Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mary, Mary, how will your garden grow ?

Well I know one thing,
the garden and flowers will grow
they need plenty of tending and guidance along the way. 

It has been a busy few weeks on Riverwood
as we sort, move, split, edge, weed, fertilize, water and a ton of other stuff. 
And just as we finish and sit back and take a look and enjoy,
it is time to start the process all over again. 

But the rewards are many . . . 

first bud

full bloom

Bittersweet vine
the berries are way, way up on top

Do you have bundles and bunches of pollen crud?
It billows, blows and sticks on everthing.
It is dreadful around here!!!!

Ostrich Fern

Up the front walkway.

Hosta, Hosta and more Hosta
and a lettuce garden in the black pot

First Japanese Iris in bloom
(more to this story later on)

Another variety of Japanese fern.

A Poppy ready to pop!
(more to this story soon)

This tree is delightful. 
In the Spruce family, slow growing,
and it doesn't get very tall.
Aren't the cones fun?
(The name escapes me, but I will find it!)

Annebelle Hydrangeas everywhere. 
Can you tell green is my favorite color?
This Hydrangea has huge, HUGE white flowers. 
It is in bloom from June into July. 

More fern and hosta.

Recycled art and garden benches.

Life is Good!


At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Lynne, Your gardens are beautful and full of my favorites. Annabelle, hosta, ferns, bittersweet...and I have them all except the ferns. I should get some, I have plenty of shade. Thanks for the tour. Just lovely! Love, Penny

Teresa said...

All your hard work has paid off. It's beautiful!

Lynn said...

Can you believe you posted this last June and now in March Mother Nature has given us the bonus of starting to clear and plant this early? It's going to be a wonderful spring and a summer to rest on our laurals.