Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Garden Path . . .

The computer was down, the weather was cool
so I tackled an outdoor garden path project.

Removing all the brick, weeding and removing roots
and replacing the bricks into a new path was my goal.

Shovels, hammers, gloves, OFF bug device were musts!
{Believe me, the OFF thing works.}

Water breaks and sitting on this
 handy garden tote were a relief indeed!

Snickers the "guard dog" watched while I worked.

This two day, fourteen hour project
brought amazing results/rewards!

Clean toes finally . . .

Garden area near the path.

The path leads out into the yard and to the garden house..

I am woman, I am strong . . .
doing this work on my own feels wonderful!!!

1 comment:

Aunt Barb said...

Hard work....looks great! Just love your yard!