Friday, December 9, 2011

White Christmas . . .

I am dreaming of a
White Christmas
so far we have "snow dust"
and that is it!
 . . .
So until it arrives
I am filling our home with
twinkling lights, traditional carols,
ornaments, cards, pine cones,
 and heart filled memories
of years past.

Welcome to
Lynne's Christmas Memories 2011

Through the years I have collected postcards.
I search for cards with the stamps on,
handwriting and posted before 1910


There was a time when we hauled
a 16-18 live blue spruce tree
into the house.
A cathedral ceiling
and a loft above
 helped accommodate
for decorating.


The frenzied mania of the nineties
began when I was living life alone
and I filled up my days with
collecting and decorating.

The tree above is from the eighties
before I moved to "the new house."
I was a bit obsessive to say the least
and as long as I am saying it, I can do so!

Thirty plus years of collecting,
decorating and creating make for one
"over the moon tired old woman!"
Seriously though, I love and have loved, creating!
I had trees in every room with boughs and candles galore.
Luminaries outdoors
culminated the look I hoped to achieve.

Here I am back in the eighties. . . .
(A bit younger aren't I?)

The twinkling candle lights on the
tree above were from my parents era.
I used to use these lights on a small potted blue spruce
and then when the season ended I would
plant the tree in the woods behind my house.
I began to mellow a bit after 2000
and the decorating has consisted more
of fresh greens and candles
plus an artificial tree in 2009. 

Christmas in my/our home,
has included the nativity above
and the verse below.
This is part of the memory story I like to share each year.

The Hummel nativity was my mother's.  
My mom had collected many pieces
and this year I used
Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph
animals and the shepherds.

The verse above was inside a Christmas card 
 I received in the early sixties.
I have used this in some way
 each year in my Christmas cards. 
The message rings true to me
so I pass it on to each of you

"Touch Hands With Those That Stay. . ."

Although this picture isn't the best,
I like the charcoal gray pine cones
I found in November while
walking at Lake Michgian. 
It put me in a decorating mood!

 It is difficult to capture the look of these pine cones.
They are different and kind of weathered and worn.
I have them in vases, arrangements and
 placed here and there throughout the house.

Mercury glass for candles leaves a beautiful glow.

Antique ornaments grace a table here and elsewhere . . . 

Being a gardener I treat myself
 to unusual flowers during the holidays.

Hummel angels, also my mothers.

The tree . . .

A metal bowl with huge pine cones,
boxwood from the yard and pomegranates.

A black planter with the gray cones.

Felt hand made ornaments of my mom's.

Another felt ornament made by my mom with my grandmother's pearls.

Bird nests and birds are always on my trees . . .

I have a collection of Humpty Dumpty's
and it has been a reminder through the years that
All the King's Horses and
All the King's men
Couldn't put me back together again.
The responsibility was up to me!

Old cards are favorites too . . .

Greens and candles at the front door
and a wreath to welcome you.

Merry Christmas
Love, Lynne


TexWisGirl said...

love the 'girl chums' card. :) you remind me of my late mother-in-law. she love decorating for every season, but especially for Christmas. even if she was sick, she'd spend days decorating her apartment - for no one else but herself. :)

Jill said...

My grandparents always had a giant blue spruce too. Yours were beautiful!

Everything you showed is pretty and oh so precious. Love what you did with your pinecones and greens.

Merry, Merry Christmas to you too, my friend!

Aunt Barb said...

Wonderful post Lynne. To think I witnessed so many of these photos in real life.....what a treat. Your home has always been a holiday treat for me.

Rain said...

Beautiful post Lynne! Love the huge blue spruce-and the little one in the pot reminded me of my husband and my first tree-we planted it together afterward at a friends-back in Vermont-I hope it's still as beautiful and stately! I too love Christmas-and have accumulated so much for decorating-it takes me a couple months to get it all together-so I refuse to take down till almost Feb!! Get a little grief from some family and friends for this! Marry Christmas Lynne!!

Gail said...

I use to love to decorate. Yours decorations are very beautiful.

At Home in English Valley said...

Dear Lynne, I love the verse, and all your decorations. What a blessing to have a warm home, and an open heart to share. Thanks for sharing it all with us! Love, Penny

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Everything is gorgeous! Just adore your holiday spirit :) And you are beautiful and time-less!
xo, misha

Teresa said...

It's all so beautiful, Lynne! Isn't it fun to take a trip through Christmas past? Thank you for sharing!