Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Road Trip . . .

Pa and Ma and the pup
took a road trip yesterday.


We found this 1951 Ford truck and camper
at an event in Flint, Michigan.

This was an event which was all about
cars, trucks, machines that is,
not the vintage I like.

I thought this little camper might be just what a friend of mine
 has been looking for but I guess it isn't the one. 

Pretty darn cute though,
compact, clean
and just perfect for a
ma and a pa
and a pup too.
I liked this little logo on the back of the camper.
Funny thing, there were two of these campers
in the same location, almost like twins!
I have all the info if any one is interested.

Pa wanted me to go along,
I think he thought I needed a bit of cheer.
Pa is here checking out some of the
not my idea of fun

old cars
crowds of people
 a squiggly pup
(yes her tongue curls up)
did I say already
not my idea of fun

But sometimes it feels really good for someone to say,
"come along, we will be together and I want to be with you."
So we packed up Snickers the pup
and drove over to Flint for the day.
On our way out of town we took a drive through Flint
to take a look at what
 looks like

boarded up homes
doors closed
business shut down
sad to see, yet important to remember

life certainly isn't good for everyone.
The rains came in huge sweeps and deluge
so we were happy we were in the car and on our way home.
This little Jack o Lantern fellow
was happy we had the rain at home.
Green as can be right now
but in a few weeks
he will be bringing in the
 I hope each of you are enjoying some
beautiful before school weather. 
It is super delicious here right now.

may all be well in your world


TexWisGirl said...

wow. urban blight puts things into perspective, doesn't it? makes us grateful for all we still have...

Gail said...

I would love to have both the truck and the camper. Sounds like fun.

Rain said...

Beautiful camper and truck-I could not choose which I'd rather have!! They are fabulous!! Rural America is in sad shape-as are many other parts of our great country-needs our prayers and thankfulness for what some of us are fortunate to have!~~Rain

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynn, You can have fun anywhere, as long as you're together. Love the TTFN, since Pooh and Tigger are my constant companions, along with our little one! Love, Penny

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Car shows! The bain of my existence :) J is car crazy, so I soooo understand this! Yes, the important thing is you were together! With Sinckers!
Wonderful day to you, Lynne!
xo, misha

Rural Revival said...

I've seen photos of empty buildings in Detroit. Shocking.

On a happier note I am completely in love with that trailer. My husband shakes his head, he just doesn't get it. : )