Monday, October 31, 2011

Just not enough . . .


just simply isn't enough to say to my
 blogging friends who have taught me
so much in the past few months!

You may have noticed
that I have been changing some things around on my blog.
Slowly I am learning but I have had a heck of a time indeed.
Color, size, placement, photos, you name it, I have had questions about it all!

I have had some fantastic blogger friends step up to the plate and offer to help.
Reluctant I was in the beginning and finally I said, "bring it on!"

My friend Barbie, from
Babs Just A Babblin'
was my first to teach me about blogging.

She showed me blogger and helped me set up
Irish Garden House.
She has answered so many questions
I can't imagine how she has remained patient with me.
She has a delightful blog and shares her love of her family,
talks about her crafts, knitting and decorating. 
Plus she is amazing in the kitchen and
we all go to her for the best recipe around. 

Thank you very much Barbie for bringing me to blog land.

And then there is Misha
 From My Front Porch In The Mountains

who I happened upon and we connected like kindred spirits.
She helped me rearrange and make tremendous changes in my blog. 
She has taught me a ton of things even though most of her excellent work
is now in my head and not on my blog. 
She introduced me to picnk,
 she showed me buttons
and also introduced me to
some wonderful blog land friends of hers, like 
NieNie and Gitzen Gal.

Misha has an amazing blog
with wonderful photographs of her
vistas from the porch.
and of her beloved family.
Misha has a wonderful gift
to write, create, to "tell story."
She too, is a gem, stop by and visit her.
Thank you Misha for teaching and for being my friend.

And most recently I said
"Bring It On"
to the delightful Diane,
The Blue Ridge Gal 

She has been helping me with my header.
How she has stayed with me
I will never know, but she has.
I love my new Irish Garden House
header, the font, the fall look 
the simple rectangular size.

Stay tuned because as soon as I make some decisions
about some color and design
 Diane is going to create me header number two.

If you haven't visited her
you are in for a treat.

She does everything:
You Tube

You will enjoy visiting her lovely home,
and for sure, you will enjoy the
antics of Izzy and the patience of Rowdy.

Diane is multi talented in design
so stop in and visit and see for yourself.

Thank you Diane for your guidance and your teaching.
Your delightful positive outlook on life/living is refreshing.

And an "over the moon" thank you
 for sharing your darling pups with me and the rest of blog land. 
They are charmers ultimate! 

I encourage each of you to


Tell me about yoruself,
I would love to hear from you

I can't forget,
I really like my little Snickers
I am thankful for her!

She is delight!


Jill said...

Blogger friends are the best! I am always in swe of the supportive and generous spirit of the people I have met here, including you!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I agree with Jill! A bunch of good eggs :)
Thank you for the kind words :)
Everything happens for a reason!
xo, misha

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Your blog is lovely so a big cheers to you and your friends.

I love visiting here and reading your posts and seeing your photos.

Have a good week and well done you!!


Aunt Barb said...

Thank you Lynne! Its been so fun for me to introduce you to blogland and share my excitement with you.

You have grown by leaps and bounds! I love seeing you enjoying it so much!

Love Ya....Barbie

LANA said...

I am thankful I found your blog, and made a new friend. !!!

At Home in English Valley said...

Hi Lynne, Amen! So glad to have you as a friend and having our wonderful mutual friend Barb. She's a keeper as are you! I have met so many wonderful friends, and the support and encouragement is awesome! You are amazing, and I love to visit and learn from you. Love, Penny