Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things are a buddin' and a bloomin'!

Spring has finally arrived. 
We have had snow, cold, wind, hail . . . you name it,
but finally the flowers are in bloom and
I am able to plant and enjoy!

Trillium in bloom
in the woods behind
the house.

Window box flowers for the garden house.
Blue Glow Succulent
 A first for me!
I potted a Boston Fern near the front door. 
Streptocarpus, Blue Ice Lady Slipper
I wish I could say I found this growing
In the woods but sorry to say, I did not.  
My friend Babs purchased this plant last year and wintered it.
 I saw it, loved it and found one for myself this year.

I need to be outdoors weeding, mulching and planting.
However, today found me introduced to setting up my own
personal blog.  So here I am experimenting and creating. 
Hopefully if you are following me you will stay with me
until I learn all the twists and turns of designing a blog.
Just call me a "newbie!"

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Aunt Barb said...

You changed your template. Brave woman!@