Sunday, May 13, 2012

Farmer's Market Opening Day . . .

opening day was a week ago
although gloomy and rainy
it didn't matter
 i was on a mission
the farmers market opened
not many vendors
but there was not any disappointment from me
for there was freshly picked asparagus
dinner for the night
this vendor was from
hart michigan


a favorite vendor was there
perennials, herbs, veggies, flowers
she is my "go to gal" for freshly cut flowers
although this year I am hoping to have a few of my own cut flowers
from my "cutting garden in process"
this gal has large mixed bouquets of
zinnias, cosmos, and others for five dollars
usually i bring them home and make them into three small bouquets

is her name and
there she is peeking out
from behind her booth

dianne usually has a booth next to another favorite,
potatoe joe
she wasn't there today but she will be soon
she has excellent bedding plants

there were many hanging baskets of flowers
not my thing
but many people thrive on them

you'll find flowers and greens in pots
around our place instead of hanging from above

the fiddle player wondered
if I was going to have him on
you tube
not this time
but great idea for the future

in addition to finding fresh fruits and veggies,
home grown garden plants, shrubs trees,
you'll find  several vendors selling things they have made
such as
ann dehoog
who makes
beautiful jewelry
we visited, exchanged names, emails
 I will look for her next time


ann also volunteers at an elementary school
here is a photograph of the childrens' art
if I understood ann correctly
the monies she receives from the sale of her jewelry
she donates to the school for art supplies because they no longer
provide elementary art
she helps out there as a teacher and
donates money toward supplies
now that is what i call
giving back

a favorite vendor/booth of mine today
was a very small booth
lavender, shamrock and allium were purchased
quiet pleasant
answered questions
and she also had a photo of each item she was selling

look for her if you stop by the
Muskegon Farmer's Market
Muskegon Michigan
open on
tuesday, thursday, saturday
Flea Market

i missed the market yesterday
because  i received a mother's day treat from my kids
my son scott, daughter suzy, grandson cody, hubby jack
 treated me to a yard and gardens clean up,
planting, weed removal and breakfast to boot
i showed them what needed to be done
and they worked like troopers
the use of just one hand has been a humbling experience

happy mom's day to me
thank you very much
scott, suzy, cody and jack

~ ~~ ~

if you like
home grown
farmer markets
 best fruits
bedding plants
baked goods
much more

best part
warm friendly people
supporting local is a very good thing



Pondside said...

I think you had a perfect Mother's Day - and so did I. Like you, I went to a market and bought plants - herbs and flowers - and The Great Dane is going to plant them while I'm away for work this week. I'm glad you had such a lovely day!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i love your kids and grandkids gift to you! how awesome! and how sweet are you for touting the wares of some of your local artists and gardeners!

Jill said...

Such a fun, informative post. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Just what you deserved.

MarmePurl said...

Wonderful tour of your Farmers Market.
Pretty darn nice family you have there!

24 Corners said...

Hello Lynne! Sounds like you had the most perfect Mother's Day...especially because it was a day early!
Our very local (just down the hill) Farmer's Market opened up today too and I'm just itchin to get there, have to wait till next Sunday though, wasn't able to get there today.
Have a lovely week, and thank you so much for all of your very sweet comments. I'm slowly pulling my head out fo the sand and getting back into the groove of life...and blogging!
xo J~

Rain said...

Lynne-I don't think you can ever be disappointed in a trip to a Farmers Market! Yours sounds wonderful! Great Mothers Day gift-Happy Mothers day to you! We really appreciate our ability to do for ourselves when we have to let others help us! Heal fast!~~Rain

At Home in English Valley said...

What a great family you have Lynne, pitching in in the garden for you. Looks like you had a great time at the market...must take you a while to shop, visiting with all the vendors you know by name. Doesn't surprise me, that's the kind of girl you are!!! Still waiting for baby grand!!! Love, Penny

Lynn said...

humbled you may be, in addition to being very clever
without caps. your family is a treasure as you
already know ; loved your
farmers market.
have a great week enjoying the fruits of both community
and family labor.

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Oh Lynne,

it all sounds absolutely lovely


Nancy said...

How fun, Lynne! I love browsing through flowers, plants, etc... I actually would like a couple of hanging plants for outside the house, so I'll be looking for some inexpensive ones this week.

Yay for helpers in the garden! What a great Mother's Day present. :)

koralee said...

Such lovely images...our Farmers Market is now open too...I must go this weekend. Love those turquoise and red beads....I have lots of turquoise and red bracelets I wear all the time. Hugs for a great week. xoxoxo

dee dee said...

I would just love your farmer's market! How blessed you are to have this to go to during this season!
dee dee

Laura said...

A farmer's market with asparagus AND jewelry?
How much fun.

Enjoyed visiting,

White Spray Paint

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than buying local! We have a few Farmer's Markets around the area and they are the nicest people and hard working too! Love your photos today and the red and turquoise beads. Shoot me an e-mail regarding my post today. :-)

laurak@forestwalkart said...

LOCAL...definitely, the way to go!!

that Farmer's Market looks easy to get lost in...
yum, fresh asparagus...fresh anything! and flowers...handcrafted goodies...beads!! love it.

thanks for the walk through & Happy late Mother's Day to you!!

Rural Revival said...

I LOVE that you love it. But you knew that. : )