Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Letting the leaves fall . . .

Yesterday hubby and I spent the day cleaning up leaves,
putting gardening things away
and "putzin" on projects.
  Basically we worked all day from noon to seven,
 came in the house at night,
ate some dinner and collapsed. 

So today I am 'taking it easy"
Ever have days like that?

The yard was pristine last night
and covered this morning so now I am just


I am trying to not make this be a totally wasted day
I have errands to do plus I want to go to the 
 state park to
find some cool pine cones laying around on the ground. 

I better get "clicking!"

Snickers and I went on a long walk this morning.  
Unusual for her of late, she hasn't wanted to walk.
So I have been taking off in the morning 
for my long walk before the day gets away from me.  

Today though, she "booked" and now she is "snoozin". 

Here she is on Halloween night watching the festivities outdoors. 
No, this isn't a blurry picture. 
I took it through the screen/window.
She is indoors looking out. 
She was in and out all night . . . not used to all the commotion. 

This photo is fuzzy . . . sorry . . .  smile,
I forgot to put them out for the family to enjoy,
I can't win can I?

My kids always say . . .
mom forgets the rolls in the oven
and now she is forgetting the pumpkin bars.
Oh My! 

Grandson Jordon, mustard and his friend Christian, ketchup. 
They spent much of the night just like this, face covered!

Relatives of Christian's stopping by . . .

Jordon's mom, my daughter Suzie . . .

Jordon, after the rush was over . . .

Tyler, Jordon's brother. 
He wasn't here for the outdoor fun. 
When you are a senior
trick and treating
isn't as much fun as a good bowl of soup!

Cody, the oldest grandchild. 
He will be twenty one next year.

Amanda, another senior and Cody's sister, with mom Sue.
Yes, we have two Sue's in the family so
one is Sue and the other Suzie. 

My son Scott and his family sitting around the fire.

And the biggest kid of all is hubby!
"One eyed Jack in all his attire."

As the evening wore on and
the trails of kiddos walked up the drive
"one eye" 
was really getting goofy! 

We are all cleaned up and put away for another year.
the soups were great although for some reason they turned out a
 a bit spicier than usual. 

Who knows . . . 
It is why I seldom bake.
I don't measure.

November is here,
2011 has been flying so fast I can't catch up.

I am off to find some pine cones.

Be kind


Jill said...

It sure looks like a good time was had by all! Such a great looking family. You deserve a day off. Enjoy it! *HUGS*

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

You all had a great time! Love the costumes :)
As for that silly husband? Love a goofy man!
Let the leaves fall. They make a beautiful autumn carpet..
Hugs to you, Lynne!
xo, misha

Raindrops and Daisies said...

The children look fantastic in their outfits,
I hope they got lots of goodies!!

Poor doggie looks exhausted!!

I hope that you had a lovely day and managed to find those pine cones
if not
there is always tomorrow...........

x Fiona

TexWisGirl said...

i love the condiments pair!