Friday, September 23, 2011

Building a Fire Pit . . .

The past few weeks we have been
busy with outdoor projects. 
My hubby built a fire pit for me for my birthday.
We are hoping we can enjoy this with family and friends very soon.
I have been wanting a fire pit for a looong time.
This cooler weather will be a perfect time to
enjoy sitting by the fire and treat ourselves to a S'More.

Since I was cleaning and gathering wood
I decided it was time to initiate the pit.

See the smoke?

There are still some finishing touches
such as the crushed colored glass which
will surround the ring in front of the stone. 
There will be more pictures as we progress.

This is a DIY project my friend
Barbie and I did this summer.
We got the idea from the
She has excellent DIY ideas and pictorials.

The bench in the background was made by H.
He has made several of these for our property.
I enjoy sitting and resting on a bench when I have been gardening
 plus it is fun to just sit and contemplate the next project.
H purchased cement pieces from a septic supply
and then added slate pieces for the finishing.
On some of the others he used concrete color/stain to enhance the look.
I am keeping H busy . . .
(You know, lots of contemplating while bench sitting.)

We have a screened in porch
at the back of our house and
last year H removed the lattice look
and replaced it with a solid surface stone appearance.

This summer H began redoing the steps
leading from the porch to the back yard.

It is has been a tedious project and H does meticulous work.

Hubby is almost finished.
Looking pretty fine indeed.
(Hubby correction, it is slate not granite!)



TexWisGirl said...

it's beautiful! do you hire him out? ha!

congrats on the fire pit too. we're still under serious burn bans here so i'm glad i didn't bother to buy one earlier this year (when our old chiminea broke). there's always next year...

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Love the fire pit! We have one to the right of our home :) But, we are also under a burn ban right now. I may just have to come try out yours!!!
Love the steps. They are gorgeous! And the hurricane lights really add to the whole area! I see a future post where family gathers and picture taking happens :)
Keep on Picniking! I knew you would get hooked! (Just like me)
xo, misha

Gail said...

Wow!! I love the fire pit and the steps...I wish my hubby was that talented.

Aunt Barb said...

The steps are so awesome. Very nice addition to your gorgeous setting.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!! Love the steps and you are sooo going to enjoy the fire pit this time of the year! Love it!!

Give a holler if you need help on the blog re-design... always happy to lend a hand. :-)

GardenofDaisies said...

Your new steps sure look WOWSie! Love your new firepit. Our neighbors had us stop by for s'mores last night in their little portable firepit. We chatted around the fire for over an hour. It was such a beautiful evening.

Rural Revival said...

What wonderful work by your husband. Top notch!

Nohemi said...

It’s so sweet and handy of your husband to build you a fire pit for your birthday! I like fire pits too! We bought a portable one so we could carry it around inside and outside our house, or wherever we want to spend the cold weather in; it’s very convenient. =)

Nohemi Tutterrow