Saturday, July 28, 2012

Muskegon Bike time . . .

 we are happy for muskegon
this was the sixth year for
muskegon bike time
 thousands of bike enthusiasts
convened in the downtown area
this past weekend

it is not my thing    it is not our thing
but it is the thing of many
the roar of cycles
could be heard from afar
100,000 people attended
60,000 bikes


the countryside bike parade
traveled not far from our house
we rode our (pedal) bikes
to be there when they went by

we waved and cheered
as the bikers waved back
over 400 bikers were in this parade
why can a parade make us well up a bit,
it sure did for me

bikers who participated in the ride
donated ten dollars each
 monies were donated to
Every Woman's Place
a muskegon domestic violence shelter

bike time
has brought some good things to muskegon
the downtown was alive
restaurants shops vendors
benefited from the thousands of visitors


a thank you to the
originators, volunteers, participants
who have made this asuccessful
 annual muskegon event 
it will happen again


Jill said...

A wonderful endeavor!

Gail said...

That's a lotta bikes.

I keep forgetting to tell you our class trip in '72 was at TenKiller Lake, I think it was called.

TexWisGirl said...

that's awesome. i love the fact that they donate to a very worthy cause in the area!

Cloudy said...

Da war bestimmt ne Menge los, so viele auf einmal...

Lieben Gruß und Sonne im Herzen

Fiona said...

Some very big bikes there
and it is wonderful
that they donate to charity.



Razmataz said...

We have similar at Port Dover, a town an hour from us. But they do it every Friday the 13th. Also a large police presence due to the type of riders that attend.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

nice ride for a good cause...the bikers are good about that!!

Lynn said...

It’s kind of thrilling to pass a group of bikers going in the opposite direction when out for a drive. The thrill may be a throwback to teenage fantasies of EASY RIDER and THE WILD ONE. Today that image is changing with good works the clubs all over the country participate in. Great coverage, Lynn.

missy said...

Not my thing either but to each, his own..They do a lot of good work...and give lots to charity..nice to have them out there..


Halley Davidson is very great. Is popular seems to be a woman in Japan.

dee dee said...

Lynne, My son would flip to be able to attend an event like this! We have a Harley store close to our house and he drools out the window every time we pass!
dee dee