Monday, August 22, 2011

We love Ireland . . .

Jack and I have been so
fortunate to have traveled to Ireland.

On our first trip we met three delightful gals
who at one time came to the United States
 with an Irish choir and stayed 
with friends of ours during their tour. 

It is through these Michigan friends
we were able to connect with
Ursula, Marie and Lyla in Dublin 
and be showered with their hospitalitiy. 

They were our "first teachers" of the beatiful land of Ireland. 
We have visited the Dublin metro, Trinity College,  
Guiness Brewry, went to a play, concert,
 toured the country side and have also been to
Newgrange and Powerscourt.
to name just a few places
on one of our trips 

Ursula, Marie, their cousins and Jack

Delightful Wordisms
followed with some favorite photos. 

A travelogue this is not
just some differences in our language usage.

Umbrella - Brellie
Trunk of a car - Boot
Bacon - Bangors
Drive Slow - Traffic Calming
Wind Shield - Wind Screen
Car Rental - Hire
Hydrangeas - Mop Heads
Food Carry Out - Take Away
Hedge -Hedgerows
Expensive - Dear
Potatoes - Spuds
Sidewalk - footpath
Yes - Ya Ya
Napkin - Servet
Divided Highway - Dual Carriageway
Travel Trailers - Caravans
No Passing - No Over Taking
Cell - Mobile
Key - Quay
(You never know when you may be visitng and find these helpful.)

Sheepshead West of Bantry

Jack and I are in the talking and planning stage of our fourth trip.
Hopefully it will take us north to Belfast,
  Giants Causeway and along the NW coast line.

On our previous trips we have visited many places South from Dublin/Shannon.
Renting a car and venturing out on our own is delightful. 
 The people are warm and engaging.
Can you tell, we totally love it there!

Sorry about the photo clarity and the dates in the corner.
Happy I learned to omit them!!

a must



A Mom In Missoura said...

Such wonderful pictures! Very pretty!

TexWisGirl said...

gorgeous scenes! i can only imagine how magical they are in person!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

What an awesome post!!! You should make it "Irish Week" here! Love it, and the pictures are wonderful.
Keep going, Lynne :)
xo, misha