Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buddin' and Bloomin' On Riverwood . . .

Gorgeous Morning
rain last night
perfect for some picture taking
a bit much here . . .
i hope you stay to the end
thanks for visiting me

Hibiscus bloom and bud

Small Japanese Iris
almost ready to bloom


in one of my pots

Fern by front entrance

Bleeding heart
in the blooming finish line

for the garden house
window box

Poppy ready to Pop

Lady Slipper
potted plant for the porch

another potted plant

New pillows for the porch
Great TJ Maxx buy

Jack painted this small table for me.
It has been sitting around being useless
I said green, he said red.
I am happy he won.

Carruth Stone Ware
plus one stray

not sure
looks like clover to me

Bells of Ireland
need to grow much more

Japanese Fern
my favorite of the
many ferns we have
ferns are great for shade

Rear Yard Sod Removal Project
Jack removed all the sod
planted new seed
hours of work
it was put on hold
because of finger fiasco
grass is just beginning to grow
thank you honey
I appreciate you

Our Garden House

This Bunny Doesn't Eat Lettuce

Jack's Recycled Art Creations

Lovely Hosta
a friend gift

never have they bloomed like this

Room With A View

Be Well My Friends . . .


Pamela Gordon said...

Lynne, your garden and flowers look beautiful! I like your new cushions too. Very colourful and the red table coordinates with them. We're in for a 5 day stretch of sunshine and warm days starting tomorrow for our long Victoria (Queen) Day weekend. Finally. The weather has been so wet. Hugs, Pamela

TexWisGirl said...

you've got a pretty garden going there! i like the red table, too!

Aunt Barb said...

Great garden tour. I like the red table a lot. Glad Jack won!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I would love to have a yard like yours... I mean LOVE it!! :)

MarmePurl said...

I'll take one (or maybe two!) of everything, thank-you.

Jill said...

Everything looks so lush, colorful and beautiful! I do like the red too.

Nancy said...

Hasn't this spring been amazing for blooms? I can't remember a better year! Love all of your lovely flowers and garden ornaments.

(I think the "clover" is oxalis. I have several of these in pots. Pretty!)

dee dee said...

Oh your green thumb shows all though out your beautiful yard!
Each flower is as pretty as the next!
dee dee

Kerin said...

Good morning Lynne..
Golly.. your gardens are beautiful!
Lush, and green and blossoming!!

Hope your hubby's finger is ok.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens,and plants. So lovely.

Have a wonderful day!

At Home in English Valley said...

All those blooms, so lovely! You don't have to worry about me hanging around till the end of the post...for flowers...anytime, can't get enough! Love, penny

laurak@forestwalkart said...

so many blooms! bright & cheery.
i really like the stone garden house...and the recycled yard art!
the cute red table...and the bunny you don't have to worry about feeding!

thanks for sharing all the JOY!! :)

GardenofDaisies said...

Beautiful! Your garden looks like a park!

missy max said...

Love the red table..Your flowers are beautiful..It's been a good year for them..Early here in the East..My Poppies are beautiful and almost done..Have a fun weekend..

Thistle Cove Farm said...

love the table and recycled art; beautiful!

Rural Revival said...

Your photo of the bleeding heart is the second one I've seen this week of one that is completely white. I had no idea, I thought they were all pink and white. I think it's breathtaking and simply stunning!