmothers
oh my that smile

and this
a few days ago
love this 
beautiful warm mood sweet picture
her momma is a photographer

if there is ever anyone who exudes joy it is oakland 
adjusts to most all situations
loves to create 
I don’t see her often
thank goodness for pictures
her momma wrote this the other day.
I walked into the bathroom 
to oak singing “happy birthday dear oaklanddd” 
and I started laughing, 
she said 
“what, I have to sing it twice to make sure I wash my hands good enough” 
“good girl”
soon she will be six
for her I will 
social distance
wash my hands
again and again
please be safe
please be healthy

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Feeling The Green . . .

“feeling it” 
I am English, a wee bit Scottish, married to “Mister Irish 
this month, each day, I am all about green
Blessings, Ireland, Thoughts, Pictures, Favorites

I was recently reminded about a blog event I attended ten years ago.
I had made polymer clay shamrock clover ornaments 
to bring with me to recognize my blog, 
Irish Garden House.

Fast forward to today, I decided to make more ornaments.
I made many, cookie cutter shamrocks, clovers of different sizes  
and used old tatting cloths to press into the clay to make the designs.  

The idea blossomed in my mind and my creative genes started a jig.  
Each day, something new pops into my mind.  
We are renewing our passports, saving our coins 
and as soon as this virus calms down
and before I get much older
we are scheduling ourselves 
for more green.

We have been blessed to have visited Ireland three times.
Oh my this view . . . look at that green . . . one of my favorites.
I am smitten for the Irish, the country, the green.  
the history, the stone, the peat, the lichen, the lilt, the laughter.
and yes, 
the Paddy’s too.

Playing with the clay reminded me of the many mementos,
cards, pictures, linens, pottery I/we have collected from our travels.  
Some of the dishes, cloths and such can be seen here and there.

Each shamrock has an emerald ribbon, 
Makes it easy to hang in a window or stretch it across some green.  
I took some to the gals I volunteer with at the hospital on Monday. 
A couple of the gals put them on, wore them like a necklace.  

I was thrilled to do wax rubbings of Celtic designs 
on grave markers during our first trip.
Each trip has taken us to the grave yards 
to view the markings and art, a reverence like no other.
I need to dig out some of those old photos!

Photo above was taken from the car, my favorite 
Crocosmia which grows all over along the hedge rows.

and soon it will be greening up here.
I love the mix of many different greens.  
My White Bleeding Heart is one of my early blooms.  
Happy March Spring Days
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Thank you for your friendship, following, visiting, commenting.
“Mister Irish” sends HAPPY wishes too!

~ ~ ~ 
‘tis better by far
at the rainbows end
to not find gold
but the heart of a friend.