Thursday, May 19, 2011

The teacher and the first grader . . . .

The flower you see above blooms in abundance
along the roadways and landscapes throughout Ireland
It is a brilliant orange red.  In my searching out this flower
I have found there are two varieties. 
One Crocosmia and the other Montbresia. 
One is a brighter orange red and a bit larger in size, Montbresia
and the other is smaller, more dainty, Crocosmia.
I find this flower to be in vibrant bloom from July into late September. 
Driving through the country side and seeing the brilliant green
of the Irish terrain coupled with the striking red orange
of the Crocosmia is a sight indeed. 

I was knitting today and I started to think about Ireland. 
I set about to find some photos
and here I am sharing them with you. 
What a treat it is to stop in at knit shops located
throughout the many villages in Ireland.
The fragrance and texture of the rich wool plus the
gorgeous colors puts me "over the moon."

And this brings me to why I started this today.  
A friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that
she started knitting when she was a little girl.  
Her mom taught her and then when she was in first grade
she found out her teacher was a knitter.
The two of them, "teacher and first grader," would knit during recess. 
One day "the teacher" asked her if she would like to knit a sweater. 
 "The first grader" said yes, although she was
somewhat timid as to if she would be able to do so.  
So "the first grader and the teacher" were on their way,
red yarn, needles, a pattern and no recess in the plan.  
Sandy, (the first grader) told me she still had
the red sweater, now 50+ years old. 
I asked if she would bring the sweater
the next time she came to my home. 
Lo and behold, today she is here, and here is her sweater. 
Mind you, she was six years old. 
Isn't this a treasure, and what a fabulous teacher, don't you think?

I can't out do the "red sweater" but I do enjoy my knitting. 
Here are some pictures of a dish cloth I am working on . . .

A scarf which is almost finished  . . .

. . .  a pillow I finished this past winter. 
My first at cable stitch. 


And since I started with some photos
of Ireland, here is one more. 
A garden center near Bandon, Ireland. 
Keep watch because there are more photos of Ireland
I wish to share with you in the future.


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Nancy's Notes said...

What a wonderful story! That is an amazing and gorgeous sweater, that first graded was gifted and what a treat to knit with your teacher! Special story. OH my, what an awesome photgraph of that landscape in Ireland!