Sunday, June 19, 2022

My Dad “Pops” . . .

Fathers Day 

I loved my “pops.”

No doubt about it, I was “top notch” in my dads life, 
right along with my mom and my brother Terry.  
We knew from the “get go” what life was like for him being a “poor kid.” 
As I look back he was a testimony, a teacher for me, 
of family, unity, living with love, regard, respect.  
He might have been poor but he was given a wealth of goodness.
Dad was outstanding playing ball, baseball, football, 
any sand lot game he was right there with us.  
He never had a bicycle, never learned to ride one.  
We were reminded often that education was a must.  
He walked from one small town to the next to attend college.  
He was scouted by the Packers in the early 30’s to play with them.  
He chose college where he was an outstanding student and athlete.  
He graduated from Pioneer College, met my mom there.  
University of Wisconsin at Platteville, 
one of several great state colleges in Wisconsin. 
My dad, mom, brother and I also graduated from UWP.

I loved being with my dad.  
Listening to him, watching him, he was smooth, fun, funny.  
His kitchen table stories never ended, they were the best!  
Usually a beer joined him, a cigarette as well.  

He had high expectations for me, us, 
in good will, kindness, faith, honesty, trust, family.  
In my younger years I was often asked to go
with him to the cheese factories near Lone Rock, Wisconsin. 
They were probably my least favorite times with my dad.  
I was always car sick and the smelly cheese was awful.
For sure, there was no “probably” about it! 

Standing on his shoes so I could dance with him, 
oh my how he loved his music and dance.  
Oh for sure, he had some crotchety moments, 
but his style, wit and humor were the best.  

As I look around here and see “all my green” 
I see my dad and mom. 
They were like the “master gardeners” of the older set. 
Without a doubt, my parents would love 
sitting on the porch with Jack and me to enjoy “the green”. 
I can hear them saying though, “how about adding some color!”  

Oh my, I was blest with the best. 
I loved and adored my dad and mom. 

My dad, 
Claude A Peacock
Son, brother, student, 
teacher, principal, husband, 
father, educator, “Slick,” 
GB Packer fan, Cubs fan, 
cribbage, bridge player, 
gardener, grandfather.  

Happy Father’s Day!

Friday, May 6, 2022

Two For One . . .

 Great Grand Oakland 
started playing soft ball.
Like most of her interests
she goes at it 
full speed ahead.
Great fun to go watch her 
and the other 7-8 year olds as well!

Treats after the game are fun too!
Browsing through photos 
and I found these pictures of my mom.  
I miss her gentle way.
She and my dad were 
wonderful parents people 
all the way around. 
I was blest.

First Great Grandson

Mom looking out on Mona Lake 

Hair wash with mom and
Pin Curls

Terry and Lynne

College Days
Florence Leone Peacock
Your Mother Days
ta ta for now

Monday, April 18, 2022

And Guess What . . .

while I was writing this 
it started to snow!
No snow squall . . . snowing SNOW!
April 18, 2022
~ ~
Not sure how I will cope when the
freezing, grey, snow squall kind of days decide to end! 
It has been a long stretch around here. 

Easter Day 
was a full sun beauty! 

We walked the channel 
on the North Muskegon side 
looking south and east toward Muskegon.

No doubt about it,
cold and windy
but the fresh lake air 
and seeing some
sunny beauty 
was fantastic.

We loved having family home on 
the sixteenth for our annual 
inside outside 
Egg Hunt Day! 

It was a busy, noisy, crowded, 
happy, birthday celebrating, 
BBQ with all the fixings 
kind of 
Egg Hunt Day

I loved planning and preparing every little thing 
for a BBQ like happening and for a houseful of people.  
SIL Mike was the burger chef.
daughter Suzie helped me get the 
salads, veggies, fruits and all
on the island for the family feast. 

Our small house was filled with 
people, chatter, laughter.
I loved every hustle bustle minute.

And then soon everyone 
gathers up their things 
for their trips back home.

and it is 
I/we like that too. 

Today I am feeling thankful for my family
for their love and kindness.  
Happy Easter and Passover