Friday, May 27, 2011

Now this is tasty, easy and fun . . .


Easy, spicy, fun pickle for sandwiches and 
grilled hamburgers, brats, whatever.   

1 gallon jar of hamburger dills
(I purchased at Sam’s, Valsic brand)
4-5 lbs of sugar (I do four)
2 oz bottle of Tabasco Sauce
Small jar of minced garlic

Drain pickles in a colander
Alternate ingredients back into pickle jar.
Pickles, Sugar, Tabasco, Garlic . . . it will all fit!
Replace the lid, rotate and toss ingredients
to start the process of blending.
Put in refrigerator on its side and
Rotate for the next ten days. 

I fill small mason jars with pickles and store in refrigerator. 
It makes a fun hostess gift!

Rest on side in refrigerator and turn each day for ten days.

This recipe was given to me by
Rosie who enjoys her RV living!

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