Friday, September 14, 2012

Canoe Bound Michigan Style . . .

My friend Jackie and I went on a canoe trip on Thursday. 
It has probably been more than forty years since I have canoed. 
It was a beautiful morning and I was able to catch some nice photos. 
We rode the 3 hour+ lower branch of the White River. 

We weaved in and out through the river which was
bordered by gorgeous trees, grasses and ferns.
The river was very low, quite shallow
which made the fallen logs and branches
closer to the surface. 

We managed to avoid most of them
and land on a just few logs and sandbars. 


Jackie was certainly much more experienced
on navigating a canoe  . . .
. . . while I was having
a difficult time remembering on which side to paddle.

It was a beautiful day to be on the river.
We were almost at the end of the trip when suddenly
we lodged on top of a huge tree which had fallen in the river.
As we were trying to get ourselves off the tree
and back on our way, we tipped over.
Down I went under, back up and under again. 
Jackie did the same. 
It was terrifying.
I happened to fall into a fairly deep area. 
We rallied, checked to see if we were each okay
and started trying to figure out how
we were going to get out of the river
and back home safe and sound!
The canoe was filled with water . . . of course.
Jackie managed to walk along the tree we had landed
on top of plus grab her plastic bag with her phone etc.
She started to move the canoe to a sand bar near by
and I followed her, walking along on the tree as far as I could.
Not much laughter going on at this point.
We were the only ones on the river,
water logged and frightened just a bit!

We struggled to get the canoe to a place so we could get back in. 
Did I say . . . the canoe was filled with water . . .
FINALLY we got some of the water out,
climbed back in, paddled away,
 tried to manever around a large branch
 and whamo, over we went again.
There was so much water in the canoe
it made for a very tipsy canoe!
Our concern was a certainly beginning to heighten . . .
 We managed to get unstuck from the mud bottom

as we were seeing the trip end sign in view.

This was the motivation we needed.

We walked the canoe back to the
pick up spot to wait for our ride back to the car.

We lost our jackets, almost lost Jackie's phone.
My camera was in a plastic bag, in my vest
and was water logged, probably a "gonner." 
But the memory card works
so just maybe I can salvage the camera.

We have bumps and bruises
but we worked together
and made it through the challlenges.
We survived and were lucky indeed. 


Moral to the story . . . some of us do better on flat ground!
I think I have had plenty of excitement for this year.



TexWisGirl said...

oh, girlie! you did better than i would have! :) glad you managed to save the important and expensive stuff - and yourselves!!

gregory urbano said...

looked like a very scenic and relaxing time!

Carol said...

Oh my! What an adventure! That's a great photo of you, Lynne.

MarmePurl said...

Lynne's Adventure Company. Sign me up!

Razmataz said...

OMG, thank goodness you are OK. It is scary being on the water and having a mishap. I will only go in an open kayak because I am afraid of tipping it and my bum getting stuck and I can;t get out...all in front of a large crowd of people of course.

Bonnie said...

Oh my, what an adventure! I am please you both are safe and sound. The pictures are lovely and show nothing of your anxiety. I hope you were able to save the camera.

Pamela Gordon said...

Oh my goodness Lynne! I'm so glad you two survived that excursion. The photos are beautiful and I'm glad your camera card survived. Did you not have life jackets on? Even in a small river that appears to be shallow, there are deep pockets. Thankfully you are okay and are here to tell about it! Blessings, Pam

Lynn said...

It started out so serene. The pictures are lovely, relaxing and then you got dumped ~ twice. Glad you lived to tell the tale. Happy weekend.

Thoughts for the day said...

We go canoeing too but we always wear life jackets and pray we don't flip over. You are a brave glad you are ok. Where are the pictures of the soggy wet 'survivors'??

Gail said...

Yes, that much excitement would do me for a couple of years!

Glad everyone's okay.

Fantastic photos.

missy said...

