Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Charm Bracelet tells a story . . .


As I passed by my jewelry box the other day
I was struck with a flash of memory about my charm bracelet.
I realized that a chain of charms can
basically tell the story of someones life.. 

I am sure there may be some of you who have not
seen a bracelet like this one. 
BUT, back in the fifities and sixties they were "the thing." 

The bracelet told a story about the
person who was wearing it. 
The things she liked to do, the places she may have visited. 
Favorite family members and memories
were often depicted in a charm in the bracelet.
Some bracelets were in silver and some in gold.

The above bracelet is mine. 
Some of my mom's charms were added
to my bracelet after my mom died.

We were a skiing family and were fortunate to ski in the west many times. 
You can see the skier and a Vail charm in this photo. 

Photography has always been an interest, see the camera charm? 
I certainly don't have the professional touch and style
I find in many of the blogs I follow. 
Aren't some of the photographs just fabulous?
I click, collect and create photo albums,
collage, 50's style and enjoy making
visual and slide shows for the family.

A birthday or anniversary would often bring a gift of a new charm.
So many memories live out in a charm bracelet. 
I guess the word to use here is,  just plain

A celtic charm from a trip to Ireland, a St Christopher medal
belonging to my grandmother, the list goes on.

If you look closely in this photo you will see three oblong charms. 
They were given to me by my parents for a birthday when I was five or six. 
They are called "Forget Me Nots." 
I had three, mother, father, brother. 
They were on a thin, black gross grain ribbon. 
They are my most treasured charms.

The baby shoe makes me think of my real life treasures,
Suzie and Scott, my two children. 

Memories are the gifts we never have to give away.

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your charm bracelet!! Its such a lovely piece that can be passed on in the family!

I love these vintage style bracelets. I started a similar one around 6 years back, and now its full with 30 or so charms!!
These are so addictive,im starting a new one too :) ...