Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Winter Day Flower Play . . .

 Wish I could find the way to CENTER my writing.  
I will figure it out soon, I hope!
I purchased some tulips and lily like flowers to 
make an arrangement for a friend celebrating her 80th
Then I decided I needed a flower treat too! 

The puzzle I am working on is beautiful
BUT it is the most difficult puzzle ever!
I am trying to enjoy the challenge! 

Enjoy these final January days . . .
Warm temps and very little snow near us.  
I will try and get some pictures of the 
ice sculptures near Lake Michigan. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Catching Up . . .

A long time blogging friend of mine encouraged me to “hop back on!”  I am so out of the loop, can’t find my usual writing format.  I used to center my messages, can’t remember how.  Not sure if I know how to add my pictures either.  So if any of you are reading this, I will appreciate some pointers.  

I took a class today making cards with fabric.  Interesting. If I can figure out how to add pics, I will tell you more about it.  

Well it looks like I have clicked some of the right buttons.  Sending this on as a trial.  

Sunday, June 19, 2022

My Dad “Pops” . . .

Fathers Day 

I loved my “pops.”

No doubt about it, I was “top notch” in my dads life, 
right along with my mom and my brother Terry.  
We knew from the “get go” what life was like for him being a “poor kid.” 
As I look back he was a testimony, a teacher for me, 
of family, unity, living with love, regard, respect.  
He might have been poor but he was given a wealth of goodness.
Dad was outstanding playing ball, baseball, football, 
any sand lot game he was right there with us.  
He never had a bicycle, never learned to ride one.  
We were reminded often that education was a must.  
He walked from one small town to the next to attend college.  
He was scouted by the Packers in the early 30’s to play with them.  
He chose college where he was an outstanding student and athlete.  
He graduated from Pioneer College, met my mom there.  
University of Wisconsin at Platteville, 
one of several great state colleges in Wisconsin. 
My dad, mom, brother and I also graduated from UWP.

I loved being with my dad.  
Listening to him, watching him, he was smooth, fun, funny.  
His kitchen table stories never ended, they were the best!  
Usually a beer joined him, a cigarette as well.  

He had high expectations for me, us, 
in good will, kindness, faith, honesty, trust, family.  
In my younger years I was often asked to go
with him to the cheese factories near Lone Rock, Wisconsin. 
They were probably my least favorite times with my dad.  
I was always car sick and the smelly cheese was awful.
For sure, there was no “probably” about it! 

Standing on his shoes so I could dance with him, 
oh my how he loved his music and dance.  
Oh for sure, he had some crotchety moments, 
but his style, wit and humor were the best.  

As I look around here and see “all my green” 
I see my dad and mom. 
They were like the “master gardeners” of the older set. 
Without a doubt, my parents would love 
sitting on the porch with Jack and me to enjoy “the green”. 
I can hear them saying though, “how about adding some color!”  

Oh my, I was blest with the best. 
I loved and adored my dad and mom. 

My dad, 
Claude A Peacock
Son, brother, student, 
teacher, principal, husband, 
father, educator, “Slick,” 
GB Packer fan, Cubs fan, 
cribbage, bridge player, 
gardener, grandfather.  

Happy Father’s Day!