OMG Lynne..Your post started out so serenely and turned into a nightmare..I'm wondering why you two were out there anyhow??? You don't row a canoe, you paddle it !! LOL..Too funny..guess I had to be there..I hope yu saved your camera. SO glad you're OK!!

Jill said...

Oh Lynne! I'm so in awe of your survival skills and so grateful you are OK! Bless your heart!

christy said...

Wow Glad you and your friend is ok...

Elaine said...

So much fun to be had on water. I felt I was there with you, enjoying the scenery, the peace...and then, wham! the nightmare of the capsize. So frightening, well done both of you for surviving not one, but two. I hope your camera, etc is OK, the main thing is you both lived to tell the tale - and you told it beautifully. I'll stick to terra firma.

eileeninmd said...

What an exciting trip! I hope it was a hot day, ending up in the water would not feel so bad.
Hubby and I have canoed many times and luckily we have not tipped over. I do hope your camera is OK and glad neither of you two were hurt.
The photos are just beautiful, I am just sorry your beautiful outing had a bad ending.

Wish you a happy week ahead.

laura.forestdreams:) said...

maybe not so funny...and a bit scary at the time...but looking back can be a good laugh.

i've had the same happen to me...and it sure is a little frightening when your canoe tips (esp here in FL, with gators!)...and everything ends up in the water! ugh! not an easy task to turn it upright!

that's why we now have a 'ghenoe' instead of a canoe...they don't tip as easy!!

but it sure is a nice day to get out on the water...

happy sunday!

Kerin said...

Oh my goodness, gracious Lynne!
When I first started reading, I thought to myself, 'she's so brave... I would be afraid of tipping over.'
Then, I read that you did tip over!

I am so glad that you are both safe and sound now, and it sounds like you've had enough adventure to last you for a while.

We bought a canoe a few years ago... after my sweet husband and sons swamped it a few times, we promptly sold it.

Dry land for us too!

Hope you can save the camera, and hope you heal soon.


The Magical Christmas Wreath Company said...

What an adventure, I really need to get back out on the water for some of this fun!

From the Kitchen said...

So glad all turned out well in your "adventure"! I just read your comment over on Bonnie's blog about a blog book group. I'd love to know if one is found!!


Terrie said...

Glad you survived from the adventurous trip. Stunning views along and impressive reflection of trees. Love the golden/yellow leaves, maple?

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Oh my goodness! I knew there was a reason I don't like adventures. My most adventuresome adventure is going to the spa. I'm glad you two came back in-tact - if not a little more weary and waterlogged!

pembrokeshire lass said...

And I was just thinking how wonderful!! So glad you managed to save the photos....they are really lovely. What a shame it had to end that way. I suppose it would be easy to lose the enjoyment of the beginning with all that happened next! Just lovely. Joan

Anonymous said...

Good grief!! That must have been scary alright. Glad you made it out to tell us all about the mishap and so glad ther were no serious injuries you two. As for a camera, was it a pocket camera? I use a Canon s95 and really like the resu
To I get with it, both the photos and the videos. Hope you find something you like to replace it, Lynne. What an adventure you had my Dear!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

WOW! That was an adventure. A very funny tale but also very, very scary. I am so grateful you are both OK and managed to keep your wits about you!
Sad to lose your camera, but if that's the worst that happened-no biggie!
I use the same camera as Di. Love it!
xo, misha

Rain said...

Oh wow Lynne- I've got that tee shirt!! But we were only two-really 2-feet from shore -so my camera I was able to hold over my head as I sat on the rocky lake bottom!!! Course I nearly lost it because we were laughing so hard we couldn't stand up!! Glad u and ur friend are ok!!

Rural Revival said...

You looked so relax up there in the front of the canoe. I'm sure it was worth it. I hope?

It's the unexpected that can deliver wonderful memories. : )

Jojo said...

What a nightmare! So smart you were to have that camera in a plastic bag. The photos are great in spite of the spills!!!