Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthhday Celebration Update . . .

The riverwood birthday celebration for Scott took place Saturday
and it is now in the 2012 family memory book. 
We laughed and visited, told stories of the old days
and enjoyed the "eats" too.
The cake was the anticipated highlight.
Why not, I talked about it enough!
I may have said this before
I don't bake and to be honest,
I don't like it much either. 
51 years ago I baked an angel food cake for
Scott's dad, the first year after we were married. 
Surprise party, many invited . . .
Cake looked gorgeous except for the holes
I was in tears, frantic because guests were arriving
Scott's dad, Gary, went out and purchased his own cake.
I said, never again for me.
Not good at it, don't enjoy it.

Granted, through the years I have thrown a cake together
 in a 9x13 pan but nothing like a two, three layer cake with fancy frosting and trim.
Well I did it, three layers, frosted, and decorated
 With a delightful idea for the top I found here


it is okay
 right now
go ahead
you can say it


So here is the idea. 
gets the credit. 
I saw the idea on a cake
she was doing for a friends birthday.

step by step
find some photos
print the photos on to photo paper
find a paper to use as a backing
place one of the photos on the paper you choose for backing
make sure the photo faces up and the back paper faces down
glue the photo and the backing together, place a toothpick at the bottom,
leave enough of the toothpick so you can insert the photo in the cake. 
cut around the picture, there you go,
you have a favorite pic/pics for the top of the cake. 
The stock I chose had a rolling I love you throughout. 
I also stamped Happy Birthday in red ink which shows on the back of the figures. 

and here is my 48 year old birthday boy

one more

grandson Jordon and Uncle Scott

daughter in law, Sue
daughter Suzie

mom and first born

And then there was the mishap.
In the midst of it all
as you may have read on the previous post
I caught my finger in one of our bird feeders.
You may have one, or heard about them.
If squirrels try to get bird feed
they have to sit on the ring.
But that is the secret, they are too heavy
and the ring flings them off.
Birds are lighter and have no problem.
      I had a big problem.
I was loading the feeder
and caught my finger in the ring.
I must have applied enough weight to engage the ring,
so the ring went flinging with my finger caught on the side.
Need I say more . . .
I will spare the details.
A couple trips to emergency
and I see an orthopedic doc tomorrow.
Bit of advice,
learning to use both right and left hands
might be a good thing.
I am right handed.
Try blowing your hair dry and holding a brush
cutting food
daily tasks
just saying

the culprit

even with the mishap we had such a great day
happy birthday scott
i love you


TexWisGirl said...

what a great way to decorate the cake - and congrats on MAKING a cake! :)

sweet family...

Connie said...

What a cute idea for the top of a cake. Like you, I loved to cook and decorate cakes, etc. but as time passes, I enjoy it less and less. It's hard to cook for one, anyway
What I do is cook five hamburg patties, or pork chops, and then I freeze four. That way, I can come him and it's ready to heat up or microwave to warm.
Is it laziness, or boredom from doing it so long.
I enjoy it if I have company, thought.
I feel better -- thought it was just me !!

Razmataz said...

It looks wonderful...such a personal tribute for your boy. I hope that finger is getting better!

Jill said...

GREAT cake! Way to go. Happy Birthday to your handsome son. It looks like it was a wonderful family celebration!

Still so sorry about your finger.

At Home in English Valley said...

Happy Birthday Scott! Lynne, your cake was great, what a clever idea. Hope things go well tomorrow and that you'll be using both hands again soon. Love, Penny

Anonymous said...

Oh heavens! Your finger!!! What was the end result? It didn't take your finger off, did it???? GAWD, Keep us updated when you can type without discomfort. Thinking of you and sending a huge HUG your way.

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Lynne. I'm still away and had time to visit a few blogs this afternoon. I'm glad you had a great birthday celebration for your son, Scott. Sorry to hear about your accident with your finger and I hope it is feeling a bit better today. I'm having a grand time here with our grandson and his parents. :) Hugs, Pamela